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New Head and body:
New Head, body, arms, and hip:
Final model:

I only need to make the parachute model of him and then I have to convert the model to battle, world map and the chocobo race. I made for the logos on his arms new textures which give a much cleaner result.

So I have just finished my rework on Cid and by the time I tested the new model I found a very minor bug in Mideel, many of the NPC have no colusion and you can literaly run through them.

I will now see what I can do regarding the shadow of diamant. However I have a few concerns, while Dan has defined the size he needs I have no way to exactly create them since it's a 3d object which can have any demision while using a texture with the exact size he asks for. Another issue I see is regarding the scene itself. Diamond is moving away from the party in the  FMV before and after, while in the specific scene the shadow is moving to the right (to the left from the player's view) which is actually not correct. This means the shadow has to move down if we follow the movement of Diamont. That's why I made a full shape shadow to test a few possibilities.

Have you tried to bind the keys in the in game config menu? Maybe Xinput plus may help you. It converts direct input commands to xinput.

The Dynamic Cloud Weapons only alters Cloud's model. For the other models you need a mod such as ChaOS.

I'm not sure what that is, but I have the original CD release - it's certainly nothing later because I bought it circa 1998.If DLPB can't reproduce I'll try without Absolute Heart - that's the only video/audio messing around I've done.

You said something interesting which brings me to the question. Have you moved the movie folder to your hard drive or does it still read from the disc?

Tools / Re: TestLoop v1.1 [Test OGG audio loops]
« on: 2017-07-19 15:39:28 »

I have no idea how much this emulator is capable to play games yet, but the creator aims for 100 percent hardware emulation.

Still, no idea what you aim for. All I remember of FFX battles is that they tried to make it tactical but then overdone it in the endgame with immunities to nearly everything and makes Wakkas path nearly useless (that's why I always send Wakka to Auron's path).

I don't think so. 16 would create one palette with only 16 different colors. My guess is that 0100 is the number of the palette and the number after it defines the number of colors (or the color variation) it contains. 0200 is probably the next logical palette.

Animations should be always on top. The chance is high that other mods do overwrite them with the default animations.

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XV
« on: 2017-07-09 19:37:08 »
... but overall, it's a pretty entertaining game. ...

And that is the problem. SE hasn't made a FF which is more than that in the last decade. Moreover, a pretty entertaining game shouldn't take that long and eat so much money to produce. Look at the new Zelda it alone has sold the Switch and had also a comparable long development time with changes to the game play. SE should stay away from such vampire projects and make sure that the quality of the smaller projects is at a higher niveau. However, as it looks right now SE has two of such projects FF7R and KHIII. And the last one is sh*t without Disney.
In the end SE creates more and more low budget sloppy games to milk the so called true FF fans (facepalm that they think they are) to refinacial their big too ambitious projects.

Get me right the game looks and plays awesome, but a final fantasy, noway. Bravely Experiment fits better.

I'm not sure if I can post possible update ideas but I do have a possible improvement idea.

Any chance you can name as many of the Vars that we know  as standard. I know between dlpb and Sega they must have most of them. Could really help some people.

The best way to do so is to use external text or xml files which can be edited and shared by users. An extra folder would be perfect to have, so we can use multiple files as input (for the normal game vars and vars of mods). It might be also good to color imported var descriptions depending on their source, that way we have an overview from where the description comes from.

7thHeaven / Re: Installation Question
« on: 2017-06-28 22:22:50 »
Use Borderless full screen if the full screen mode does fail for you.

I currently work out the text on the floor I'm not too happy how it looks now.
As I said this is manual editing which takes some time, BUT it's faster and probably easier to do as a 3D rebuilt (though a professional 3D environment artist would beat me in time I guess). I make a step by step tutorial with ancnt_1 since it was the first scene I tested my idea but hadn't saved the result and it has rough stone elements and the water surface looks amazing with full noise reduction.

So far I really like Gimp.  ;D

Source (edited)


I did use Waifu and then edited the image in Gimp. The info is the BG you see when you are going close to it. Thanks to the perspective modification tool I could embed it into the scene pretty well*. Then I tried to work out the letters and worked out some detail to certain objects with the darken/lighten up tool. After that, I used Waifu again to make the image 2k.

*I added it in that step because I want a coherent result. If it would be added to the final upscale, it may clash with its higher detail to the rest of the image.

Phew, the bug finding never stops. On PC Cloud use a wrong animation at the end of the G-Bike minigame.


From what I can see on YouTube the wrong animation is never used on psx, so I will simply change jgaa.a to igaa.a and igaa.a to jgaa.a just in case it is used somewhere.

Regarding Cid I assume the best way to fix it is to update the model loader with corresponding animations of him. I'll see if I can make it ready for you.

The settings of the config doesn't match with what I can read from your config (internal res, pbo). Did you use the disc version or the converted Steam version? Either way you may want to use the Gamesconverter and let it set up the things for you.

7thHeaven / Re: Kaldarasha Cloud...
« on: 2017-06-23 23:17:02 »
Let me see...
Try that on top over the other mods:!qY0j1CLQ!_Ls23wbEwt37h9f4cHENjM_442pXdDVLw5QUt5XCFN0

Not my current model, but mostly what you looking for. ;)

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-22 15:54:59 »

Click at the fourth main topic here at the forum and you enter Qhimm's official chat room. ;)

I mean that the real Cloud had seen everything from the distance. It might that what we see, is something from his own memory. Though, I don't believe that this is the case, since Nomura said in an interview that Clouds' mystery past was invented at the very end of the project. This means that they probably didn't meant that this soldier should be Cloud in the first place. Well, who knows? I simply wouldn't remove it from that scene but changing it to another more fitting animation.

I have finalized Tifa's models. Here is a preview of her cowgirl dress and sexy dress:

BTW: have you ever seen that scene?

Quote from: Quina happy... see you back. Well, we need to redo the eyes again, they should be most likely as the original but of course high res. What would be much more important to me would be a high res version of Barret's tattoo, ATM I have only a placeholder, which doesn't look that good.

The animation is correct. Zax Cloud and Sephiroth talk about things of which she has no understanding, so she gets bored and starts playing with the water. It might had looked better if she would kneel down but then she would probably out of the scene. This behavior is also interesting regarding the true Cloud in many ways. If this would be the real Cloud in that conversation, Tifa wouldn't do that but watch him carefully. It's also interesting that she does that in his told story while the Cloud we see doesn't pay much attention to her. This might be over interpretation, but it could be a hint that this is a memory from the true Cloud, who has followed the whole scene and has noticed it.

I have currently played the snowboard minigame and realized that the balloon animation is broken on PC.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-21 12:49:50 »
I don't know if this helps, but maybe someone on this site does know or has an idea how it works.

But I highly doubt it.

I currently have given GIMP a try to I guess with it some further improvements are possible since I can use some brushes and perspectives. Anyway, I only do the Goldsaucer, but first I finish my ChaOS update. When this is all done I have to train my programming skills to create tools for my needs.

My suggestion is to do the cities (also the Chocobo Farm) first since this are places you visit pretty often, though I would say Midgar should be done at the end since its very big and can be demotivating if you do it alone. A city can be done fast and you have also the success of a full finished pack.

And probably sounds better!

I'm curios regarding the mother vs mum thing. In German Mutter (mother) is more formal you use it with emotional distant, while Mama (mum, though I think some do use 'Mam', but this are mostly teenager) is much closer and personal to yourself. Hmm, it's interesting that it doesn't much matter in English.

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