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Does anyone have a link to this project? Or did some other project replace it? I'm new here and was wondering if there was a mod like this available to replace the chibi models in fmvs. Thanks!

That's really good work, satsuki. The method definitely shows promise.

This looks awesome! I hope you intend to do all the fmvs this way :D

You need an emulator that can handle framebuffer effects. ePSXe with basically any of Pete's gpu plugins will be able to do it, and most of the time they even have a special fix option that addresses FF7-specific problems.

I am well aware of this. That wasnt what I was asking at all. The platforms im trying to run ff7 on dont have an epsxe port and the emulators available all crash when the battle swirl starts. So again, as I said, I am wondering if its possible to disable the swirl all together.

As I'm sure many of you know, ff7 has always had issues with the battle swirl in most emulators, even on the psp (pops). In some emulators it even crashes. I was wondering if anyone who has experiencing modding/creating patches for ff7 has looked into somehow disabling the swirl. Either bypassing it all together or perhaps having just a black screen with the audio still there. I would love for something like this to come into existence, and was surprised it hasnt by now. Hope to hear back from some of you guys soon, thanks in advance!

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