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General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-05-22 16:58:07 »
The files are too big to work and any error in the code can corrupt these files, and it's still too early to say that the scenario of modifications to Final Fantasy X is over.

The file-checking system always fails.

This will only be in the dreams for now, I will find some way to develop a launcher only for these modified files or change the verification files but it can take a while.

Thanks for the replies Sega Chief.

So there is a data folder; inside that should be a scene.bin, a kernel.bin, kernel2.bin, a battle.lgp, and an flevel.lgp. If those can be replaced with the NT versions, and the app put back together, then it should be patched unless there's some security over file modification. Could you show me a screenshot or two of the contents of the data folder? Specifically the data/battle and data/lang-en? (lang-en may have a slightly different name due to language)




I'm going to run some tests here with the instructions you gave me.

Only if it's possible to get the FF7 files off the phone and onto a PC (they're the same as the PC files, just encrypted) and there was then a way to get them back onto the phone reassembled with the patched files. Unless it's possible to patch them ON the phone with an app?

The first option seems possible since compression was not as complex as the Final Fantasy IV, it's funny how I managed to open the file with WinRAR, I'll see if there is some kind of MD5/CRC check or something.

Already the issue of the application, a modified launcher could be developed, however it would be tricky to have the application upload the modified files along with the originals, I'm not a developer but I help some friends with translations into Portuguese and they tell me about these things.

Is there any chance of this modification going out for Android?

(Just Asking :-P)

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