Author Topic: [FF7 PSX/PS1] MassIso Software/Mod Suggestion  (Read 1479 times)

[FF7 PSX/PS1] MassIso Software/Mod Suggestion
« on: 2020-03-30 22:25:41 »
Hello guys a question
I am currently editing the FF7 in the PS1 / PSX version and added a lot, like some unused texts, optional bosses / game progress, texts based on the FF7 Remake Beta making the game more fun and "new" in addition to new items and Subjects
1 * I was wondering if anyone has the download of the mod to remove the w-item bug. I want this mod but when i try to patch, says i cannot do...
2 * With Lasyan3's Mass Iso program, is it possible to edit Fields that end up getting larger than the original and insert them back into the game?
I ask this because normally when doing this the message "Truncated" occurs and I did not want to make an ISO that cannot be played in the portable game.
3* If anyone know about the unused scenes, send me a menssage, i wanted to do the unused ''7Th Heaven" script of tifa and cloud speaking about the promise in the psx version

If you want to give me a suggestion for something I can implement, tell me I'm going to take a look.