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I spent a lot of time making this character textures, all was done hand painted, so please Devina if you dont like my textures its ok, but you always write bad comments about my textures and please if you want edit the textures give some credit, because you only edit some parts over my work.

anyway I am really happy with this project, and its great that more people work in texture mods
Its a great option too the user can choose what texture can be use :D

sorry for my bad english! xD

hahahahah magochocobo returns! xD

Hi! I remember that i started the textures for the seed uniform and I complete the riona party dress too. but all my textures in other pc (my old pc) so I am going to rescue the files in my holidays.

Graphical / Re: [FF8-steam] Character texture replacement
« on: 2014-10-23 03:00:56 »
ooooh it's great!!
to finally I have a reason for finish the edea and ward texture xD
Very thanks for your work!!

I wonder this works and finally view the textures in the game!
I promised not play ff8 until the textures were integrated XD

Wow this its grat! so finally my textures can be used! :D
so if this  will work I can finish the kiros, ward and edea texture.
Ozmy the left texture of squall its different because its from the field model and my textures are for the battle models, I done a texture for the squall field model too. (the balle models have 2 textures and more  poligonal details)

Good luck with this!

the textures that you send me (SE textures) are the same of the original pc game in I worked.
this is a field model texture its for that reason of all parts are in a one layer.
and my textures are for the battle models (ff8 the battle models used 2 texture files for the models)
anyway some time ago I edited some battles textures for convert in field textures, look this:
should be work in the game!
I adapted the quistis and selphiie texture too!

this texture:
its for battle model and my texture is  equal, but the SE texture have the weapon texture above.
so the solution its simple consist in paste my texture over the SE texture, like this:

Sorry was really hard for me explain this XD
used this image for your test and if works I will adapt more images.

Graphical / Re: Cid's Head modeling contest result
« on: 2013-11-30 01:20:42 »
I had many work to do and no time for ff7
 but I lost my job XD
so I have some days free :B
I working in a tifa texture for the BloodShot model, I hope finish too :P

Graphical / Re: Cid's Head modeling contest result
« on: 2013-11-30 01:08:07 »
I will try texture the model Xd

Graphical / Re: [WIP] HD battle scene pack
« on: 2013-08-07 16:18:24 »
good work BloodShot!!
I hope you will complete the scenarios that have not been textured!
looks really nice your progress.
In the last image I think that the metal floor texture is not too much like the original but the improvement is very good.
Good luck!!!

ishiki: this happens because the program detect the black color like a transparency. So in photoshop you must ajust the black (use selective color tool) for transform the black in a grey very very obscure, so the program will show the textures normal.
anyway I try upload my files this weekend :p

my english sucks XD

for insert the this textures in se same resolution like the originals, I extrac the models with deling program(open the bat file whit the program), next I open the model with tim2view or timviewer, and extract the ogirnal textures and replace with the news ( I used the tim plugin for photoshop for save tim format images) and I use deling again for insert the modificated models in the game.

I upload a new pack with more textures!!
sorry I no read the last comments, in the week I read everything :P

Alkor this are only the textures I dont know how insert the textures in the game :/
you can see this models in noesis.
soon I upload the models with my textures in low  resolution that work in the game but loss details.

I upload a first pack with textures!!
look the first post!!
the next weekend i upload other character pack.
just for fun I retexture the garnet and zindane head, the models of ff9 are have more details are really cute Xd
anyway was only a test maybe in a future a  plugin will work inject hi res textures :p

Sorry, I have not time for this, but I made other test with tim2view and I can replace the low res textures for my new textures but in low res, some characters works good and others no Xd... the game crash
I need some time for upload the files, now I am in my job XD

Graphical / Re: Cid's Head modeling contest result
« on: 2013-03-19 15:24:13 »
Its a perfect job!!
I want watch when you finish the model!!

Mirrorman95: you are right, even with a reduction of my hi res textures the models looks better, especially in the face. but some details in the clothes lost many details. I try edit the dat files, insert my reduced textures and test in the game.
here a gif imagen with the comparation:

CleverNameHere: i am really happy if someone in this community can find a solution :)

I used texmod with epsxe but the only a plugin  work "next3d 1.5" but its a bit inestable and the battles menu dont appears and many others graphical bugs :/
I try use too some tim tools for the files, and I can extrac and insert the tim files in the models for the pc version but i can only insert new images with the same size :/
I hope someone find another method or build a new tool for edit the models.
anyway I uploaded a squal model for any user can be test in the game.

the link ( this version of the texture its a little diferent for now but for test its good)

Finally I finished the Balamb garden uniforms!!
only I need fix some error in zell arms texture and upload the files :P
a screenshot of Squall in his uniform:

senboy: I need help for put the textures in the models.

I Made a minor changes in the textures, more details in the clothes or corrections in the faces and I done the balamb garden costume for Selphie, anyway i need fix the shoes, it a little bit hard XP when I finish the squall and zell uniforns I upload a pack with the models and textures.
here some photos:

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] WIP Sector 5 slums
« on: 2012-12-05 14:47:31 »
The only I can say is beautiful!!!
I really want walk in the Aeris house :B

Thanks for the comments!!
Almighty_gir: yeah you are right!
the outlines in the lips are a bit strange, I will edit in a future :P
when I done the Zell face, I drawing two mouth, a serious and smile mouth, so when I publish the textures I put the two textures.
I will edit too the rinoa lips.. its a really strange mouth Xd
the squall model in the image its a different case, because its the field model and the uv map and  the poligonal faces are really strange, so when I put the texture in the model, the texture is distorted.

Look the texture and how looks in the field model:

so I am trying distor the texture in photoshop for when put it  in the model looks normal :B

anyway in the battle model exist a bit of distorsion in the texture but looks really nice:

Sorry for my english it difficult for me explain my progress with the models and textures.
but I do my best effort!!  ;D

sorry but I have not time this month because I must finish my last proyect in the university, but when I finish the university work. I retake this mod.

this its the Squall model, use the noesis for view the model, textures and animations.

was a hard work done this textures so if you want use in another project please give me credit.

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