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What if Cloud had a mechanic that once per battle, whenever an enemy puts his HP in the yellow, like say, putting a sword through him, he counters with a crit?

A really ambitious thing I would like to see would be the Aeris/Mimic boss fight having a reference to Yunalesca, where after the first phase a big ol' Anglerfish thing waves around the Aeris/Mimic on a tendril.

Is this boss fight still doable without Aeris, like a cruel "Ha, you thought Aeris was alive, but it was ME, Mimic!"?

EDIT: Ooh, and the Anglerfish has an Ultros face!

That- oh- it's all so beautiful! Thank you, Sega Chief!

Really great mod! I have some things I would like to see in the mod:

Nemesis renamed to Kaiser WEAPON as a reference to Kaiser Dragon, and Nemesis' arms replaced with two more heads giving it an appearance similar to Kaiser Ghidorah from Godzilla: Final Wars and a different appearance to Ultimate WEAPON.

Cloud's dialogue when Aeris dies being replaced with "Aeris! Aeris! …. Aeris… Nooo!! This isn't happening!! There's no reason for me to go on! What… What am I fighting for?!"

Cloud and Tifa's dialogue at the end of Disc 2 replaced with "Baby, do you think its possible that anyone else in the world is doing this very same thing at this very same moment?"
"I hope so, otherwise, what the hell are we trying to save?"
while "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith plays in the background, and a box of animal crackers is added as a key item.

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