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It's in the Reunion Database, which you should be reading.
yeah people seriously, don't ask DLPB any questions. just go read the database. report your bug in as much detail as possible and move on. he doesnt have time to talk to any of us. don't expect a reply unless you want him to toy with you

Fabulous work, Maki. Would it be possible to make an IPS patch or something of the sort to apply to the DLL file? That way, a hex editor wouldn't be necessary.

Well, I created SeeDReborn, which has full icon replacements, etc. that are much better than theirs.  Even the vanilla stuff that I created (and some of that original stuff was team avalanche) and there are several fonts available, so I figured I'd offer that to the public.  The funny thing about their gradient is that it's a pixel perfect match of mine.  There's seriously no possible way to do this 'by accident'.  Also, they didn't 'crack' the gradient, so they don't know what pixels repeat, how to compensate, and how to change it with varying colors like I have.  In the latest SeeDReborn, there are many gradient options for the text boxes and I'll be offering that to the public as well.  I guess I could share a screenshot of that progress:
Ah, now I see. That was very dense of me, lol. Thanks for your time and also your hard work.

Thanks for your hard work, Mcindus. So sorry if this sounds rude, but what will SeeD Reborn Remastered bring to the table that isn't present in FFVIIIr? The UI elements in FFVIIIr (Shitty font kerning aside) is the only nice thing about it, IMO.

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-09-05 13:39:49 »
Then where are the original mods that fixed Quetzal's sounds, Bahamut's clouds, Rinoa's Wishing Star slowdown and probably other small issues?

EDIT: Eden's slowdown is fixed, too:

someone should summon phoenix and let us know if its sfx are correct. they may have just done a swap like the modders did

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-09-03 13:13:47 »
thanks for posting so i don't have to keep editing.

last batch of updates: vibration hasn't returned. console ports eliminated the control config menu as well. last of my updates will be on boko. tbh i'm assuming he was cut entirely

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-30 16:04:48 »
Another new video they did not replace the 2d field textures with 3d models, Balambs car got upgraded.
Thanks to this video, I've been able to determine that the "HD FMVs" are not a new upscale. It's the same as Steam, which "upscaled" the original 2000 higher-res FMVs by applying a bilinear filter over each FMV.

2013 Steam:

FFVIII Remastered:

Fan-made HD upscale:

(Pay attention to the clouds and wet sand in particular)

edit 1 - characters who are built into pre-rendered 2D backgrounds will not be updated.

edit 2 - reverts to midi music at one point

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-29 22:39:28 »
They have fixed quezacotl sound fx.....that's something in this s*** storm i suppose
i wonder if they "fixed" it like how the current fan-made fix did it... as in phoenix would also have quez's sfx lmao

edit - 40:30 in the vid light posted earlier

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-29 18:58:52 »
Over an hour of gameplay here
what i gleaned from that vid:

New "Exit" option added to main menu; exit and return to title screen (Replaces soft reset?)

Still have 2 "slots" of 30 saves, still called "GAME FOLDER" (?)

PS4 has classic save menu

No sign of controller rumble

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-29 17:21:12 »
hmm, im a little surprised that the reaction to siren's new design has been lukewarm or even positive. i have to admit, her new skirt has grown on me as well

here's OG siren from an unmodded 2013 steam release

here's remastered again for an easy comparison

siren's concept art

the official action figure

it's pretty obvious that this more humanoid looking woman (with a human flesh tone) has her whole vagina out and it's only covered by a bush straight out of a 1976 porno

shiva's design hasn't been altered (aside from heavier eye makeup)

and the design of ifrit (who also has the pube problem) seems unaltered as well

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-24 03:12:16 »
neat, it actually sounds to me like they fixed quezacotl's sound effects. but it's hard to hear over the din of the convention. i thought i heard the ps1 explosion noise at least

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-23 22:11:07 »
Some dickweed on another forum deadass asked me to source my claims, so I thought I'd mirror them here, too.

PS1 music features:

No Chocobo World, its items moving to Angelo Search:

Removed trophies:

Graphics: Should be obvious by just looking at it, but yes, I was seriously asked to source whether or not the graphics were changing. Also shows incorrect UV mapping on world map.

Lack of circular analog movement, button prompts return: (Movement is pretty obvious here, with how Squall snaps from one direction to another instead of a natural, gradual turn.)

Upscaled FMVs, lack of 60 FPS battle UI (Note that battles were 30 FPS in FFVIII to begin with, but the UI itself was 60. Everything in battle is 30 FPS in FFVIII Steam / Remastered.):


Lack of vibration is supposition, as is the ability to reassign trigger buttons on the coming Steam release.

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-23 16:28:04 »
I compiled a version differences list in case anyone was asking questions about it.

- Original PS1 music will feature.

- Chocobo World has been removed, and its items were moved to Angelo Search. No word yet on if the rates of Angelo Search were increased or how Boko's special move will power-up.

- Button prompts return, as opposed to green-colored key or button names. (Speculation, but I'm assuming there will be no problem reassigning trigger buttons on the Steam release this time.)

- Steam release will have "highly-customizable system settings."

- Same achievements as 2013 Steam, but the following have been removed:
Professional Player (Win 100 games of Triple Triad)
Collector (Collect all cards)
Magazine Addict (Hold all Weapons Monthly, Combat King, Occult Fan, and Pet Pals magazines)
Top Level (Have one ally reach LV 100)
Contrived Finish (Finish the game with Squall at LV 7)
Blue Magic Master (Teach Quistis all Blue Magic)
Dog Trainer (Teach Angelo all tricks)
Maximum Gil (Collect 99,999,999 gil)
10000 Kills (Kill 10,000 enemies)
Choco Loot (Return Boko to FFVIII from Chocobo World after he's collected an item)
Top Level Boko (Return Boko to FFVIII from Chocobo World after he's reached LV 100)
(In addition, Card Club Master has been renamed "CC Group Master.")

- Redesigned 3D models/textures for playable characters, NPCs, enemies, GFs, weapons, etc. Basically, anything that's a 3D object (Not a 3D background) has been redone.

- Anti-aliasing added to both new and old 3D.

- Newly upscaled FMVs. (However, the blurry upscale job from the 2013 Steam release should be compared to this new attempt, just to see if they didn't simply reuse assets.)

- Pre-rendered 2D backgrounds have bilinear filter applied, in an effort to hide pixellation caused by original PS1 320x240 resolution.

- World map and battleground scenes have linear filter from PC versions applied, with no option to shut it off.

- 2D UI elements redesigned.

All platforms will receive the following.
- HiSpeed (Game speed x3. Same as pressing F1 on Steam port.)

- Battle Assist (HP and ATB gauge are always full, Limit Breaks always available. Same as pressing F2 on Steam port.)

- No random encounters (New!)

Steam users get these in addition to the above.
- GF Level and AP Max (GFs' AP will be set to max, and they will be LV 100. Same as pressing F4, "AP Max," on Steam port.)

- Magic, Ability, Item, and Gil Max (Tweaked from Steam port's F5, "Magic and Gil Max." Unsure as to what the new item and ability functions of this cheat entail.)

- The Magic Booster from the 2013 Steam version will not return.

Anything not specifically mentioned here is the same as the 2013 Steam release. This means Siren refines Dark Matter at any level, Omega Weapon's level scales to the team's, no 60 FPS battle UI, no circular analog field/world map movement, incorrect UV mapping on the world map, potentially no vibration.

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-23 01:23:55 »
They also better hope that they have implemented an audio replacement - or that RaW is compatible out of the box - because I'll say it now:  There is no way I am making RaW compatible with this game if it isn't by default.  I won't lift a finger to aid this version and waste yet more of my time.

imo, you should make that message clear in your RaW thread just in case, though. who knows what dotemu may or may not have messed up.

sorry if this offends, i mean no harm. keep on truckin' :D

yeah rotschleim unfortunately its just a sign of the times, the decline of square that started when they became square-enix.
well i mean they've put out plenty of patches for their other games, but being a $20 cash-in remaster, i doubt they'll do anything substantial like the uv map fix for it.

well I recently sent an e-mail linking to Dotemu linking this thread - let's keep fingers crossed- but I doubt they will introduce game code changes in a week to publish (or actually do anything at all).
i appreciate it, maki. it'd be cool if they did a day 1 patch and credited you for figuring it out, actually. but what's more realistic is that the world map code couldn't be changed, meaning the addresses are in the same spot, so hopefully you (or someone else, if you're not up to it) can port this fix over to FFVIIIr Steam.

I am honestly just expecting them to drop this rehash, and then nothing, no support , patches anything. give us your money now your on your own.
same here, gunner. i think maybe if there are really bad glitches (like music looping in FFVII/IX on xbone/switch) they'll fix it, but otherwise what we get is what we get

the redone models might not be perfect, but they have a higher poly count and better jointing, not to mention the polygons won't warp as terribly as they do on PC. (remember the times squalls lips would make him have a :3 face?)

the fan efforts are great, but they require tonberry and you can't play them on console, either. i just hope the UV map patch is eventually ported to the remaster, and that nothing's too wrong with it

Thank you, Aavock. I noticed that they didn't even alter Squall's appearance to match his new field/battle models. I don't think anything about the world map has been changed, nor will it be. I hope the UV map fix is easy to port to FFVIII Remastered, whether Maki does it or someone else does.

Hi, wanted to bring it to everyone's attention that FFVIII Remastered will also have the incorrect UV mapping problem.

Take a gander at the screenshot of Squall on the world map in front of Balamb Garden. Looks exactly like the "BEFORE" in Aavock's comparison screens here, right?

Looks like this fix will need to be ported to the Steam version of the remaster. I'm not holding out that an official patch will ever address this issue.

Thank you for your time. I apologize for bumping such an old thread; again, I'm just trying to raise awareness, not calling for any action.

R05 is a significant improvement, yes.  But R07 will be the finalization and I'd wait for it.  R06 will at least be a very good update of the translation, but it won't be 100% signed off until R07. This is because R07 will have a completed proof check by Shikun, and a final revision. Grammar will massively be improved also.  The dialogue windows will be placed properly.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but--to reiterate the current plans, R06 is going to be a big bug fix and enhancement update, and R07 is going to be the big translation update? I only check in on this thread intermittently, so I don't really keep up with decisions and such.

Huh??  They dropped 32bit OS support a year or so ago, but I don't see why this would affect 32bit programs.  Indeed, dropping 32bit application support would be an incredibly dumb move on their part, assuming it's even possible.
I'm just throwing out possible reasons as to why it wouldn't work. Otherwise, I have no idea as to what's going on. We just want to mod the font...

Hey MCINDUS, a friend of mine was having trouble getting Tonberry working... He has it installed exactly how I have it, but it just won't work.

- We've tried disabling ReShade, it doesn't work
- We've tried turning off the Steam Overlay, doesn't work (I don't need to turn off the Steam Overlay on my end)
- We've ensured everything is in the correct place (No missing hashmaps or anything)
- We've tried the Directx9c runtime installer
- We've ensured he has the Visual C++ 2013 builds

He has Windows 10 and an NVIDIA card. He says NVIDIA recently started dropping support for x32 bit programs, and that may be why Tonberry isn't working. Could that be it? We tried for a solid hour yesterday with no results.

Just wanted to say the mod works great for me! Thank you so much.

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