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Title: Q Gears Mobile Port
Post by: meesbaker on 2014-03-03 10:40:21
Hi guys, Id like to ask if thats a lot of work? How much effort will this take running q gears on ios or android? If its simple you guys could bring the mobile ff7 remake the moment q gears is perfect which is possibly even before Square does so.
Just had that on my mind somehow^^

Would be cool to play the original PSX files with good quality instead of some fishy emulation wherever one is and without paying some additional 10-20 bucks for some rerelease.
Title: Re: Q Gears Mobile Port
Post by: Covarr on 2014-03-03 15:32:33
Q-Gears isn't even anywhere near complete on desktop yet. Not being involved in it, I can't speak to how difficult it'd be to port, but based on its current status and speed of development, I think a mobile port would be at least five years off, if it were to happen at all. No surprise, given only one person's been working on it by himself in his free time.
Title: Re: Q Gears Mobile Port
Post by: meesbaker on 2014-03-04 12:39:31
I see....
Still thats potentially quicker than Square's version and theirs is probably some weirded adaption like that ff3 remake not necessarily 3d but...worse than the original.
Title: Re: Q Gears Mobile Port
Post by: Bosola on 2014-03-04 21:26:57
Q-Gears is still very incomplete, and making it run on either iOS or Android would be problematic. I believe you can wrap native executables for running on Android using the NDK (then call the application with a very thin JNI client), but to my knowledge, there's no such thing for iOS.

I don't know how Q-Gears renders stuff on screen, so I don't know what interfaces it could use to render graphics on Android.

I also don't practically know how you'd make the controls work on touch.