Author Topic: Q-Gears Reloaded - Continuing a Legacy with Modular Engine  (Read 151 times)


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Modular Engine - Q-Gears Reloaded
Project website at

Join our:
Discord Server:
IRC Channel: #LunarCast at
What is this:
Q-Gears was disappointing, it was incredibly inactive and was nearly forgotten.  This was due to many problems, first of all the incredibly difficult compilation process with "dependency-hell" because there were many dependencies not included in the project, this acted as a high barrier of entry to someone unfamiliar with the project.  Second, the choice of language being C++ while is highly efficient acted as a second barrier of entry to the project.  Third, the choice of ogre as a game engine was a third barrier since the formats were very difficult to work with and were not 1 click export/import from Blender.
While these barriers seem like nothing to someone that is familiar with the project they can be very intimidating to someone entirely new.  This coupled with forum and IRC inactivity meant that questions went unanswered and many developers willing to help with the project quit because they had no idea how to get started.

So whats different this time?:
This game originally started as a RPG in my personal time but because of my fondness of the FF7 engine, I also implemented a modules system and soon became more of a game engine than a game.  Soon I realized there was much in common with this engine and the FF7 engine so I started considering this as a Q-Gears replacement!  The concept behind this project is ease of use, the project language is C# and there are no external dependencies!  The game also uses Field Script commands and Battle Script commands!
The Modular System further improves on this with strict code separation meaning that when working on your module, no changes you make can affect any other modules!  Oh, and if you were wondering, this project started around May 2017.

The game currently features quite a few modules, there is: The Field Module, Battle2d Module, Danmaku Module the Menu Module and the Kernel! 

Wiki Page:

Additional Information:
The game engine allows you to create your own FF7 style game (or re-create the original) without having to hack assembly or worse hex edit.  There is no FF7 game data included, the data included is totally unrelated to Final Fantasy and is its own story for the engine to showcase.  You are obviously free to switch this data with Final Fantasy data and create external tools/patches to automatically convert Final Fantasy 7 data to Modular Engine.  This protects the project from being shut down and encourages original game projects to be built using Modular Engine.

Field Module: (Where the RPG Story takes place)

Battle2D Module: (Final fantasy 7 style Active Time Battle where limit breaks are renamed to Last Word Spells)

Danmaku Module aka Bullet Heaven (Much like a custom minigame in FF7)

Spell Card: "Proprietary Sign - Direct X"

Main menu

Party Menu (Materia renamed to Spell Cards ... for obvious reasons)

Download Latest Revision (Windows/Mac/Linux):

Engine Planning Diagrams:

Known bugs: (Please do not re post these below!)
- An error appears in the console in the Battle2d (RPG battle) mode (Does not affect gameplay).
- You might stop moving while changing scenes and have to press a key to move again (Minor)

Developers: Anyone interested in helping with the new Q-Gears should join our Discord Server!
- Anyone that knows Unity3D or C# can help with programming!
- Anyone able to make a GUI binary patcher/update system that supports patching entire directories
- PHP/Perl programming for web backend related stuff
- 2D Sprite design
- Blender3D or Modeling experience can help with creating 3D models for the RPG Battles
- Testers that can test and play through complicated scenarios needed to trigger bugs

Reply below if you want to help, you can also find me on #shrinemaiden on, at on and on our Discord Server!

If you can't help with any of the above don't feel discouraged, post what you think you can do to help!
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This is really impressive. Personally I think rebuilding the game like this would go a really long way, and better help bring it into the current generation of games. Down the line for an FF7 mod, it would be a good idea though to find a way to have it tied to the original games files, even if it just confirms your install prior to installing the mod. That way with the original game (or steam and re-release) as a prerequisite, this can officially be a mod, and not an unofficial remake that would get shutdown.

I would definitely be interested in helping with 3d models. I need to start modeling more frequently outside of class for practice anyway, and something like this would be great motivation. I use Maya 2016, zBrush, and Substance Painter, but I can adapt to better fit the project. The Discord link here seems to have expired, so if you can message me an updated one I'd be interested in hearing more about the scope of the project. 


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Re: Q-Gears Reloaded - Continuing a Legacy with Modular Engine
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C/++ and ogre were a little too hardcore, it wasn't a fun stack to work with. C# and unity sounds like a much friendlier combo 😀

Are there tentative plans for 3d and what do you need a web back-end for?
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