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Title: How do I close my account?
Post by: Kryalis on 2018-12-02 15:48:42
Hi, I have recently discovered this profile after several years of being inactive and I wish to close it down. How can this be done? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

If this is in the wrong forum, then I apologise in advance.
Title: Re: How do I close my account?
Post by: LeonhartGR on 2018-12-02 18:38:18
Someone help the guy. I just received a personal message. Please!
Title: Re: How do I close my account?
Post by: UpRisen on 2018-12-02 21:43:09
theres no need to close the account. just dont use it anymore.
Title: Re: How do I close my account?
Post by: Zervox on 2018-12-03 21:42:52
while I agree you can simply stop using the account, not allowing the deletion of an account is a violation of GDPR.
Title: Re: How do I close my account?
Post by: Covarr on 2018-12-03 23:10:05
If I'm not mistaken, it also only applies to businesses. At any rate, I've deleted the account. I'm quite receptive to these requests when a user doesn't attempt to do something obnoxious such as blanking all their past posts.
Title: Re: How do I close my account?
Post by: Zervox on 2018-12-04 05:06:05
DLPB while it applies to Europe, for anyone dealing with European users, you have to abide by those nations laws or you can in fact be drawn to court, whether the likelihood of your country allowing it is another matter. but in general when it comes to these matters countries tend to accept this. just like how Valve as an example got to follow the laws of refunds for each and every individual country they have made their service available to.(Valve has plenty of cases where they were forced to refund purchases despite the no refund policy they used to have because they were found quilty and fined for not doing by different countries a few years back.

Covarr, GDPR applies to everyone who handles or have the possibility to handle personal data of EU nations citizens, email,name,address,age etc are all classified as personal data and does make liable to for breaking the GDPR, whether whomever handles such requests(user reports it to the representing party) will follow through on the request/complaint or not is a different matter.

personally I don't really care what this site does, I like it. I am just saying, I know of atleast a couple of hobby websites not driven by profit, not companies but some were shut down, some were blocked until they complied to the GDPR(or they decided to block access from that nation/nations)
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Post by: [email protected] on 2018-12-04 22:53:52