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Title: Jenova SYNTHESIS Targets
Post by: Karifean on 2014-01-10 21:35:21
So I'm trying to make a custom Jenova SYNTH battle and I'm having some trouble: one of the tentacles is in the wrong spot. As in, both tentacles' "target" marker are on the right tentacle.

Now I don't quite understand what even places the markers in the first place. All 3 instances of JSYN are in the same location, at least in the Formation preset, yet I assume via AI their marker is replaced to where, graphically, the tentacle is located. One line of code seems to be doing this:

Code: [Select]
Self.Unknown(4278) <- 16
This applies to the JSYN instance with FormationNumber == 1. For the instance with FormationNumber == 2, this variable is set to 20 instead. Finally, the instance with FormationNumber == 0, in other words the main body, has it set to 3.

This is the case both in the original JSYN battle as well as my own. Yet the problem still occurs.

If you need it for better understanding, here is the Pre-Battle Routine of my homemade JSYN:

Code: [Select]
0x000LocalVar:0020 <-  (ActiveMask.FormationNumber == 0)
0x00ELocalVar:0040 <-  (ActiveMask.FormationNumber == 2)
0x01CSelf.Flag:Unknown(00001000) <- 1
0x026 If ( (Self.FormationNumber == 0) )
0x026 {
0x033 Self.Flag:Unknown(00001000) <- 0
0x03D Self.Unknown(4278) <- 3
0x047 LocalVar:0020 <-  (ActiveMask.FormationNumber == 1)
0x055 }
0x055 Else
0x055 {
0x058 If ( (Self.FormationNumber == 1) )
0x058 {
0x065 Self.Unknown(4278) <- 16 (MBarrier)
0x06F Self.MHP <- 150000
0x07B Self.HP <- 150000
0x087 }
0x087 Else
0x087 {
0x08A LocalVar:0040 <-  (ActiveMask.FormationNumber == 1)
0x098 Self.Unknown(4278) <- 20
0x0A2 Self.MHP <- 150000
0x0AE Self.HP <- 150000


Seems the problem lies elsewhere: a test message revealed that the query (Self.FormationNumber == 1) never returns true, which means that both tentacles have their Unknown(4278) variables set to 20, which makes them overlap. Now to find out just why the condition doesn't work...


Solved it, the problem was that I called on the FormationNumber with the "02" command instead of the "01" command. Silly me. Works fine now.
Title: Re: Jenova SYNTHESIS Targets
Post by: NFITC1 on 2014-01-15 18:59:03
So let me see if I get this straight. Unknown 4278 relates to the Target arrows on the actors? Any idea what the value represents?