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Click at the fourth main topic here at the forum and you enter Qhimm's official chat room. ;)

I mean that the real Cloud had seen everything from the distance. It might that what we see, is something from his own memory. Though, I don't believe that this is the case, since Nomura said in an interview that Clouds' mystery past was invented at the very end of the project. This means that they probably didn't meant that this soldier should be Cloud in the first place. Well, who knows? I simply wouldn't remove it from that scene but changing it to another more fitting animation.

I have finalized Tifa's models. Here is a preview of her cowgirl dress and sexy dress:

BTW: have you ever seen that scene?

Quote from: Quina happy... see you back. Well, we need to redo the eyes again, they should be most likely as the original but of course high res. What would be much more important to me would be a high res version of Barret's tattoo, ATM I have only a placeholder, which doesn't look that good.

The animation is correct. Zax Cloud and Sephiroth talk about things of which she has no understanding, so she gets bored and starts playing with the water. It might had looked better if she would kneel down but then she would probably out of the scene. This behavior is also interesting regarding the true Cloud in many ways. If this would be the real Cloud in that conversation, Tifa wouldn't do that but watch him carefully. It's also interesting that she does that in his told story while the Cloud we see doesn't pay much attention to her. This might be over interpretation, but it could be a hint that this is a memory from the true Cloud, who has followed the whole scene and has noticed it.

I have currently played the snowboard minigame and realized that the balloon animation is broken on PC.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: Yesterday at 12:49:50 »
I don't know if this helps, but maybe someone on this site does know or has an idea how it works.

But I highly doubt it.

I currently have given GIMP a try to I guess with it some further improvements are possible since I can use some brushes and perspectives. Anyway, I only do the Goldsaucer, but first I finish my ChaOS update. When this is all done I have to train my programming skills to create tools for my needs.

My suggestion is to do the cities (also the Chocobo Farm) first since this are places you visit pretty often, though I would say Midgar should be done at the end since its very big and can be demotivating if you do it alone. A city can be done fast and you have also the success of a full finished pack.

And probably sounds better!

I'm curios regarding the mother vs mum thing. In German Mutter (mother) is more formal you use it with emotional distant, while Mama (mum, though I think some do use 'Mam', but this are mostly teenager) is much closer and personal to yourself. Hmm, it's interesting that it doesn't much matter in English.

This is no magic but manual work. There is an image on the TA threat of sector 6 which is only upgraded by Photoshop and I think that it is the best way to upgrade the original images to HQ. With the two Waifu outputs you get a good base for the upgrade, but a bit additional work is needed. I used the rough no noise reduction as base, added a layer and put the (too) smooth output image to that layer. Then I erased areas from it where the rough image did look better. I also added some lines and worked out some details like the letters on the platform (TV Station) and smoothed parts which even Waifu couldn't blend.

This could probably be improved with a better tool and more practice. A bit fake AO with the burn tool or using a generated noise texture to give some surfaces more detail, stuff like that.

So far I have no idea how Facepalmer works, sorry.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-19 23:33:34 »
I guess Hadeswork shop could do the same as Makoureactor. There is a guy who had already ripped the sounds from the PSX ones, ( the name is Vivi_Carol, but you know him better as dclemDie Welt ist halt'n Dorf, ne? ;D

Maybe that does work:  :-\

You loose detail with that method and you will lose it with every automated method. This is an image where I have mixed two Waifu2x outputs one with no noise reduction and one with full.

The Gold Saucer needs mostly the full noise reduction due to the many vibrant colors but the low color resolution of the BGs. The problem is that full noise reduction eats a lot of detail from objects. The solution is to use both upscaled images and use the detail which fits best. Sand and rocks are 10 time better with no noise reduction while plane things absolutely profit from the full noise reduction. Yes, this needs manual work, but I think this will be better than another generic pack I can choose from. Though, since I started with the Goldsaucer and it really is an eye killer I probably make all other images of it that way, too. But I should use a better program than Even if some people would do only a few manually it would be much better since they would merge with the current't Waifu upscale pack much better as some pre-rendered upscale.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-19 20:00:10 »
DLPB had explained how AKAO does working on the PSX. From what I remember it isn't only a sound file but also has it instructions how the effect should sound (pitch, speed, etc). That's why Dan has recorded all sounds from the PSX game (don't know which tool he used)and re-implement them with his sound replacer with a lot of manual work.

Young Cloud is no different to normal Cloud. I am not sure whether to update this or not.

I have two position on that. My first position is that the dev had planed to replace the model and had used a place holder for the eventually young cloud model. In this case it should be updated.

My second position: They had chosen the same model to give a hint that he lies about his past. He only knows his current appearance as Soldier so he transfers it to his imagined past. In that case leave it as it is, which is also my recommendation. There is another reason I do recommend it and that is because it will clash with the battle model. So if you can't find a way to replace it for the flash back it will only create inconsistent. Although, if people do need it then they can use my ChaOS mode, since with 7H I can replace the models only for the flash back, so both field and battle model are changed.

One small idea for R07, you my consider using the model of Cloud with his weapon on back only for scenes where the player can expect enemy encounters or where player is on a mission instead to have the sword present all the time.

BTW. please take a look at my new Sephiroth release:
It's not perfect, but it does look fine for the most part of the game. ATM I don't think there is a better way for the coat with his normal skeleton. I have a better one, one day. But I guess it will be sufficient for the moment.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-14 20:37:00 »
You can force unity games to run in DirectX 12. Though, FFIX doesn't run so well but my guess is that memoria could fix it if that would be needed, who knows.

I mean DirectX 11. :oops:

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-14 18:16:25 »
What would be interesting would be to replace the BGs with a real 3D mesh. That would mean that you doesn't necessarily need to keep  the same level of detail. And forcing the game to run in DirectX12 mode you may could create some really nice effects. But then you need to be the owner of the textures or have at last permission to use and share them for such a project.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-14 11:02:47 »
Go on and see how you manage to deal with 900+ backgrounds (FF7 has 600 so it's a fair assumption). Your biggest mistake in your calculation is the fact that somebody will do this 9h per day. Make a Kickstarter campaign and gather money then you may convince some artist to work on that, but without a payment you only get some kiddies (it's a nice project to get some skills) who would like to do it and this will not reach the quality of the original. However, if you start a campaign then you need a good layer since I doubt that SE allow that such a project exist. Another problem that exist, a team needs a team leader, else it is a bunch of people which upscale the images, but everyone with his own style. This makes it inconsistent in any possible way. As example Mayo Masters new BGs for FF7 ( are different from the original and the BGs I have seen from other artist do also differ from each other in style. Now, if you start to complain about the style difference I can assure you that it is a good way to reduce the manpower for the project. But if they got money for the job then they won't be discouraged so much by these complain and may change their work.

If it would be so easy as you said then why hasn't SE did it. I tell you, that would be an enormous project that eat likely $500000 and will need years to finish. Also, as I said above the whole logistic behind this is much more important than you think and this does also take time and money. What SE did with the upscale was the best solution, since new HD BGs will not bring more customers.

But there are like four/five areas in the game with that much detail.
I am calling that the best joke ever.

This is a stand alone version since sorting and patching the other models is an absolute time consuming process right now.

And here he is the Chosen One.

The iro file!Xct1UQIR!oTCCEjl9I_UW-4nhLoqYBNSvepxcrkI6mSHMlMZPlGA

The loos files!jIVWSKZQ!kfpf604q5kbbq0563WfBwQ

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-13 06:25:09 »
... currently working in Japan with some ex-square enix employees ...

I guess they don't care much about it.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy 9 camera
« on: 2017-06-12 14:14:12 »
There is a tool to import the fields walkmesh into blender, but it was only shared between the members of team Avalanche, as far as I know. I dunno if you could use this for ff9.

Graphical Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Shader List for 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-06-11 11:52:04 »
Sunwalkers shader is superiors over asmodons shaders. Well to be fair Sunwalker has converted shaders from the psx moding scene where asmodon is also active. The new shader are similar to sweetfx so you can set it up very individually.

Look at the wiki if you want to change the battle animation. There are some information about them. If I remember right **ab contains the pointer where to find the animations and **da contains the 'normal' battle animations while the limt animations are stored in the magic.lgp
So far we have no tool to edit the **ab files. Though you can use a hex editor to modify them.

Yeah cisne is a female turn in crisis core. I don't know where she went but if there's a lack of characters Shea a good stand in

Ilfana would be closer.

The hip needs to be turned 180• at y axis. You may also want make the hip-chest bone a bit smaller.

Are all files really different? Without to see the files my guess is that (now it starts to get confusing) the Rufus model (which you control) has the same rsd and p files as the Cloud-Rufus-replacer you made.

Graphical Mods / Re: [FFIX STEAM] Model swapping?
« on: 2017-06-07 16:54:22 »
Hades Workshop will get a model replacer. So far it can only export models.

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