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for the psx version of this game someone created a trainer ( that require the emulator ) that allow to control some monsters , is there anyone interested in create the same mod even for the steam version ? just think about how cool could be to use liforbidden , or even a boss , for example , the lust form of seifer that doesn't have that sloppy and poor animation for the normal attack ( unlike the one that we can use in dollet )

Gameplay Modding / Final fantasy 8 Steam mod help
« on: 2017-08-13 08:29:26 »
Is there any mod that can finally allow us to chose the limit break that squall must use after the renzokuken ?  :-o

Hi there , i was wandering is it is possible to " inject " , to put on , to substitute the low quality textures with the ones that the various hackers created and that actually are loaded in the cache trough tonberry, please , if something of what i said isn't clear just tell me , since english is my second language.

This post : tell how we can activate the debug menu in the old pc version , but were we have to put his modded files in the steam version , and more important, how can we access the debug menu once we are in game ?.  :?

Can someone explain me how to find the values to make permanent the effect of the holy war ?.
Thanks in advance  :D

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