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The rifle guy was added by the PRP team and was meant for the scenes in the slums. It can be easily and for any mod solved with 7H or DLPB ad a new model for the particular scene in the weapons shop. The problem is that there is no equip object function in the script logic that's why when a model should wield an object we have to add the object to the model and replace the existing one or save it as a new model and adding it to the model loader and the scripts.

Red is currently my nemesis. It's not only his animations but his whole anatomic is freaking wrong. There are two bones in the front legs (one on each side), which are not correct. I really could need them to give him a better flexibility, but I can't change the order without screwing up the animations. Also, his sit position is unnatural. Normally the lower hind legs would touch the bottom but only his paws are touching it. If I had a tool to convert animations to other skeletons, this wouldn't be much of a problem. In other words I try to avoid changing the animations of him - for now. But it's on my to do list.

Cid has a model for that scene. Maybe something screwed up, but I hope my new model will fix it.

Yes this can be fixed, though, I'm not sure if I change the position of the hand or if I change the animation(s).

Kaldarasha's thread.

I created a channel on discord. Might help to keep in contact.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-11-10 18:43:26 »
It would be a huge help if anyone could search for already done BGs and gather them in that table:

You ask for too many things at once and all of them need time to explain. I understand that all tools are hard to get into (moreover we have no proper tutorials for them), but that's what you have to do now. See what the tools can do and focus on one project at once. Take your Mideel patch, look how the devs have created a scene change by the script (jump to scene) after that you can pay around with Wallmarket and look what funny Materia you could create or manipulate the weapon stats, then you can go on with Proud Clod. At the end you might come to a point where your questions are more specific and people with the knowledge you seek are more confident to help you.

The music can be changed with Makoureactor it is called by the script. You can skip the destruction but you need to rewrite a lot of the script to by pass it. Also, the WM model of Mideel will be destroyed no matter what you do and it will always load the destructed Mideel when you enter it. So you have to jump from it immediately to the undestroyed map.

If I had the necessary coding skills, I would probably replace the WM engine with a custom-made one which mimics the behavior of the original. This solves many problems at ones. No stressful reverse engineering (though it good to have as much information as possible about the original engine), you are not bound at the limits of the current engine and you can make much easier a pretty robust editor for it. And at last the WM is probably one of the easier modules to recreate.

Still, it needs people who are ready to do that and have the necessary skills and know how and that's something which lacks here so much. People are more interested in moding modern games and SE had in the past a very unpleasant position to moding their games. And we should not forget that there is still a remake which actually should replace the original (at last that's why you make a remake). This makes moding the game further for some people pointless.

The world map can't be edited at the moment. If we had a tool to edit the WM files we could create dungeons and other locations. I personally would make the world map bigger and make it like a real planet. But that won't happen without the proper tools and understanding what every bit in these files are doing.

Troubleshooting / Re: Yuffie's theme in Yuffie's scene
« on: 2017-11-08 16:45:35 »
On the northern continent you get both poor (often) and wonderful (rare).

Take a look here:

There is a working link for White Chocobo.

This might be not entirely correct, but as I said I think that the Gears engine does use an extra texture to define where the model is transparent and were not. Take a look at this:
Of course this is from FFX a PS2 game, but it shows exactly what I mean.

Because the real transparency texture isn't used and only a transparency by brightness is used instead, we see these strange box like effects. So far I can tell that even the remastered FFX version has this issue, but I can only see that is an issue for the hair so far.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-25 19:29:47 »
I guess I see what looks strange. The shoulders are too low which results in having the arms also too low. From the frontal it's actually correct but the perspective is more from above which makes the neck mostly invisible. Here is an example of what I have in mind:


Depends on what you want to do with the FMV files. There are a lot of replacements already. DLPB has done some work and probably the most knowledge about format and editing them, but has probably his hands full with his Reunion mod. Grimmy has also done very nice replacements:

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-24 18:12:20 »
This is exactly how SE should have done this, not these 'morphing arms big heads with fat chest on two stumps' characters.

Not much time to respond as I wish to have, but, well, time will be soon different.

I did resize most models for every field, the problem is that this is stored in the flevel.lgp itself. Though, thanks to 7H, I was able to extract only the necessary part - the model loader. While this is widely compatible with all languages it isn't compatible with mods, which do actually alter the model loader of the flevel.lgp. I assume that NT and the Reunion mod will have some problems with this. If you want to alter the size for that scene by yourself, you need Makoureactor. With it you can alter the size for every model and somewhere (walkmesh -> miscellaneous -> field scale) is also a setting, which defines what the normal size of a model in that scene is and gives the model the correct movement speed.

I would say the only people who can do it, are now with Nintendo. Kitase and Nomura do plan a reboot rather than a remake (I really could live with that if they would be honest to themself and to the fans who demand a remake). They should have given the charge of the project to their younger stuff members or even the team behind Bravely Default and should have given Kitase and Nomura an adviser role.

I don't think it is the model. Texture-wise we can go as high as we want. 4k is pretty possible, even 8k might work. I guess Melenia's Cloud has a 2k texture. Though, it's hard to tell where the problem is, without seeing it in motion. It could be that the orientation is wrong and the model does clip with the ground or it clips with the cam. It's a pretty close view after all. From what I can see I would say the model isn't plain and not near enough to the camera and does clip with the ground as well as with Cloud.

It looks like a turnip with with legs or arms.

This is a bug with the rerelease, which I didn't really understand, since it I haven't this problem with the OpenGL driver.
You can try to use my test folder for the new battle models.!2QtFVTbQ!j4aQqSp0W04wCK9UKr1q1AbntPlEUoUactOXzLeLVWg

7thHeaven / Re: the game is stuck 7 fps
« on: 2017-09-26 19:02:06 »
You have to install the Reunion mod from DLPB. The 7H version is based on R03 and hasn't the new limiter. Though, this isn't your problem, there is something else what is causing the slow downs. Did you update your graphic driver, since the last time you hadn't that issue?

7thHeaven / Re: the game is stuck 7 fps
« on: 2017-09-26 07:14:34 »
Long time ago I had the problem that my old PC (Win7) started two instances of FF7 or was it that I need to start it two times to run the game. Anyway I had to open the task manager and had to kill a process (I guess it was run32.dll). Nowadays, I get slowdowns when my operating system was too long active, which easily happens because I play on a notebook. So a reboot can sometimes solve fps drops for me. I should also note that DLPB's Reunion mod comes with a new frame limiter (don't mix that with the 60FPS option), which also helps to stabilize frames.

BTW. the game performs differently in the different modules:
Field - 30 (FMV drop them to 15)
Battle - 15
Menu - 60
World - 30
The Rest - 30 or 60

Troubleshooting / Re: Makou Reactor text limit
« on: 2017-09-24 07:50:53 »
You can in theory expand the size with 7H or to be more precisely you can work around it. Make a conditional folder and replace the scene with a duplicated one of it through a check of the game moment. In the duplicated one you can then use again 255 text blocks. Though, the drawback is that you have to handle two files for one scene.

I think that FF7 has the same issue. It's probably because of the way how they solved it to display transparency on psx which isn't easy to takeover to PC. It pretty much looks like as if they used the brightness of the pixels to calculate the opacity of them, instead to use the texture/pallet with transparency information.

Phew, I looked at Red XIII and his animation. This will be a really huge project. Around 80 animations needs to be edited, because the current skeleton isn't correct regarding a real animal. The biggest problem are the legs. The front legs have an additional bone which probably is there to give the illusion of muscle movement and the hind legs have a totally wrong shape which ends up with strange animations.  My biggest problem here are the siting animation. My plan is to make the new model, then do a few animations and document how I have done it and then open a new project where I need help with reanimating him. Though, I could work with the original chibi skeleton but I want to have it done correctly.

Aali's driver is only for the original release. For the Steam version it doesn't work and is actually incorporated already.

I agree with Dan. However, I never did a good job with that minigame (I guess my best score was 34 or whatever on PSX). But honestly who actually cares for a prize which you won't really need? I also did never like this minigame, since it has no extra hint or help to find the right spot. Something like a constant march sound rhythm for example. Adding this could make even Dan's higher difficult much easier.

The game will run with the onboard Intel GPU by default. You must force the Nvidia driver to use the other GPU instead.

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