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Q-Gears / Re: Q-gears logo/Splash Screen contest.
« on: 2006-05-28 21:17:23 »
I like it. The shadows behind the gears seem a bit out of character for Final Fantasy, and I don't know about the background either, but I really like the concept. Also, is Inkscape required to open the vector version? It's kind of an inconvenient program in my experience.

Online? I doubt it. SE hasn't ever made a remake into an online game in the past, and FF3 is going to have free online anyway because it's for the DS. I don't see them suddenly doing that to anything except FFXI.

Not necessarily. If it's completely on-topic but just plain dumb it can go in here. Of course, a good funny troll story would also be okay.

Here's a fun game, find posts in random forums across the net, and comments in random blogs. If the post is particularly stupid, post it here. You don't need to attribute it to anybody, just quote it. I'll start you off with a few.

Dear you,

suyp you fail at lief k??
it is games!!! u guys!!
I will forever alment you uprc;;;

nev re forget.,,....,,,.

Troubleshooting / Split: Jenova Crash
« on: 2006-05-28 20:11:16 »
Why do newbies always revive old topics? This is, like, the third time that this thread has been revived.

On the topic of save files, what program are you using to modify them?

Completely unrelated / Re: What is friendship?
« on: 2006-05-28 16:45:07 »

This is the friend ship.

Archive / Re: FF7 running too fast!!!
« on: 2006-05-28 16:14:52 »
Running it in software mode can help with the speed.

Q-Gears / Re: Better models?
« on: 2006-05-28 03:04:59 »
Yeah, what I'm saying is that Advent Children models need new animation would be harder than NPC Reconstruction. Trust me, I would LOVE Advent Children models, I just don't think that anybody could do it in under a year unless it was a major professional job. People don't have that kind of time on their hands.

Q-Gears / Re: Better models?
« on: 2006-05-28 01:34:46 »
To add bones, you'd also need to modify the animation files, which is significantly harder. While it would probably be possible, it seems that it would take far more time than simply doing what NPC Reconstruction Pack does.

Archive / Re: New model idea?
« on: 2006-05-27 22:47:09 »
The model itself has no resolution, it is completely scalable. The textures have a resolution, and I don't know if that needs a new engine or not.

General discussion / Re: A question about FFVII
« on: 2006-05-27 16:21:05 »
Does her normal attack usually do 1000? Are you fighting against an enemy with higher defense?

I don't know about Tifa's limit having any adverse effect on her other abilities, but I don't really know much past her level 1 limit...

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-27 01:13:48 »
Also, Covarr, I don't like being forced to enable javascript to render the site correctly. :(

I was having trouble getting a proper aggregator to work right. There is a link to the feed for those that don't have Javascript enabled, which is only a minor inconvenience, IMO.

General discussion / Re: Can anyone....
« on: 2006-05-26 18:47:06 »
Play as Jenova? I'm not really clear on what you're asking, so I can't come up with a reasonable answer.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-26 02:37:24 »
VincentVal's site renders about the same in IE, as far as I can tell. But it is very table heavy, and I know firefox has trouble with tables, so alignment could have problems.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-25 18:43:25 »
My design is pretty much finished, so now I'll just add content and see how well that works out.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: NPC Reconstruction Project
« on: 2006-05-25 14:19:19 »
Try setting it up to run the movies from your hard drive, if you have space. It helps eliminate movie clipping.

Archive / Re: FF7 problem pls help me...(pc)
« on: 2006-05-25 05:57:47 »
Defaults? Huh?

FF7 doesn't always quit properly, so sometimes after quitting you'll have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and close it BEFORE opening it again. If that doesn't work, you might just have to restart your computer in between games.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-25 05:26:33 »
I like the style, though the quick links and the tabs together seem a tad redundant. Also, how easy is upkeep?

As much as I like FF7, I must say that Square really screwed up when they made the leveling system. Older FF games required only that you fought most of the enemies you encountered, and used strategy against the bosses. VII, however, seemed to rely more on power-levelling and less on strategy.

Since I like analogies, I guess this is similar to the difference between Chess and Risk. One takes heavy thinking, the other just takes lots of time.

Completely unrelated / Re: What work do you do?
« on: 2006-05-25 01:14:40 »
I actually started homeschooled, and started early enough to graduate last year. When I went into public school, they bumped me back from fourth grade to third grade so that I would be able to better fit in.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-24 02:39:21 »
I would not recommend stealing from peoples service, My neibor was stealing bandwith from our router, and he got arrested! BUT! if you ask them, then pay for it, Im sure they would gladly accept, now all you have to do it get that anntenna extended to your Living Quarters
The capital letters "BUT" is kind of a trademark for but2002, and sometimes even with an exclamation point immediately afterwards.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-24 01:31:04 »
Ugh. CSS works best when it's built into the <head> anyway.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-24 00:56:03 »
I like your layout for the most part, Vincentval, but some aspects of it feel a bit redundant. For example, why put the roster both on the side and in a link on top?

Also, I have a smaller version of that logo if you want, so that it doesn't squeeze funny, if you want. Web browsers are not generally advisable for resizing.

Those lines are written in the page source. Didn't you see it?

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-24 00:31:45 »
I got this in a PM from RPGillespie
Quote from: RPGillespie
You should make your buttons (Q-Gears website) do something on mouse-over. Perhaps have a peice of Materia appear next to the button title? To me that makes a site a lot... funner?... to interact with. Kind of like NobodyImportant's site.
The idea is kind of nice, but I feel it adds bloat to the page; it takes longer to create and longer to load, with barely any added benefit. Not only that, but I don't actually know how to do that.

For the record, you don't need to PM me with this stuff.

Completely unrelated / Re: What work do you do?
« on: 2006-05-23 19:39:12 »
I'm perhaps one of the youngest people here that knows how not to say "help i need patch for crash in chocobos racing lol plz".

I'm only 17, and I graduate high school in about two weeks. During the summer break, I'll probably be doing some landscaping to earn money for college.

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