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Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF8 ID item's list
« on: 2016-06-28 21:05:07 »
Hi people!

I'm looking for the ID item's list of FF8, I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere but didn't manage to find it. Is there someone who can put it there please ?

Hi guys! :)

I've released a hard mod in the french version two years ago and I finally decided to translate it in english. Here it is:


Maybe I should translate it in another language, let me know if you want. ;)


Why a new hard mod when you have already here the New Threat Mod and the gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod ? Because my mod is different and complementary of these two excellent mods. His difficulty level is between them and you don't have to farm your team. I don't like the level-up so I made this as I like it.... except for the end of the game but I swear you won't have to stay for hours in the northern cave! ^^ Also, it is (as far as possible) close to the original game. No aditionnal bosses, you'll find all the items/materias/equipements at their place... and I've changed things only when it was necessary. Here's the list of the changings:

>Item-W, sources and hero drinks have been desactivate.

> KOTR no longer ignores the enemy defense.

> Ribbon doesn't protect of the Death sentence status.

> All master level at 65 000 AP

> Super EXP master level at 60 000 AP

> You'll find now the Carub nut in the northern cave. ^^

Also, ennemy attacks have been modified and maybe, they will surprise you !! :D


Well, for now I'm not as good as gjoerulv or Sega Chief to make an installer but maybe I will try to do it one day. ^^ Meanwhile, you'll have to replace yourself the files in the good folders:

First, remember to make a backup of your files, extract the archive where you want and:

For the original (98):

Replace the "scene.bin" present in Program Files/Final Fantasy VII/data/battle by the new "scene.bin"

Replace the kernel files presents in Program Files/Final Fantasy VII/data/kernel by the new "kernel.bin" and the "kernel2.bin"

For the 2012 release:

Replace the "scene.bin" present in Program Files/Final Fantasy VII/data/lang-en/battle by the new "scene.bin"

Replace the kernel files presents in Program Files/Final Fantasy VII/data/lang-en/kernel by the new "kernel.bin" and the "kernel2.bin"

For the Steam version:

Replace the "scene.bin" present in Program Files/Steam\SteamApps\common\Final Fantasy VII/data/lang-en/battle by the new "scene.bin"

Replace the kernel files presents in Program Files/Steam\SteamApps\common\Final Fantasy VII/data/lang-en/kernell by the new "kernel.bin" and the "kernel2.bin"

In the end, I want to thank NFITC1 and all the testers I had since two years: ilares, Shadowtribal, Sega Chief, Acro.... especially Sega Chief and also XeroKynos who teached me how to change the AI, a so important thing! ^^


> Shadow Flare has been boost and is not reflectable.

> Basically, enemys who have strong ennemy skills have been boost. If you encounter a Zemzelett at the first time you go through Junon Area, you should run for your life. ^^


> Translation of the dialogue during the battle against Guard Scorpion

> Correction of a bug in the last update


> Correction of few bosses like Dayne , Materia Keeper and Palmer

> Drop of megalixirs at 100% for ennemis on platforms and Jenova-SYNTHESIS in the north cave.

> Increase of the exp and ap for all the ennemys in th north cave.


> Initial materia of some characters has been modified.

> Every character has his own triple groth weapon.

> Problem on Snow has been fixed.


> Correction on few bosses

Gameplay Modding / How to change the AI in Proud Clod
« on: 2014-04-28 14:51:05 »
Hi guys, I'm new here!  ;) I'm french and I'm making a Hard Mod for the french version. I'm using Proud Clod, an excellent tool, but I have a problem: change the IA. I want to know if there is a simple tuto somewhere for doing this.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!  :)

Edit: sorry this topic is unused, I have post my request in the right topic... if you want to delete it...

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