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The above is how I coded in the replacement audio functions. How else would FF7 play the effects I made?  The actual effects I recorded manually (ogg format) with Adobe Audition from Mednafen using a sound test I created with Makou.

If FF9 already has the effects outside in a format you can use, all you'll need to do is record the effects somehow by creating your own sound test for FF9 PSX.  I have no idea how you'd do that.

Well, that's better than nothing JBedford.  8) It's at least some evidence that they wanted an L and R - and it wasn't just a localization choice...  So I'll use that with amendment - as they've done in FF7.

Yeah - the original localization of ff4 has decided to use l and r.  I think that's stupid, since the only thing that needed changing was the o and a. They should have called them palom polom or parom porom.   The L for both was probably best here - but as they are proper nouns, leaving them with R is fine.

I will amend the database.  I think it's highly likely that you are correct.

I used my own dll and diverted functions to my own functions that call bass.dll functions :P

In other words, the sound in ff7 is completely replaced by bass functions - volume, balance, and so on.  It's not a "sfx player" - it's an audio dll called bass.dll (search online) being called from my own dll that has diverted the game's functions. My dll is called "ddraw.dll"  - which is loaded automatically when inside the root folder - after I have finished loading my own stuff, the real ddraw.dll and its functions are called, so the game doesn't crash.  In other words, my dll is a proxy dll.

Nice!  And no, havent seen that scene like that I don't think. 

I've already fixed this issue with a total overall of all SFX and the sound engine - which will be released soon. The problem is not the effects, but the hard coding that leads to the effect not being played.  See the database.

Battle tab, entry 51.

It very likely will be the case though (numerous others don't have anything to do with nuts or greens).  Gysahl was named after a town, after all.  But what I mean is... is porom and palom correct.  Or was FF4 mistranslated also.  What is the etymology of these names? I mean "paLom" and "poRom" already looks like a mistake to me. Is there any verified spelling - why are they spelled like this?

Porom may be named after Porrima. Porrima is a binary star system in the Virgo constellation.

Is what the Wiki gives. Sounds like a stretch to me.

these are much more likely to be references to Porom (ポロム) and Palom (パロム) from Final Fantasy 4

Yes, but are the ff4 words correct too?  Wtf is porom and palom anyway?

Fraggoso, I won't be of any help to you, unfortunately.  I don't have FF9 - and I haven't done any reversing of it.  I'm also way too busy with my own projects. You need to find someone willing to put the same dedication into ff9 that I do with ff7. It's a completely different game and will need a totally new approach. All the effects will need to be manually recorded and then  made to play by hijacking the relevant functions.  It's a lot of work.

I fixed the odds by simply making the rounds first to 5 instead of 10. This slashes odds to around 300-1 to beat the entire game. I am not sure you have interpreted that scene right, kal. In the real cloud version, he is wearing his helmet and she doesn't fi d out its him until the very end in the reactor

Having a nice chat with Charlie Beer

sidenote, do you have any idea what tifa is supposed to be doing in this map when she does that weird ass animation

Daniel Burke: let's see
No i dont
i dont think she is meant to stay there like a lemon at any rate
also sinin2_1 you will see a "memory" dialogue

Anonymous Dinosaur: she's lemoning so hard and it bugs the strawberries out of me

Daniel Burke: that is erroneous and v likely a left over message from the script programmer to himself
I'll have to look into it
i dont think she is meant to do that

Anonymous Dinosaur: she does that animation twice, then, and when she picks up the Premium Heart
its so weird

Daniel Burke: It's not the first time either that that happens in regards to left over script.  At Junon, the programmer left in "1 2 3 "  set with a var - to tell him the timing in game as we was struggling to work out why Cloud wasn't lining up right and so on.  I fixed it.
in gme you literally see "And... 1" "and...2"  "and.... 3"  Poor Baskett had no ferning clue what it was

Anonymous Dinosaur: lmaooooo

Daniel Burke: also the "switch on" dialogue in the reactor is also a debug message
in the elevator

Anonymous Dinosaur: that makes so much sense

Daniel Burke: they forgot to take it the fern out
usually debug messages are removed.  Like when Barrett comes running into seventh heaven.  The dialogue is hidden "THUD THUD THUD sound should come in here"

Anonymous Dinosaur: makes you realise how much less proofing these games had

Daniel Burke: well they were rushed and the testers obv thought that "switch on" was intended

Anonymous Dinosaur: ahahaha
oh well
it has now been solved years later

Daniel Burke: also fun note, the high mid low game at the gold saucer was meant to have better odds... but the programmer made a common mistake with probability.  He didn't factor in how it works in those cases and assumed that overall odds would be like 400-1
he made it 3709-1 to beat the game
as a consequence, no tester ever beat it and so if you ever do there is a bug leading to an invisible final opponent.
the game is meant to end after the superman
luksy and i fixed it

Anonymous Dinosaur: amazing

Daniel Burke: in fact when I noted this issue... a member of Qhimm made the EXACT SAME mistake
that the programmer did

Daniel Burke:  this guy thinks i'm being sarcastic. I'm not.
Erzfreund calculates it properly using math further down

Anonymous Dinosaur: ferning hell

Daniel Burke: It's not as simple as it first appears eh ;) 
In any case... changing the rounds to 5 instead of 10 fixes the odds to around 300-1

so you can actually win the game now?

Daniel Burke: yeah.  Odds are good and also last opponent is correctly last opponent
If you played the fight game 100 times, then you'd beat the Girl ~66 times.
Not true.. you might beat her 0, might beat her 100 ;)

<< thats the error in thinking
that because the odds of winning 10 rounds is 66% that means you will always win 66%.  That isnt how it works.  I mean, it's theoretically possible to win ALL 40 rounds without losing  a point
and to lose all 10 in a singl round

Anonymous Dinosaur: yeah thats like...... fundamentally how probability works

Daniel Burke: If you played the fight game 100 times, then you'd beat the Girl ~66 times.
This is only correct of course if you played a million times...  then it will be much closer to 66%
100 times.. forget it.

Anonymous Dinosaur: truly a beginners mistake

Daniel Burke: yes!  script programmer should have gotten off his fat arse and walked across to ken narita and asked him

Anonymous Dinosaur: and the programmer literally programmed that faulty logic into the game hahaha

Daniel Burke: hiroki was the script programmer from what I can see
when i was a kid i could never beat the 3rd opponent.  To beat 1 2 and 3 has odds if i recall of around 400-1
beating 4th too is 3709-1
So i knew something was amiss

Anonymous Dinosaur: same, i tried and tried and tired

Field error [fixed] nvmin1_2:  Pointed out to me by Charlie Beer... who has a good eye.  He noticed that the brother and sister - who later end up wearing  black cloaks - are the wrong size in PC version.  I've checked Japanese field v PC - and he's absolutely right.  They should both be size 256.  One of them is 512.

General discussion / Re: Amazing One Winged Angel organ cover
« on: Yesterday at 22:08:09 »
I'm not going to use word amazing - but I do really like it.  He's very talented and it suits the organ too. A proper one like that.

That's what I call amazing... Performance and composition and talent. 

Edit. LOL someone has actually used word amazing in description.  That's pretty freaky!

General discussion / Re: Amazing One Winged Angel organ cover
« on: Yesterday at 20:28:19 »
I'll be the judge of this!  When I get back. :P

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: Yesterday at 12:31:10 »
That's because the music data, as far as I am aware, has a set standard - whereas the effects are a totally unique script created by Akao. And it will change from FF to FF.  So you'd need someone dedicated enough to reverse engineer his script - AND emulate the psx spu... Something no one can be bothered to do for such little overall gain.  If his script was a set standard for psx effects... then you'd have seen someone do it by now.

No probably about it. 

Where I live, we'd pretty much never use " mother" to our mothers.  We'd say "Hi, Mum".  But when saying "What is your mum called"  we may substitute mum for mother.  Mother is therefore slightly more formal.  It's also the case that mother is 2 syllables, and that this is often a deciding factor in what words a person will use. We often abbreviate names like mine (Daniel) to "Dan" - for that very reason.

All SFX are now done. I have a lot of checking to do - even created my own quick program to check loops and so on.  But it's looking good!

Total size 87 MB.

Cheers for that :)

A thumbs-up from England (I can't remember where you're from - so maybe I am sending it only a short distance :P)

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-20 15:05:09 »
I answered that above, Fraggoso.  I created my own sound test.  But FF9 will work very differently to FF7.  There's going to be nothing in common aside from "Play [ID]"

I'll soon be releasing my own DLL which automatically adds the ability to use text file byte change instructions without need for injection (part of RaW).  So you don't need to mess about with dlls.

Other Mods / Re: none
« on: 2017-06-20 14:19:08 »
What on earth are you on about?  Fraggoso simply asked for help trying to add a sound mod.  At no time did he attempt to usurp your project from you.  You're going on like he's stealing your world renowned thesis or something. Or 1:1 copying things without permission.  He simply asked me and others how to add SFX to FF9.  Why is that a problem?  He is probably perfectly ok for you to do it all if you've already been making great progress. Calm down and simply talk to him like a HUMAN.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-19 21:51:57 »
It's an emulator.  You'll need a way to play all the sound effects on the PSX version using that emulator and record them all manually. I had the luxury of being able to use Makou Reactor to edit field script and add my own sound test.  I have no idea how you'd do it.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-19 21:47:37 »
Replacing the FFIX audio would likely be along the exact same lines as what I've done for FF7 - with the exception that I hear FFIX can be built using the original source?  Which would make things easier,  no?

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-19 20:06:47 »
For ff7 PC I had to recreate the entire system and send the game functions to my own functions that use bass.dll.  I recorded all SFX from PSX version using Mednafen.  PC versions of FF games will use streamed data like wav, ogg.  PSX, as Kal says, uses a custom made script that makes use of a set of custom adpcm instruments.

I know that. The American option changes all Mum to Mom, but the points I made are the same.  The Japanese above uses a loanword to differentiate - and even 2 different Japanese alphabets.  It would be like me using Japanese "Mom" for Ifalna and English "Mom" for Elmina. That's pretty much what the Japanese writers have done - though "Mama" is obviously well known over there.  Tifa calls her father "Papa" in literal English.

What I am saying is this is something that cannot be localized and doesn't need to be. In the same way, I haven't used "Papa" for Tifa's father, because it sounds ridiculous to me that a teenage girl would call her dad "Papa". Sometimes the literal doesn't work at all.

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