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FF8 Steam Debug Room
« on: 2017-10-26 18:38:52 »
I think it should be possible to come up with something to add access to the debug room in FF8 Steam without having to convert a save to PSX format, save in the debug room in ePSXe, convert the save back to PC format and then load in the debug room in FF8 Steam. In trying to do this I'm losing a step somewhere. 

This puts the debug room into FF8 Steam:

These Gameshark codes unlock the Debug room for the PSX version:

D00705E8 010F
800704A8 0001
D00705E8 010F
800704AA 0049

This video and thread give information on breaking down the code and getting something to enter into Cheat Engine:

With the proper information entered in Cheat Engine, I think it should be simple enough to access the debug room without going back and forth with ePSXe and save conversions. My attempts thus far have failed, but I don't claim to really know what I'm doing either. Anyone see a hole in my logic and/or care to take a stab at it?