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I think the only way C. makes sense is if you can access the menu and change materia between battles. Otherwise it's just going to be confusing to players. I'm not sure how A. would be different from C. in practice (could you give an example?) so B. makes the most sense to me.

Edit: Is the difference that with C. the bonus would always be based on your unmodified max HP? So a 100% bonus with 9999 base HP would always add 9999 health, thus leaving you at 9999 regardless of what the arena subtracts from your base HP?

Wow, that's busted. How did you fix it? Did you just invert the checks?

Eh, there are intelligent and/or nice people on 4chan, but because it's anonymous (rather than pseudonymous) there's no way to ignore the people who just want to be a d*ck. It makes it hard to see the site as anything other than a collective of assholes.

charlie's proof checking goes on.  And so does the updating of all Red's dialogue.  Before he drops the act and after.

Code: [Select]
“A slave to the acquisition of wealth.
  …Sigh… Human nature.”
“G-give it back!
  It’s mine!!”

For example.

I'm really looking forward to playing with this change. I always knew that Red was technically still a teenager, but it's really cool that this actually affected his dialogue in the original. His character makes more sense now, and in some ways it also makes the post-credits scene more meaningful.

Regarding mama/papa, I've seen that used in English before, but mostly by teenage girls. Tifa might fit the bill assuming she only really toughened up (mentally) after the Niflheim affair. But maybe only in American English - the only form I can imagine with any kind of British accent would be hopelessly posh. In particular, the emphasis would go on the first syllable in AmE but on the 2nd syllable in BrE, giving it that posh twang. In AmE it's like a less childish form of "daddy"/"mommy" as far as I can tell, but still a pretty feminine thing to say.

Fair enough, I hadn't looked at it that way.

The one thing I think works better in old reunion is the "you must be…!" part. It looks a little odd with just "you must" - you must what? Do something? Given the context I think the full sentence would be something like "you must be my rival!"

The Oxford dictionary people seem to agree that "different to" is much more common in British English than in American English. They also mention "different from" as the most common form though: Different from, than, or to?

Interesting, that does seem a bit odd. I wonder if she meant "Could you hold on for a bit?" (while she checks the flowers), or if she's referring to the fact that he just fell a million miles and might still be feeling out of it. Or maybe she's just being shy and it's more like "I'd like to talk for a bit if that's okay with you..." (but she doesn't seem particularly shy elsewhere).

QPC can fall back to lower resolution timers on older hardware if the higher resolution timers test as unreliable. I think the priority goes rdtsc > hpet > rtc. Either way QPC should always offer the best resolution the system can achieve, though the implementation on Windows XP wasn't very good.

By the way, you probably know this, but the best solution would be to match the monitor refresh rate by triggering frames off VBlank. If the compositor is active (often true on Vista and 7, always true on 8 and up) you can call DwmFlush() to wait until the next composition has happened. I don't know if that's something that works with the game logic though.

Except that this is a fragment from the ENEMY called Bomb, which the Reunion Database notes.

I'm curious, was it a conscious choice to use "Bomb's Fragment" rather than "Bomb Fragment"? The former sounds a bit odd, like it's a fragment belonging to (a) Bomb, rather than a fragment of a Bomb. I could see it working in a sentence ("Here, have a Bomb's Fragment") but on its own it looks strange. Maybe that's just me.

Pity they don't use something like the Sappy engine used by many GBA games. But I guess the Playstation long predates that kind of standardization.

Well thanks for everything. "ferned"?

That'll be the forum's censorship kicking in. Probably meant to say "fuсkеd" ;)

Also is this "Bug Tracker database" something available for public view?

I believe this is the tracker. Check the different tabs at the bottom.

I guess they just like using foreign but obvious names, but I'm just talking out of my ass now.

Yeah, you see this pretty often in manga. They use words from other languages that sound cool to them, but end up sounding awful to native speakers. The author of Bleach is particularly notorious for it, but he's hardly the only one.

But I guess these are just huge lumps of (raw?) materia, like a waste product from a nuclear reactor.

I'm afraid this error and the other are pretty catastrophic :P

Considering the amount of coding work that went into this release, I'm not too surprised some issues like this are cropping up. Hopefully this is the last big one!

As for the former, she doesn't suddenly start talking about it. She's overheard the argument between Cloud and Barrett and then starts talking to herself about it.
Ahh, okay, that makes a lot more sense than :)

People don't use past tense much in these circumstances. I certainly wouldn't.
I totally would there, but maybe that's just me ;) Either way, not a big deal.

I still don't really understand this part:

Code: [Select]
  (Well,a lot was
  promised,after all.)”{NEW}
  It was an agreement.)”{NEW}
“(Looks like I’ll have to check
  on the finances again now,too.)”

Why does she suddenly start talking about money? Could she be chatting with someone on the screen (or reading an e-mail), maybe the person who supplied the components for the bomb? Or is she debating whether she should ask to be paid when the bomb she made wasn't to specification?

Edit: Oh sorry, I skipped to the retranslation and didn't read point c. I guess that makes sense, the dialogue is still a bit confusing to read though.

Code: [Select]
“(Should it really do that
  much damage,though?)”{NEW}

Hmm, could that be "Should it really have done that much damage, though?" or doesn't that fit the Japanese? Maybe "Is it really supposed to do that much damage, though"? That line sounds a bit odd to me right now.

I hope you don't wake up to find you haven't actually fixed anything yet!

As for other question - if you fail, you just have to keep trying until you do it. As I said, 3 failures makes it a lot easier - but by that time, you are close to 0% before you get in-line.

OK, my memory of this sequence is more than a little hazy, but that sounds like it's obvious in game that every attempt is part of the same continuity - in which case I don't have a problem with it. After all, you made a fool of yourself on camera at least once already, and it'd be weird if that wasn't held against you (though if you think about it, why does the absence of a single soldier make the ratings drop so much in the first place? :P).

I don't think top prizes should be allowed for not doing what the minigame wants first time. You shouldn't gain the best score if you fail at something.  That isn't fair on the better player, and it offers no replay value to someone to make them want to improve.

But there's no replay value this way either - someone isn't going to play the whole game again up to that point just to get a better score at a minigame. Like DynamixDJ said, you're just forcing people to reload from their last save, which makes it pointless to even let them retry without lowering the difficulty. Games are all about practicing and getting better - you shouldn't reward people who get by on talent alone more than someone who worked hard to get as good. In addition, you're rewarding knowledge of this obscure topic - I know what I'm going to do if I fail it, but if someone who doesn't know and just keeps trying until they get it finds out that they could have gotten a better prize if they'd just kept reloading their save, they are going to be understandably pissed. At the very least you should make it obvious that if you've failed once, you can't get the best prize anymore.

But it does depend on how the retry works. Does the entire scene restart from scratch, so it's like you never did it in the first place? Or do you get scolded, then get another chance to join a different group of soldiers? If it's the latter, then I can support not getting the best prize, because you screwed up in the continuity of the game. If it's the former though, it makes no logical sense for you to get a worse prize even though you did everything perfectly - if the game world doesn't know you screwed up, it shouldn't penalize you for it (unless you deliberately lowered the difficulty).

Wait, so you're locked out of getting the top prize on the 2nd and 3rd attempts? That seems overly harsh to me. Locking the player out of the best reward on a lower difficulty is one thing, but locking them out if they deliberately tanked their 1st attempt because they knew they'd made a mistake just seems mean and counter intuitive.

By the way, if you choose not to lower the difficulty and you fail again, does it keep asking you to lower the difficulty each time? I think it should probably ask after every 3rd attempt, or you'll seriously piss some people off :P

Cool, that does seem plausible :) Not "Nordpol" though? That's the actual German word, and many of the languages this may have been based on are agglutinative (though most of the languages where "pol" means "pole" have the actual word as "nordpolen", it seems).

[Pol is what the kana is and is very likely from a non-English language, designed to make the place sound more foreign - since this is the Cetra who named it]

FWIW, pol doesn't mean "pole" in all the languages on that page (for instance in Dutch, it means a clump of plants growing together). The languages in which it does mean "pole" are Catalan, Danish, Irish, Norwegian (both), Serbo-Croatian and Swedish.

What I find a bit odd about "Knoll's Pol" is the possessive apostrophe. In Danish, for instance, the genitive ending would simply be "Knolls Pol". Оf course, "Knoll" is the English word, but it seems odd to me to use an English word for the first part, a non-English word for the 2nd, and use the English possessive apostrophe. Something like "Nordpol" would avoid that problem, but is perhaps harder to justify as you said.

Wow, that's a lot of fixes. Well done!

Likely: The writers created a plot hole because they wanted to shoe-horn in exposition. Cloud thinks he has met Shinra before simply because the elite of Soldier will have met the president at some point (ceremony for new 1st class soldiers, for example).
What's the plot hole - the president having some knowledge of Cloud (as a Soldier member of Avalanche), or Cloud thinking he's met the president personally?

It's possible that Zax met the president as Sephiroth's pupil or simply as a Soldier 1st class, but even if he never did I don't find it implausible that Cloud believes a lot of things about Zax that aren't true (and has thus internalized for his own messed up persona). He spent a lot of time with the guy, but there must still be a lot of gaps that he's filling in for himself.

Either way, the retranslation reads well enough.

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