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So yeah like the title says I was just wondering what the differences were between running this game in x84 or x64 mode via the checkbox in the launcher.  e.g. does it make the graphics better, does it speed up the game. Or what does it actually do???

7thHeaven / Are 7th Heaven mods still being update?
« on: 2017-08-23 18:04:52 »
Just wondering if people are still working on/updating the mods in the 7th heaven catalogue or are they abandoned\in their final version?

Graphical Modding / Problems upscaling FF7 field Textures
« on: 2017-07-17 20:28:03 »
I have been sifting through the forums on here and trying to upscale and improve the FF7 field textures to suit my tastes. I have ran into two problems:

1. I open ancnt1.lgp in palmer editor, I extract the PNG files and get the 6 or so layers for that background, I open the files in Corel Paint shop Pro X and paste and align all the layers into one image (everything fine so far). Now here's where I hit my first problem After I edit/resize the texture when I try to save the PNG with all 6 or so layers Paint shop will not save the PNG as a layered image it forces the PNG to be saved as a merged image.

2. I assume that the merged image is ok to use. So I open ancnt1.lgp again in palmer editor and choose import PNG, my new merged PNG is imported and everything seems fine. Now I hit the second problem with i choose create modpath textures in palmer editor, even though my imported png is 2048x2048 palmer editor save the modpath texture as 256x256. Is this normal? and am I just supposed to resize the new modpath texture to 2048x2048 again??

Any help would be appreciated, been tearing what little hair I have left out over this lol

HI all I just recently discovered the Xenogears modding tools on Sadness City website. I had to download and install a few dll files but I got them working and I extracted all the files from the game discs but all the tools for viewing/editing textures keep crashing on me or reporting my computer is out of memory when it is obviously not lol. So my question is were there ever any graphical mods made foe Xenogears and if so where can I get them?   Thanks in advance

7thHeaven / Menu Graphics
« on: 2016-07-16 10:06:04 »
Ok Grimmy, I will check what you mean for the next catalog update. If I have issues still, I'll PM you at some point.

Hey hope you see this EQ2Alyza. Tried to PM you but cant seem to find any option to d so on this site. Was on the IRC Chat and got told your the woman to talk to regarding Final Fantasy 7 mods. My problem is I am looking for a good menu replacer. Tried the reununion mod in 7th heaven catalogue but the font is horrible and it does not make the game look nice at all. I have found images of a nice HD one with an hd font on google and I think it's the team avalanche GUI 2.0.8. Now the only version of this available for download any more in the rar archive. I downloaded it but is has no readme and no installation instructions anywhere on the net. The rar file has two folders flevel and menu which are filled with the various menu images. I tried copying them to the direct folder but it does nothing does not change the menus whatsoever. How do I install this mod?????   I also have various mods installed with 7th heaven mod manager which work fine.

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