Author Topic: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?  (Read 84 times)


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I am extremely impressed with DLPB's R05c Patch specifically the version of the 60 fps patch it includes and was hoping to use it along with the R03e because of its menu overhaul. I have looked around the forums and I am not sure if this is possible at this time.

I came across this however the download link is down so i tried using an old version of MO.exe and the reuinion 60 fps patch however they conflict and break the game.

I am wondering is there any way to have the menu overhaul and 60 fps patch? If I were to use 7th heaven is there a setting that allows for both of these together?

Also if anyone has a link to L02 I would appreciate it.

If there is currently no way to utilize both the menu updates and 60 fps I am wondering if anyone else is interested in this. Is there someone working on a new menu overhaul? What steps or edits would need to happen to make something like this possible? I am very interested in trying to figure this out!

Thanks fore the help!


For anyone interested I was finally able to use both reunion R05c 60 fps patch with R03e! It only took a few hours of troubleshooting but was such a simple solution.

Step 1 Patch with R03e (I only used menu overhaul)
Step 2 Maybe keep a copy of these files (these are changed with the menu overhaul)

Kernal Folder (Final Fantasy VII\data\kernel)
Mods folder (Final Fantasy VII\mods\Reunion)
World_us.lgp (Final Fantasy VII\data\wm)
Flevel.lgp (Final Fantasy VII\data\field)

Step 3 Delete the backup folder reunion creates
step 4 patch with R05c 60 fps

Once you have done that you should have the new frame limiters and improved 60 fps from R05c while using the menu overhaul from R03e.
It seems that the backup folder was causing the different reunions to overwrite themselves.

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