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Title: world map overhaul problem
Post by: Tyrany on 2012-10-06 20:32:19
Big Question, my hi res dont find the aali's driver,but its installed and its working properly so no clue about thir error, maybe w7 fault
so i extracted everything and i've put the files on the my mod path and almost everything works, only missing the worldmap textures, i've tryed to put the on the world folder and on flevel but no luck, dkw if it because it needs another folder or if the folders that got the files (beach, montain etc 
aren't properly named)


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Title: Re: world map overhaul problem
Post by: whitERaven on 2012-10-08 01:30:19
You should really stop your habit of posting similar/exactly same threads on different sections (This is the second time now).
This will make some members, here not very pleased.

Please stick to one thread and wait patiently.