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i don't think you need to do much of anything other them move the saves in to the correct folder the android version is the pc version wrapped in an emulator. You can use black chocobo to do this but i think the current build is not displayed correct on mac os .

Gameplay Mods / Re: Flevel help
« on: 2016-12-05 16:30:31 »
if you want to start after jumping off the train you only need to set the Current Main Progress to 1. The welcome chat will have happened already you will start rigth after the first two or so dialog boxes.

what version are you using ? where are you saves stored?

Graphical Releases / Re: [FF7] Recreating scenes in 3D
« on: 2016-10-28 18:58:29 »
no love for Team Avalanches projects (in the media)  but one guy who was at 343 does a (bad) attempt at a feild and suddenly its a story...

But the fact it requires changes to the registry is what worries me, the guide comes with a zip file all the files I need, but the instructions on what to change, using the drivers to fix the background... Ugh ><

then no nice backgrounds for you.

you will not use the launcher and you don't need the square stuff after you convert it to the 98 version.

thats because you basicly need aali's driver to load them. you can use the game convertor to convert to the 98 version you will loose the ability to use the cloud saves... thats it

You're just the person I need to answer this :) I REALLY want to have New Threat on my iOS version. Is there anything else required other than to drag and drop the files in the patcher right into the folder in my phone? Are there any scripts or programs that the patcher requires that might present a problem?

.if you want mods on ios version you are going to have to manually install them . i would not expect a single installer tool would run on your phone they are not scripts or compiled installers for your phones OS. Be very careful and have backups of all your data.

Yeah I had a look and the bytes there seem correct too. Interestingly now I'm further on it's become 07 so you could be right that it's also tracking something else, though I have no idea what!   :-[

you can if your able build from github i have added these with a note that they are possibly used elsewhere. the items are in the fielditem list and the check for if you played piano in the flash back is currently in the test tab  . any other discoveries are welcome.. its mostly progression and the dual use varibles that are left

hi and thank you for that byte Can you check this data is correct on the save map if so i will add it as its now varified. (0xEA5 is your offset)

i tried those values . they seam like they could be correct. i can't find a save of mine that played piano  and some before the flash back show that i have final heaven picked up .. i think these bits could be used for tracking at least two different things in the game. (this does happen) .

Gameplay Mods / Re: [FF7] Disable name change
« on: 2016-08-27 02:52:46 »
is it possible to use make that menu just quickly hit the ok button automaticly?

Gameplay Mods / Re: [FF7] Disable name change
« on: 2016-08-25 17:12:05 »
go look in to how cait and vincent are added .. the field may not be able to access that varible .things become really complicated in FF7 when you talk about what module can really see data from another one..
**the machine im on doesn't have makou or a way for me to build / run it quick and i lack ff7 data atm** i can look around if i get time later..

Gameplay Mods / Re: [FF7] Disable name change
« on: 2016-08-24 15:28:02 »
the menu itself does not make them work its the character id change that happens when their data is created . yes i said created since they are scaled to your level and do not join at a fixed level their starts are made on the fly . the rest of the data is not .

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 No Sound
« on: 2016-08-16 01:28:00 »
unfortunately that means nothing to me.. hopefully someone who knows about 7th heaven can jump in and help you with that

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 No Sound
« on: 2016-08-15 19:41:48 »
that would indicate a problem with your config... can you post your app.log from the install folder .. its alot more useful then a random list of mods you installed.

edit:: also if you have not try reading some of the posts in this section as they may have a simlar problem to yours

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 No Sound
« on: 2016-08-15 12:43:21 »
have you opened ff7config and selected a sound device?

i ahve not tried but based on how the encryption works for other parts of the ps4 i would be a little surprised if you can even use the save between accounts on the same ps4

Shame that it (currently) doesn't work for the PS4 edition. I was kinda hoping (used Black Chocobo for years) but examined the files size (even though it's the PC Steam Port) but the files are 10 MB compared to the 64 KB. But fingers crossed for an update!

yeah idk why sony insists on encrypting that stuff but much like the ps3/ psvita stuff its gonna be upto the ps4 dev community to figure out that format  im just not equipied to do it myself

"Seeds the random number generator used by RANDOM. The lower four bits of the arguments are used as the seed value by altering the offset used to take a value from the table of pseudo-random numbers. "

try setting only the lower 4 ?  it does seam that it should allow you to get a pattern as you will ge setting the seed. unless they are also using some cycle count or time check when making the random numbers.

Gameplay Mods / Re: Gamemoment list needed
« on: 2016-07-31 14:29:07 »
damn i had a nice responce here and i closed the browser on accident :(

the main progress is not the only determing factor for progression (if it was it would be 100% editable in black chocobo) there are many other small factor one of varibles that need to be set as well for most of the main events. These are just generic field varibles that are reused in some cases. Some are set bitwise some with int values adding to the fun of decoding them . The Location needs to be set correctly and in some special cases you will need to have the party and or characters set to specific values (mostly the flashback for and sephiroth). Faliure to set the values correctly will usually lead to a hard lock up or field failure at some point. The fields scripts are not exactly setup for data checking.

here are the few i know from the top of my head. The ones in black chocobo
0: game start Will play opening movie.
1: Game start just after opening movie has played.
130: after video for sector 5 boss fight when you wake up to meet aerith
341: Flash back scene
583: Date scene
664: aeriths death
1997: Last Value Used

you can see here in the black chocobo source what else changes with those values
you can see what save offsets the different functions write to if you look at the save struct:

if you find any more let me know and i can implment them for use within black chocobo . Progression is the only thing left to be feature complete

General discussion / Re: FF7 released on Android
« on: 2016-07-29 12:22:32 »
come on why is anyone suprised by this we know for a fact they don't have source for ff7 . Without the source all they can do it either emulate the pc or psx copy.

field item data is stored in the field script(s)

1.  you would have to write a cli front end for FF7Save (from ff7tk ) only a few functions would need to be exposed for the functionality your asking for. (save and open would be all you really need)
2. There is a metadata converted builtin to black chocobo if you use file_> create cloud folder you make a new cloud folder from any file BC can read.
3.It works like this .. take the data from the save then append in raw hex the user ID (in ff7tk i add it to the bytearray) then md5sum that.

4. nice to see you have it working . perhaps you should post your script here so others can learn from it.

Graphical Mods / Re: Looking for old aali's driver
« on: 2016-06-30 12:22:51 »
are you using the program FF7Music? If you are not then the ff7music plugin will not work it only passes the music cues to an EXTERNAL program called FF7Music.
the path for your vgmmusic looks wrong read the error again..

ERROR: couldn't open music file: ‹ÿU‹ìQ¡/music/vgmstream/AYASI.ogg
doesn't seam like a valid path  to me..  you should check that is the path ff7 is installed into .

Graphical Mods / Re: Looking for old aali's driver
« on: 2016-06-29 12:35:24 »
Alright then, found driver 7.11b in Tifa's bootleg torrent, people are still seeding it :D and it works fine, the game is ok, but the music plugin is not.

It is set up that way :
Code: [Select]
# plugin used to play music, the FF7Music plugin MUST be enabled for FF7Music to work.
# If no music plugin is loaded the game will play MIDI as usual but FF7Music will NOT work.
music_plugin = ff7music.fgp

.ogg here : FINAL FANTASY VII\music\ff7music

And then -> Error loading music plugin when launching the game.

It looks like the driver can't load its own plugin, how is that even possible.

ff7music is not the plugin for ogg its a plugin to use the program FF7Music to play the music externally of the game . this is the old and error prone solution. the plugin you want to try for ogg support in aali's driver is called vgmstream (iirc) and the songs iirc go in <FF7>/data/music/vgmstream ..

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