Author Topic: Latest Sephiroth patch for 98 pc version  (Read 1473 times)


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Latest Sephiroth patch for 98 pc version
« on: 2015-03-07 12:34:45 »
sorry i am new member here dont know posting is right or not? i hv some questions to ask here what's the latest sephiroth patch available for download?is it the scorpius one?i hv search and try download scorpius one but all the link are dead or have been deleted/removed by the user so is there anyone here could kindly provide me a valid download link for the full and latest sephiroth patch,ty :)
secondly may i ask can i use the advent children or hd char field model and battle model with the sephiroth patch rather than using the npc reconstruction patch with sephiroth patch because i dont quite like the npc reconstruct model.
lastly i need to know how to install a mod manually without using bootleg to install the mod?do i need to create a mods folder inside ffvii folder and in the aali config cgl what should i add in comment?Also could i have crisis core or advent children sephiroth char field,world and battle model for the sephiroth patch?
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