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Try to right-click on HW (the program's .exe) and select "Run as administrator", it should fix the problem.
But then again, "NoName" files are not interesting for 3D models and that's not what you want to export.

You're welcome, Vomitrocious :)

@lyokoffx: So, this error means that the program couldn't save the file on your hard drive. Most probably, it can be because there is already a file "NoName10400" at this place and it is used by another program. It could also be because your OS denies the right to HW to create files there (but that'd be strange because you would have seen it with other files).
However, "NoName10400" is not a 3D model anyway. In order to extract a 3D model, you need to select a named file with the extension ".fbx" and file type "GameObject" (example: "Resources/Assets/1/133/133.fbx"). That's not the most intuitive process, but these are the root files of the 3D models in the archives so that's how it works...

The 3D model importation doesn't work correctly unfortunatly.

@Kefka: That's strange :/
1) If you export those meta-data files again after this manipulation, are the changes still there? If not, you are not importing things correctly (though I don't really see how ; you would see if there was a problem).
2) Maybe you edited the game files of your backup folder? The important folder is the one named "FINAL FANTASY IX" in Steam's folder. I think that it's those files that are used even if you execute the "FF9_Launcher.exe" of a copy placed in a totally unrelated folder.

EDIT: I forgot to answer about the field's "main_reinit" but fortunatly, Incinerator's answer is better than what I could have said (I never tried to add new encounters in fields without them). "XXX_reinit" is indeed a function called after a battle ends.

@Little Cloud: The resources.assets file is an Unity archive and it can be opened with a few tools available on the internet.
Hades Workshop can also open it a bit more conveniently: go to "Tools -> Unity Assets Viewer" and open the FF9_Launcher.exe in this tool. From there, you can access to all the Unity archives of the game. The resources.assets is in the list "Archive -> Shared Assets -> Resources".

It contains pretty much all the texts of the game (that's why HW generates a new one when exporting as Steam mod), card datas, spell animation datas, copies of the PSX world map chunk, a few images (though most interesting images are in the "sharedassets2" archive), some meta-data files like the one discussed above, etc...

Contrary to what happens when you open the datas within the main frame of HW, the changes you will make on the archives ("right-click -> import selection") will apply directly on the archives and replace them on your hard drive, instead of letting you doing it yourself.

@vomitrocious00: That's a big unknown for me. You can find there a discussion on this encounter rate. I must be missing something because there doesn't seem to be a big difference between the way random encounters are coded in the Steam version compared to the description that SoftReset did on the PSX mechanics. There is no doubt that the encounter rate is lower on Steam though... So either a little change in the mechanics is enough to produce that effect, or I didn't catch a condition to launch a random encounter that would have been added for Steam.

If you want to adjust numbers inside the code to increase the encounter rate, it's in the method "ProcessEncount" of the class "EventEngine". You can edit it in HW in the "CIL Code" panel, but it is much more convenient and safer to use the tool dnSpy as it allows to edit the source code in C# and not the assembly code in CIL. I don't know what to change in order to get the exact same encounter rate as the PSX version.
There are also random encounter rates inside the Field scripts but they are the same between PSX and Steam version and it would be uselessly tedious to change them for each field.

Hi Rasca, I'm glad that you like it.

I am sorry for the steals but you got unlucky: the steal rate has not been reduced and it was even increased for Beatrix's rare steal (her 1st encounter) as it was changed from a super-rare steal 1/256 to a rare steal 16/256. I did the same change for the Fairy flute of Hilgigars.
It is still a big matter of luck. I also used to steal things pretty easily (I didn't even notice the Fairy flute was so hard before 5 or 6 playthroughs) but it can really get long indeed. I would have liked to change the mechanics to avoid it (like giving a limit to the number of fails) but it is not implemented for now.

No: as you can see from the format of the "BtlEncountBGMMetaData.txt", the battle musics are not linked by "1 Battle -> 1 Music" but rather by "1 Field + 1 Battle -> 1 Music". So you need to add a line for your new battle (or, more precisely, to your new use of a battle inside a field) inside this .txt file.

No sound code needs to be added in the field script.

No, it's determined in a couple of .txt files of the "resources.assets" archive. The files are called "BtlEncountBGMMetaData.txt" (for battles on the field) and "WldBtlEncountBGMMetaData.txt" (for battles on the map).

The files present like this :
Code: [Select]
  "ID of Field": {
    "ID of Battle in the Field": "ID of Battle Music",
Battles have the music ID "0" (for normal encounters), "35" (for bosses) and "111" (for Hunter's Chance). Some battles are not registered in these files, when they don't stop the music played in the field (the "Don't Stop Music" battle flag is also checked for them in the "Enemy" panel).

The stat system itself has not been changed. However, I made some tweaks related to it: a few forced battles don't give exp anymore and ultimate weapons all give very good stat boosts. I am afraid that if you're both a perfectionist and annoyed by lvl1 playthroughs, that will be a pain to you ^^'

I swaped a few items' location, but didn't add or removed any chest. There are a few less Protect Rings obtainable with the end game sidequests (they have been replaced by other rewards) but you can still get them from the Hot & Cold minigame. Also, the blue magics are not given by the same monsters as before, but they are all available during the end game. Making a documentation is kind of opposite to what I am aiming with the mod: making the player try and seek for things he would have not bothered with in vanilla because he knows the game by heart.

No, I don't plan on making any other CIL macro.

Unfortunatly, it is not possible to use Hades Workshop after installing a mod that changes the engine, not without workarounds.
You can still use HW to mod anything that is not the engine, though: just don't copy/paste the Assembly-CSharp.dll that is generated by HW after your changes.

Things you can change this way:
- Any text/name/description...
- Enemy data,
- Tetra Master data,
- Everything under the Environment panel.

In particular, the player's abilities, the items and shops are inside the engine and can only be modified with dnSpy or a similar tool, after the engine is modded as in your situation.

Hello Noh Future,

Yes, someone made a lvl 1 challenge using the mod and, to my great surprise, managed to finish it, including optional bosses and even the Friendly Yan (while he is considered impossible in vanilla, his changes make him beatable at lvl 1 in the mod).

The guy is LightChaosman. He used a slightly different version of the mod that you can find here (it was built with the v4.3 of the mod, so there are a few bugs that were not fixed at the time and it is US language only). I didn't remove the exp of the various fights that he mentions in his post because they are useful for normal playthrough, so if you don't use his version, you can do a lvl 1 challenge except for Blank and Beatrix (the Pandemonium fights don't give exp anymore anyway). If you use his version (or manually remove the exp yourself), Beatrix can also be kept at lvl 1 until the end.

His mastery of the game's mechanics is impressive though. I didn't see the record of all his fights but the few ones I've seen used chirurgical precision ^^
Also, I was quite sure that neither Necron or Ozma were beatable at lvl 1 because they are the two bosses for which I planned a bit of grinding in normal playthroughs. He proved me wrong for both even though it required a big amount of luck and retries.

In any case, good luck ^^

I guess you can but you need to ask to a moderator, not me.
Also, posting here is not the best thing for visibility from the italian community: you should better post your mod in an italian forum as well (plus, even if you are allowed to post it here, I bet you'd need to write the description in english in this forum).

Yes, I don't see what cheat could be messed up with the mod.

There is one, in english only (it was made before the latest release).

For what I remember, you need to use the exact names of abilities you want to lock and separate them by commas (maybe it is important to not add spaces).
Code: [Select]
Characters = What’s That!?, Water, Lucky Seven"Characters" will lock abilities on characters (with these, Water would still be a black magic spell on Vivi for instance).
"Equipments" will lock abilities on equipments (by default, Flee is locked which makes it available on the Dagger in any case).

The weapon and battle backgrounds are somewhat special in the sense that they have a different hierarchy than the others. The problem is, apparently, that the game's source code espects some 3D models to have very special hierarchy or bone names or whatever. It is not clear to me what are these special requirements, in addition to the bugs that probably exist in the model conversion.

Again, at best, only importing animations only or possibly accessory models have a chance to work in my knowledge.

Hades Workshop can not deal with save files. It deals with the game's data files.
You must select the file "FF9_Launcher.exe" in the game's directory. Usually, it is something like this:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Final Fantasy IX

It is only for the PSX version that you need to select a .bin file. For Steam, you never select .bin files directly (the program finds the files it needs itself).

If you want to edit your save files, you must use the tool Memoria by gjoerulv.

Yes, well, it's more in the "BattleResultUI::AddAp" method that you'd want to do that.
In that method, there's a loop over the equipments, then a loop over the ability slot of each piece of equipment, and the increase of these abilities' AP.
You can replace the whole loop by:
Code: [Select]
ushort curap = FF9StateSystem.EventState.gEventGlobal[1500+2*] | ((ushort)FF9StateSystem.EventState.gEventGlobal[1500+2*] << 8);
curap += ap;
FF9StateSystem.EventState.gEventGlobal[1500+2*] = curap & 0xFF;
FF9StateSystem.EventState.gEventGlobal[1500+2*] = curap >> 8;
With this, the general variables "VARL_GenUInt16_1500" will hold the AP storage number (65535 max) of Zidane, "VARL_GenUInt16_1502" will contain the one's of Vivi, etc... I've chosen 1500 randomly ; I think that this general variable is not used but it might be.
But then you need some system to allow players to spend these "ap_store" into abilities. And that's a completly different story, quite harder.

What you can do with that is to make this system with the field scripts: for instance, you can add the option to spend AP in the moogles' menu. If you don't want it, you have to wait until we know how to add a full menu with GameObjects and such. That surely won't be soon.

Yes, but preferably with the tool dnSpy.
The code for that is in the method "BattleResultUI::InitialInfo". There's the following lines there for experience:
Code: [Select]
if (ff9abil.FF9Abil_GetEnableSA((int), 235))
battleEndValue.value += this.defaultExp >> 1;
And for AP:
Code: [Select]
if (ff9abil.FF9Abil_GetEnableSA((int), 236))
battleEndValue2.value = this.defaultAp << 1;
If you're not familiar with the shift operators, you can simply consider that "+= this.defaultExp >> 1" adds half of the default experience to the total, and "this.defaultAp << 1" is twice the number of AP (it's like a division or a multiplication by 2).
You can replace those formulae by something else, like "battleEndValue.value = this.defaultExp * 3;" for getting three times the exp with Level Up.

If you want to do it with Hades Workshop, it's in the panel "CIL Code -> Raw -> BattleResultUI -> InitialInfo".
It is CIL Code there, not C#, so it's harder to read/modify, but if you don't want to use dnSpy, I will check how to do (if it is possible: not all the methods can be edited correctly with HW). I can't do it right now.

Yes, it's still broken. I don't know what program you use for creating your FBX files, but you *should* be able to import accessory models.
The character models are a mess... I don't know what fails and why and I gave it up, at least temporarily.
Also, I didn't test replacing only the animations in the latest version, but it was working pretty nicely last time... so you may also do that if I'm not mistaken.

I've not checked, it's strange to me... Who is in the party when you open the menu?
Anyway, there can be 2 reasons for that:
- It was already there in the PSX version,
- There is a special check in the engine's source code that prevents the effect of "DisableMenu" in that field at that point, which is likely to be a mistake.

I am very confident that the Field Scripts themselves are exactly the same in the PSX and Steam versions, and that's the thing usually dealing with menu enabling/disabling (unless the engine oversteps it).

Steam version: you must load the FF9_Launcher.exe file.
PSX version: you must rip your CD to an ISO file (there are tools for that on the internet). The output must be a .bin file, not .img.

Did you set the Ability learning correctly? The first ability must have a non-zero AP requirement (if I remember correctly, that's the only thing to set up).
The method enabling it is "ff9abil::FF9Abil_HasAp". You can check that method to know why it doesn't apply for him.

If you modified your CSharp with dnSpy and it's now not working, it can be pretty much anything...
We can't help you if you don't post the code that is bugged.

Hello Mezzey.
I'm sorry, I didn't see your message... There's an anti-spam system that requires newcomers' posts to be validated and maybe that's why I wasn't notified. Or maybe I'm just dumb.
So, I don't know if you got the answer by yourself, but you waited too long to be able to add her. At this point, Beatrix is on the Red Rose and can't join you anymore.


I Updated the mod to v4.5 International:
- Made the mod compatible with all the available languages,
- Enabled the Japanese language: you can select it from the main menu,
- Fixed a few bugs,
- Allowed two steps for the "Fast Forward" booster: it goes x3 or x5 (without any mod, the speed factor is x5).

I would like to thank a lot the people who helped me for correcting the translations:

Thanks to them, you will hopefully be able to enjoy the mod in language of your choice without "out of place" dialogs or constant reminders that the modder screw up his translation there and there.
Unfortunatly, I've got no feedback for the Japanese translation so you will most probably see these mistakes in Japanese. You can still enjoy the original version of the game for everything that is not coming from the mod.

I've decided to put the source files of the mod in a separate link because it's not only a .hws file anymore and it may be more and more files in the future.

I'm not sure about the music format, but OGG seemed to be a quite popular format to me.
Audacity says that it can import and export files in the OGG format.

Don't forget that the file extension is only informative. In FF9 assets, they really didn't care about using correct file formats specifications, so it's not because the files have an extension ".mesh", ".txt" or ".png" that they really are Mesh, text or PNG files (for the later, the tool explicitely converts the assets to PNG but that's not what they are inside the archive).
Rename the sound files to ".ogg" if Audacity doesn't recognize them automatically.

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