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Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Intel-Xeon on 2002-04-24 21:12:23
I like the new forums.
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Aaron on 2002-04-25 02:41:39
Nice.  I like.
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: dgp9999 on 2002-04-25 08:38:59
Smooth. Is there still an ability to edit to forum look?
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Qhimm on 2002-04-25 09:01:46
Not for users, unless I create/install additional templates. Which I am not planning to do, it makes customizing the board so damn tedious (have to update all templates for each hack).
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: ShinRa Inc on 2002-04-25 09:17:33
Looks spiffy.  Quotes are actually readable now.  :o

One thing though....Am I the only person using 800x600 resolution?

First Ultima won't fit on my screen, and now the boards are an inch wider than my monitor...  :roll:
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Qhimm on 2002-04-25 09:20:58
Quite unfortunate, that is. The board's minimum width is around 850 pixels. On the same note, I also feel sorry for you for being stuck with a gfx card that old.

Hmm... I notice your avatar is not only much bigger than the 60x60 I recommend on this board (looks like I'll have to enforce that size again...), it's also 150k large (as compared to the 6k I recommend). I'd prefer you change it, modem users probably don't want to spend an extra 30 seconds just to view that animation.

Edit: I'll approve of that new avatar (even though its larger than usual  8) )
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: J*** H******* on 2002-04-25 09:51:53
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: ShinRa Inc on 2002-04-25 09:54:15
Sorry, that was the only filename I could remember offhand when I was fiddling with the profile.  I add and delete files to those FTP spaces frequently, and when I tried posting an avatar from my more permanent space, it wouldn't show up.  Time Warner is odd like that....Anyway.  I hadn't planned on keeping it there.   :oops:

And I *can* set the resolution higher...I just prefer keeping it at 800x600, to make it easier to work on stuff I plan on putting on the web...since quite a few people don't even think they *can* change the resolution.  I also get nasty headaches at higher resolutions....Don't ask.
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: vvalentine on 2002-04-25 10:06:50
Honestly, the new layout hurts my eyes :x .  It's too bright for me.  Is there any style similar to the one before?

Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Qhimm on 2002-04-25 10:33:13
I'll see what I can do. I can't promise it'll work as planned though, since I've already made modifications to this template.
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: ficedula on 2002-04-25 10:52:16
Well, I'm currently running 2048x768 (2 monitors each at 1024x768, whoo!) so size isn't an issue ;) The style does look a bit XP-like big-and-plasticy, not my favourite look, but it's not a real priority of course.

Incidentally, I did have my computer running as 3200x2048 yesterday, but it's definitely impossible to *see* anything at that resolution :D
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: mirex on 2002-04-25 11:24:16
Yea, looks just like Xp, soo neat, i really like it. Good work Qhimm.
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Alhexx on 2002-04-25 16:43:47
Yes, I like it, too. It reminds me of the good ol' UBB times, when you had that cool smooth light blue ... yes, I like this outfit!

However, somehow this theme reminds me of the WinXP style ... ;)

 - Alhexx

 - edit -
Hey, where's my avatar? Let me just add it...
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Jedimark on 2002-04-25 21:10:44
The screen resolution is a bit annoying and the design is priety basic. To be honest i prefered the old forum.
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Darkness on 2002-04-25 21:12:15
i find the default phpBB2 layout somewhat annoying as well. probably wont be around for long, tho :)
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: M0T on 2002-04-25 21:38:40
This theme reminds of a mac os, but It is slightly bright on my eyes  :weep:
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Aaron on 2002-04-25 22:27:01
Haha, everyone's complaining about the resolution.

I can't stand anything below 1024x768, and I'm currently running in 1152x864, so everything is good...
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Goku7 on 2002-04-26 00:07:38
yeah.....I have a problem with resolution too.  While my V3 is theoretically capable of doing 2046x1536, I'm stuck with a old Tatung 14inch monitor that can't even handle 800x600 properly.......

Needless to say, my usual amount of horizontal scrolling is getting larger thanks to the look....

Actually, isn't it possible to have the page scale itself to fit your resolution, similar to how you can scale an image in HTML?  Don't know if PHP can't do it, but if it can, it MIGHT be helpful....
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: ShinRa Inc on 2002-04-26 03:10:57
Just about everything can be scaled that way in HTML.  You can put in a percentage as opposed to an absolute unit (px, pt, etc)
Title: Nice Qhimm
Post by: Sephiroth 3D on 2002-04-26 07:34:59
1280x1024 for me. :wicked:

That IS surprising aobut the Avatar Sizes... Kind of cool too... Hmm... Maybe I should re-render mine at 128x128...

I agree with most the other people here Qhimm. We need a black/dark version. I am also in the process of getting such a setup ready for phpbb2, but I've been lazy, so I haven't gotten much of anything done... I need to fix that...

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