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Title: Question on game events
Post by: Madsiur on 2014-03-15 18:50:48

I lurk this forum once in a while, and I would be interested in modding FFVII if work has been done on game events. Since the search function is disabled, I would like to no if we can modify or create events in FFVII. I am referring to the scenes where characters have predefined movement and where most of the dialogue occurs.

I've been hacking (modding) FF3us since 3 years now and in the game there is event commands (256 of them) with parameters that are used for scripting events. An event is read when you step on an event trigger or talk to a NPC. Does FFVII use a similar approach and does this part of the game has been documented?

Title: Re: Question on game events
Post by: Shard on 2014-03-15 22:02:44
This is what you want.