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Title: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: Godlift on 2017-07-12 20:19:32
I am extremely impressed with DLPB's R05c Patch specifically the version of the 60 fps patch it includes and was hoping to use it along with the R03e because of its menu overhaul. I have looked around the forums and I am not sure if this is possible at this time.

I came across this http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=17137.0 however the download link is down so i tried using an old version of MO.exe and the reuinion 60 fps patch however they conflict and break the game.

I am wondering is there any way to have the menu overhaul and 60 fps patch? If I were to use 7th heaven is there a setting that allows for both of these together?

Also if anyone has a link to L02 I would appreciate it.

If there is currently no way to utilize both the menu updates and 60 fps I am wondering if anyone else is interested in this. Is there someone working on a new menu overhaul? What steps or edits would need to happen to make something like this possible? I am very interested in trying to figure this out!

Thanks fore the help!


For anyone interested I was finally able to use both reunion R05c 60 fps patch with R03e! It only took a few hours of troubleshooting but was such a simple solution.


I didnt realize what the actual solution was so im modifying my post and deleting the old instructions because it was wrong lol sorry! i was trying different things for a while so i got confused about what i actually did to make it work. The solution is simple.

Patch ro3e Copy reunion folder
Patch ro5c
Take copy of reunion folder from r03e and put in mods folder

Now you have menu overhaul and 60 fps.

This has only been tested with menu overhaul checked for r03e and 60 fps checked for r05c. None of the other options those installers use were checked when I did this so cant verify if any other combination of things will work so use with caution. I am currently playing through ff7 and have noticed no issues so far playing like this.

I didnt seem to realize that r05c was deleting the old reunion folder and replacing it so every time I patched r03e and then r05c i would lose menu overhaul, but once i realized the solution I felt pretty dumb lol
Title: Re: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: Brokenxwing on 2019-04-01 11:13:19
I'm interested in this solution, but I'm a bit unsure of what you mean by patch R03e and then copy the Reunion folder. What folder is that? For that matter, I'm not even sure what you mean when you say patch. And what mod folder specifically am I supposed to put the copy into? I realize this is an old post and for some reason no one else replied, so I'm not super hopeful to get a reply, but I'm REALLY struggling to find an easy to follow tutorial for how to use R03e (preferably with the Beacause translation with it) I've tried using the newer R05c Reunion mod, but it always seems to look ugly to me. (No offence to DLPB. It's just that for some reason when I try using it seems like it's not even changing the menu or interface much if at all. Whereas R03e seems to look VERY nice and I really prefer the look of it.) I really wish there was some simple way to use R03e with the 60fps and speedup aspect of R05c. Because for me that would be ideal. I can't even seem to get R05c to work with 7th Heaven which is where most of the mods I'm using are installed from and run from. I'm also kind of unsure why 7th Heaven continues to use R03e instead of the newer version? Does EQ2Alyza just prefer the look of the menu in R03e too or something? I apologize if it's against the rules to revive an old thread instead of starting a new one.
Title: Re: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: LordUrQuan on 2019-04-01 13:17:01
I'm also kind of unsure why 7th Heaven continues to use R03e instead of the newer version? Does EQ2Alyza just prefer the look of the menu in R03e too or something?
It's not that EQ2Alyza and DLPB don't get along, rather that D's philosophy and the tool chain he created are poorly suited to the 7H style of mixing and matching to taste.  E has said that she'll do an update to R06 once D releases it, but it's a very time-consuming process as Reunion is really meant to stand on its own as a complete solution.
Title: Re: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: DLPB on 2019-04-01 16:32:44
60 fps patch is broken as it stands - R06 will address this and fix a lot of issues.  Best not to even add it at the moment.
Title: Re: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: Brokenxwing on 2019-04-02 02:43:42
Oh okay. Is there a reason why the menu looks different in R03e than on R05c? I really like the menu better in R03e. When I installed R05c, even with that being the ONLY mod installed it STILL looked like it wasn't even changing the menu like, AT ALL. The text often looked larger than it should be, and the battle UI doesn't even seem to be altered at all. It's just stock UI which I find too big and obstructing. The 60fps actually DID work though.

I mean, not completely, it wasn't 60fps outside of battle without doubling the framerate which caused battle framerate to be 120fps instead of 60. But I REALLY do like the fact that you can change the speed of the game like that. It would be VERY useful to me since I find the speed of the game to be too slow right now and I'd like to at least increase it to 2 or 3 times.

That's THE ONLY thing the PS4/Switch ports have I really like, and really wish was available on the Steam version. The one thing I had tried was removing the ff7_en.exe from the game folder temporarily like I had read in a different thread about getting The Reunion to work with 7heaven. But it didn't work because it patched ff7_mo.exe (I think not 100 percent sure if that's the right one) which is a problem because to use R03e I need to run the ff7_bc.exe because I use the Reunion and Beacause together.

But if I remove ff7_mo.exe to try and get it to patch on ff7_bc.exe it just says I need ff7_mo.exe. Which means it can't be done properly the way I wanted it to be done. The best workaround I've found so far is using the 60fps option in the animation mod in 7th Heaven. It does give 60fps in battle, sadly though it's JUST in battle, it doesn't fix the rest of the framerate issues. And it of course also lacks the speedup stuff that I like from The Reunion R05c. Do you have any ETA on when the Reunion R06 is likely to come out? Also, what exactly does R0 mean? I'm sort of curious xD


Sorry to post again, just wanted to make clear the caps I used in this post are not meant to be seen as aggressive. I meant to use them for emphasis. I probably should have used bold or italics, I'm just used to comments like on YouTube where these features are not available so I didn't even think about that. (I also hadn't read the rules until after posting so I didn't realize it's ill-advised. I suppose I could edit the comment instead or making a second comment, so if that's more preferable I'll do that instead. I'm pretty inexperienced on the forums. I've been on the forums for years, but haven't actually posted much before so I'm not super familiar with how things work. So hopefully I won't get into trouble.

Please remember that you can modify your messages, and please don't double post. ~strife98
Title: Re: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: DLPB on 2019-04-02 10:37:36
I'd say compare with and without Menu changes in R05 and you'll see the difference.  The graphics are the same - as that works with the original style of the game.  Updating it is silly, imho, as an updated font and GUI do not work with the engine or style.  I'd look into it again only if all backgrounds were remade.  Also, it takes a lot of effort to support two GUIs.

There is no ETA.

R means Reunion

06 means version 6.
Title: Re: Has anyone been able to apply a 60 fps patch with R03e?
Post by: Brokenxwing on 2019-04-03 03:59:54
Alright, well I suppose I could try one more time later today. I've got a backup of the vanilla files on my desktop to use if I mess up something and for testing out things. So I suppose I can make a new installation of it again and see if it looks different with and without the menu changes in R05. But am I correct in my assumption that the changes are pretty minor compared to R03?

I'm assuming that you are the same person who did R03? What I'm confused about is, if that's the case, how come you seem to have had such a fundamental shift in design philosophy? I mean, the GUI is definitely not very faithful in the R03 version to the original design. (Though I personally feel it's less obstructive and easier on the eyes overall.) Part of the issue I've had is with R05 the font seems much larger and less properly spaced when I've used it. Would it be alright if I post some screenshots of the GUI of both and you can tell me if it looks the way it should on R05c?

Cause I just want to make sure I'm not messing up something in the installation process and that it's just the way you intended it to look. I've also had issues where if I disable R03e inside 7th Heaven it tends to mess up the GUI completely, and I'm not sure why that is. Like, it causes all the text to be too large and seems like it won't disable completely so traces of it are still there on the screen. Like in the battle screen, the section where the HP/MP is gets all messed up.

I don't know if this is a known issue or not or something in my mods are conflicting or what. I do believe that when I first install the Reunion R03e it does give a warning in 7th Heaven that it makes changes to the ff7.exe file. And I'm fairly certain the animations mod also does too, and I think disabling it has caused it to stop with working properly for me before once. Another thing I've noticed with all the mods on 7th Heaven installed is longer loading screens when I first load up the save file and possibly longer in general load times.

I don't know if a mod I'm using is causing it or not. I think perhaps the direct and music folder extra file bug might be causing it to slow down, though I'm not sure if that's a known issue or not. I suspect you probably wouldn't know about it since I don't think you work on the tool and it seems perhaps you're not very fond of it? I've tried to figure out what this bug is and if there's a way to fix it.

Like, is it just in 7th Heaven 1.56. or is it a longer running bug? Should I be using some older version of the program before the bug was introduced? Another weird thing I've noticed is 7th Heaven claims there's a 1.57 update yet fails to download it and I can't find it linked on the tutorial page either. Is there actually a 1.57 version or is it just another weird bug in the current version? If you don't know the answers to these questions, do you happen to know who would? Thanks for any help you can provide. And sorry if I'm getting a bit off topic for this thread. I'm just not quite sure where to ask these questions and who can help answer them.