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Title: Problem with Menu Overhaul
Post by: Dante94 on 2017-08-09 02:06:35
Hey there! I know that this topic has been covered before but I really can´t get a real answer to this, when I start the game with the Menu Overhaul and Beacause I get this message "Oops! Something very bad happened Wrote crash.dmp to FF7 install dir. Please provide a copy of it along with the APP.LOG when reporting this error. Write emergency save to save/crash.ff7?" I´m using the ff7_bc.exe file so the problem is not that I´m selecting the wrong Exe, and I really want this mod in my game. If I need to send APP.LOG and crash.dmp would you please tell me how? I do not seem to find any options to send it on the topic.
Thank you! :D
Title: Re: Problem with Menu Overhaul
Post by: OtakuOnShrooms on 2017-11-05 08:02:34
Im having the exact same problem with no real fix so hopefully someone sees this thread and can help us
Title: Re: Problem with Menu Overhaul
Post by: Arpadiam on 2018-02-26 03:13:44
Hi, new here to the forum, after following the instalation tutorial the only mod that didnt work was menu overhaul, all the others mods worked perfeclty

any idea if the creators of the mod are aware of this issue?, the game CTD as soon as cloud jump from the train at the very begining of the game when the first msg from barret say "Hey you newcomer, Follow me"

hope someon can give us a tip or fix

Regards and dont let this thr sind too low, =P

Title: Re: Problem with Menu Overhaul
Post by: DLPB on 2018-03-02 02:52:05
It's not a problem with MO.  It's a problem with 7th heaven(?), that has messed up the installation of it.  You could always add MO and beacause from my installer - not from 7H.
Title: Re: Problem with Menu Overhaul
Post by: EQ2Alyza on 2018-03-02 05:57:39
The problem won't be MO specifically. It'll either be a user error in the setup, or a 7H compatibility issue.

The written tutorial specifically states at the end what to do if something appears broken or not working...

[ o ] Give details about the situation when the problem occurs.
[ × ] Post an APP.log
[ × ] Post your Profile Details

Because that list wasn't fulfilled, I didn't bother to continue. I'm really sorry that I didn't help. Anyone who's been here long enough knows how long I've worked on this project and how much I love it. But, it's gotten to the point now where I can't keep up with the posts, and my time is not free. On top of that, YT changed their policies last month, so I don't even make the few dollars to pay for the storage fee.

Anyways, the point is...I need more than just I description of the problem to spend time problem solving everything. That, or someone/something capable of providing me with a living and/or take care of my kids, so that I may spend my time on this project instead  :P
Title: Re: Problem with Menu Overhaul
Post by: iDerek759 on 2018-03-02 06:12:23
The issue isn't MO or 7thHeaven, it's most likely user error. Either try running the Game Converter again as admin., or try any of the following steps listed in the FAQ-- http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=16538.0