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It is.  And the answer is in the help file and the installation post.  Can't miss it.


Haha - it does, too.

6:38 AM here  - I woke up and, as usual, I am "doing nothing".

Haha  - yeah....   I must love punishment.

See the help file and what I said above.

Just gave you one to bring you back to a nice even number :)


I want The Reunion!
Give it to me! Now!
I want the world!  I want the whole world!
It's my mod!  I want today! I want tomorrow!  I want 60fps battles and I don't want to share it!

I want the works!  I want the whole works!

I don't care how!  I want it now!

Ideally, I'd like to release R06 when translation is finalized...  and that won't be for at least 3 months (Charlie Beer and I are making excellent progress  So perhaps I should wait. hahaha

Yeah, the filename only matters when you want them adding in a specific order- as they are processed alphabetically.

Leaning heavily on their work?  You've gone full retard.

I invite you to look through that first - and then consider the thousands of manual hex edits I've made - and 5000 lines of code I've written in Delphi.  Oh, and recording 750 sound effects and looping them was a real hoot too.

Not sure what you're on about in regards to Roses and Wine either, since W07 has been released.  Perhaps you need to learn how to use the Internet. 

No-one here owes you a thing.  You're just a rather jealous free-loader.

As I said before, the ETA is more of a way to get me to fix the numerous things that need doing ASAP - rather than a target that will be reached.  Because that speeds progress up.  And the other month is the first ETA I've even given. 

The way you're going on is like you paid for the mod. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Suggest you call your global file something else - in case other modders make their own.  Ragnarok_mod.txt or something.  ;)

Your current approach obviously isn't working, evident by the lack of updates (just a whole lot of promises) for two years straight.

Yeah.  You let me know when you're coding all this and fixing it all - and we'll see how long it takes you to make a release.  Your current total stands at 0. Only someone who has no idea how much work there is to do would make such an asinine statement.  Also, recently, I had to put a lot of effort into Roses and Wine - you ungrateful little git.

Also - as stated above - even if I complete everything I can do, I still need the Opengl fixes to be made and that's out of my hands.  First, because I don't know where to begin with that awful language - second, because aali originally wrote all the code and it's always difficult to follow someone else's work.

Deadlines are  useful to me because they motivate me to reach them :)  And I get a lot done reaching for it.  So in the end... the project finishes quicker.

Although I still have a month left.

The harder part of this is the Opengl stuff.  At moment, the chocobo racers are all missing - and the sleep icon (Zzz).  So clearly there's an issue.

There's a constant error message when using post processing

And audio for FMV doesn't work at moment because we've had to change it to work with a later FFmpeg release.

Until those issues are rectified, this mod can't be released...

But i've got a few things of my own to complete and there is massive progress being made. 

I thought it was too (someone in discord said today)...  but then - it will likely miss that one too.  I mean... it's not far off - but there's work needed.

So... another deadline missed.  How time flies.  But we're closing in on it now.   Still need Luksy / JWP's help in regards to Opengl issues.

They definitely will. There's no way they are going to rerecord them all.  They don't need to.  It's one money making churn after another.

To be honest, in terms of not adding content but sticking to the original graphics and so on... the answer is almost no. At least, that's the case for me.

I haven't wanted to use anything except Reunion, which does include some Team Avalanche updates but The Reunion is generally just the original design with better alignment (graphically speaking). The Reunion also comes with a full model overhaul by various people and now maintained by Kaldarasha.

The only thing I can think of that I use besides this mod is  FeliX's world map update - but it needs to be completed.

In terms of not sticking to the original style, one day I may play New Threat.

It won't be fully complete in r06 but theres nothing to worry about.  8-)

Because they probably touch the same files to some degree, so you have to merge the changes they make together somehow.

That's exactly it. And it would be a logistical nightmare anyway given the process of changes.

Reunion will have options for all my mods - but allows easy selection of alternate and additional mods by simply adding them to a custom mod_id folder (and there can be many of them).  I've created a very very useful framework.

It's not a known issue with Roses and Wine.  It's not related to my mod.  8-)

That wasn't an issue in the first release back in 2012 - read the help file.  Use the ini options file as well.

If using Steam, the eyes on me in data folder will be renamed.
If using 2000, you need to turn on the cd version in the  RaW options.

no idea.  All I know is a lot of people will be dl a 300m file.

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