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Supposedly, scaled UI mod is working now

Open Memoria.ini in the game directory

BattleFPS = 15 original fps
BattleSwirlFrames = 115 original fps curtains

I was thinking battleswirlframes is actually the length of the animation itself. I set it to 0 and it skips the godawful swirl completely, which is awesome.

Are the battle animations too fast or is it just me? If so, how do I configure them in standard mode?
Obs.: I am not using accelerated mode. Normal mode is already very fast.

Thanks, this update is amazing!

Yes, the framerate for battles is adjustable. They have it set to 24 by default I believe--I changed it to 20 so it's a multiple of my monitor's refresh rate and it slows it down just a tick but looks way smoother than the standard 15fps (?) I think the vanilla game runs the battles at.

Wow. I downloaded a previous version of this mod and got half through the game now I have to start over again. I'm playing in 4k 120hz and most of the stutters are just gone man. It looks amazing. The wide-screen scenes are jaw dropping.. The videos are amazing. The 2x speed instead of 3. This is just awesome. Thank you so much.

7th Heaven / Re: super slow downloads
« on: 2020-04-15 03:34:36 »
Would guess a lot of people that arent into the remake decided to download 7th heaven and mods this past week.

Hello everyone. All the new completed work looks stunning. Thanks so much to Aali and Dan and Tifa and Kaldarasha and all the people who have worked so hard on all of these mods.

I think it's included in bootleg, so if you have a copy of the field textures after an installation that should be fine. I'm not sure what the tools called though. Since the errors don't seem as sensitive, and only show once per error they aren't as distracting, so it's not as big of a deal.

Concerning the Popup error messages:
Has anyone been able to find the tool from Bootleg that removes them? Sorry if this has been specifically addressed elsewhere, I've been searching for a while and this was the best I could locate. <3

omg omg omg

I think Amazon sells a lot of things international don't they?

I buy most of my hardware at Newegg or Amazon. As I understand it most everything computer related is cheaper in the US but I'm sure that's not always true. I have no idea where to get stuff sent to Greece. I'm sure you could find things on eBay but it would be expensive I bet.

I bought both of the graphics cards on (they have a really well set up trading forum), the Superclock Ed. was brand new in box right after AMD put out the 290s. The other card I bought used but it showed up mint and came with both of the backplates.

I'm learning how to modify cheap old steel cases right now, so there's a lot of really rough cuts around the drive cages in that picture, I pulled a lot of that metal out with wire cutters and then repainted it... The Dremel I have is crap. I'm replacing the low profile 140mm heatsink with an NH-D14 which will probably still look really weird, but I found a good 4770k and I want to see how far I can push it. I even have a vice I pulled out of my dad's workshop to delid the thing with if I can find the balls.

1 of them is a 780 SC and the other is a plain 780 but the plain 780 is the better GPU strangely enough. I put a Skn3t BIOS on them and run them at pretty high OC but the stock fans are absolutely amazing.


Thank you AMD and BTC/LTC for making Nvidia {Lower the Price}

I can't say anything about Nvidia's drivers for the last couple years but I think the AMD approach is at least on paper more logical. That is, being able to launch driver versions across multiple architecture platforms because of development design that is specifically geared towards inclusive compatibility for the future. 290x pricing is great i guess compared to TITAN, but AMD consumers need Nvidia to continue giving AMD real competition and if AMD simply squeezes Nvidia out of the game with hit-or-miss products that are also so cheap as to be disposable (major exaggeration but still... 180dollar 7950s is playing rough) and the Green guys are only left with a strategy based on hardware locked products like Gsync then I think we will all lose.

We're going incredibly off topic, but a cursory glance at the wikipedia article suggests that 90-95% of cancers are from environmental causes (the rest being genetic), and about a third of those are due to diet and exercise.

Sorry to go off topic in the off-topic forums.

Sugar might be partially to blame in that sugar intake is related to obesity, although personally I'm skeptical that sugar alone is a direct cause.

What do you think cancers eat? What do normal cells eat?
I didn't state sugar was a direct cause. I said the disproportional cancer rate in wealthy countries could be partly related to sugar intake. And I didn't just snatch this idea out of thin air--I am echoing what some highly-respected scientists and cancer researchers are reporting.

The point was, these people aren't part of a conspiracy. They are working on a problem that is always changing, always different for each individual, and often chaotic and counter-intuitive. Having lost my father to skin cancer about 1 year ago I take it to heart when people start trying to persuade me that he was part of a global conspiracy that benefits somehow from peoples' sickness and death. Let me tell you--he didn't last long enough for them to get rich off his disease. Research grants paid for many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of experimental treatment on him. What big pharma wants ultimately is to have cancer cures in pill form and sell them to insurance companies at huge prices. They have stumbled on a few of these drugs but for the most part, it's a money pit. If there is any significant logistical road block to cancer research it's that there isn't any money in it 99.9999% of the time.   

AMD Radeon R9 290X

I'm thinking of taking a divorce with  nvidia... I will definitely need a good lawyer...

As for the 290x:
Wow... very exciting. New world records on LN2. Pretty cool to see a much cheaper card up top. But it really has been a long time and the 780ti is likely to edge it out by a little. Looking forward to 20nm boards but that's kinda getting to the bare minimum as far as transistor size... They are talking about having problems with electrons just randomly being in essentially 2 places at once when they get much smaller. 

I really like the look of the Sapphire 280x Vapor-x with its backplate. I imagine they will back it up with a very similar model of 290x. If it's less than 11" I'm going to pull the trigger on one. I figure the ROG board that comes out will be too long, but if not, that'd be my top choice. I don't like using big cases and I don't have room for a SLI setup. I really like my 7950 but I'm going to use it for my wife's FF14 machine instead. I'm really interested in going water but I want to find "the perfect case" first.

On the subject of cancer research--people are working at it from all kinds of angles and applying Occam's Razor should make it an easy conclusion that there isn't any large-scale conspiracy to keep "cancer" from being cured. This is a very broad term anyway. I certainly can appreciate that certain herbs may fight or disrupt or "cure" certain types of cancer but you have to recognize the chaotic nature of these phenomena. One guy or 12 people beating such-and-such "killer cancer" using such-and-such magic-bullet like Ipilimumab or radio ablation doesn't take away from the fact that these things are just as likely to do nothing beneficial at all for someone else or another group of 12 people with the "same" type of cancer. We don't know why. I am confident that there are certain cancers that we know of and some that we don't because they have yet to develop, that we will never, EVER be able to consistently deal with. It's like the drunk driver that runs a light and kills you. You didn't stand a chance. Sometimes shit happens. 

It seems clear to me that for some cancers sugars play an integral role in the development and metastasis. I think it is possible that the high cancer rate in the US and other wealthy countries is partly related to peoples' vastly increased intake of sugars over the course of the 20th century. Nowadays sugar is in almost everything we eat if we eat out. It's in all kinds of things people may not even expect sugar to be in. Hamburger? There's a ton of sugar in the bun and in the hamburger meat, not just the ketchup. People are taking in way way more of certain chemicals than they should be. Besides, maybe you could fight that cancer off better if you didn't have diabetes, too, or fully-functioning kidneys? 

I'm gonna go ahead and call this $190 Powercolor (after rebate if it goes thru) 7950 V5E a big mfkg winner. Very nice boost in a lot of ways of this overpriced and overrated Asus7870Ghz edition I have here. I'm going to buy another one (and I won't have to do the rebate because only 1 per household). Just got it today and the single card is ripping sh*t up and I have it at stock. Running way cool 68 degrees so I'm hopeful it will also be a good overclocker and last long enough to get my money's worth.

Well snarling is hard to do in text. :P It was partly an inside joke/dig to begin with because you and I have gone over this territory before, so I was attempting to be playfully aggressive... I kinda failed looking back and it's just more aggressive. :-(

I think there's always a bit of competitiveness in fanboy-ism. Obviously I wish I could reference 2 TITANs or even a single 680 but it's not realistic for me at the present time. I'm hopeful that the 7950 will be enough for what I'm trying to do and I can build a whole new 60fps at nearly max settings on 1 display type system for someone that will cost less than half of one of those cards.

In time I really want to do a three display racing simulator like this, so there is a lot more to consider than just how ugly or pretty is it and how much was this single component of the whole package. It ain't cheap.

It's simple, just get a Titan  ;D
Snarling Nvidia fanboy right on queue. Cool they fit it in such a small package and I wish cheap AMD cards were half as pretty. Too bad GTX cards are such bad performers in OpenCL. For people with money to burn and not much else to do with their comp than play DX games (and kids with rich mommys). If Nvidia starts making graphics cards that are as realistically priced as AMD then I'll scurry on back over since I have no loyalty whatsoever to any corporation. Loving my new 4770K. Totally smokes my Phenom II x4 Zosma but costs 3 times as much. You usually get what you pay for and with the TITAN you are paying for a lot of power and a lot of bling. I just want the power if they want a thousand dollars for it. Maybe the 7950 is a little further from the power of the TITAN than I'd like, but I can buy 5 of them or 1 TITAN. The 690 is a better choice all around, anyway, if you MUST have a 1000dollar Nvidia card, or 4 of them (even tho 3 may sometimes perform better than 4).     

But the main issue for me is the drivers, not money. I don't like the way Nvidia's drivers are done. I like how Catalyst drivers pretty much work for the entire Radeon series. I wish AMD would straight up copy Nvidia's physical designs for cooling and aesthetics (if they could) or Nvidia started making drivers like AMD. Then I'd switch regardless of price, though I almost never buy the latest and greatest, since my mommy isn't rich and I have to watch my pennies sometimes.

I have an ATI Radeon HD 6950 AND 6850. If I get a better power supply I could bridge them and get SWEET graphics power out of it. That'll be a while before that happens.

Unfortunately, these two cards are not bridgeable. For the most part AMD Crossfire is only compatible with cards from the same numbered series. If you got a 6970 it would work with your 6950, for example. 7950s are getting cheaper now. Bottoming out at 200USD. Pretty decent bang for your buck.

I just went from a 6850 to a 7870Ghz and I'm not that impressed. Gonna try out a custom PCB 7950 OC since it's the largest card that will fit in my case at the moment.

The price drop must indicate the 8000 series is not so far away. I'm hoping for better cooling and smaller sized cards with good capabilities... not things like the 7990. Nvidia's $1000 cards are gorgeous but I like OpenCL and Radeon has Nvidia completely drunk under the table when it comes to that, and for a fraction of the cost generally.

Recently I've been building some cheap client systems here and there for people I know. I don't see many new technologies that aren't gimmicks coming our way in the next year or two. One thing I'm interested in is something called the Occulus Rift--virtual reality headsets will be the future of gaming displays, perhaps. They will be cheaper than giant monitors and much more immersive. Think FFVII remake: you see things through Cloud's eyes.

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2013-09-16 22:33:21 »
OK, noticing an issue with Cloud's battle model with what appears to be a corrupted texture over his mouth. Don't know what's causing it. Especially since I selected no change for battle models. And so far it appears to just be Cloud that has it. Only other thing I can think of is it's somehow tied to APZ's Buster Sword model but I can't find anything on that in Google and it'll probably be a bit before I can get his next weapon.
This was done on purpose as a safeguard against copyright issues with bootleg is my guess. It is CYA about not distributing original game material in its entirety.
You can repair Cloud's original model using the following unencoded files: Cloud Battle Original Model

Use uLGP to unpack battle.lgp and overwrite these files into the archive, then repack and replace.

FF7 Tools / Re: 7thHeaven
« on: 2013-08-22 11:26:23 »
My subscription plans are suspended indefinitely. I'm keeping up with PMs, and no one that has a mod you can find on the board has withheld permission for use with .iro format, but that doesn't mean they won't in the future. Sorry I didn't turn out the nice shiny catalog I had in mind, but it never got too much farther along than concept anyway.   

FF7 Tools / Re: 7thHeaven
« on: 2013-08-18 13:50:47 »
My Grimmy's Magic iro works fine. I guess I'll test a full mod folder but I'm suspicious about the files that bootleg puts in the mods directory with no folder to put them in.

Mods folder test did not work, immediately you could see the fonts and field files weren't running. This was in iro format. I'll try just folders.

Omzy's Field Pack in iro format works fine. Having multiple instances of 7thHeaven open isn't a good idea, maybe.

Releases / Re: The Reunion [IN PROGRESS]
« on: 2013-08-16 20:49:20 »
Oh. OK. Thanks for the help, Dan.

Releases / Re: The Reunion [IN PROGRESS]
« on: 2013-08-16 20:15:34 »
The Avalanche GUI and MO do conflict:
They work, but the GUI being installed first causes this:

no matter what is in the mods folder.

So is that happening because the GUI messes with the window.bin too?

I wonder if that's why people make duplicate accounts all the time?

Releases / Re: The Reunion [IN PROGRESS]
« on: 2013-08-16 10:15:47 »
Dan! Do you know off the top of your head why the Avalanche GUI and MO conflict? It messes with the MO hp/mp bar graphics just a wee bit, iirc.

FF7 Tools / Re: 7thHeaven
« on: 2013-08-16 09:23:54 »
Yeah, I got the namechanges from the textures folder worked out, there's only a short list of files. Would have been stupid to make you add texture folder support.  Anyway, if you just do an iro that has the files missing from the modpath, it will use the textures folder instead, but I want all this switching to work theoretically with or without bootleg.I'm just going a lot slower than I thought I could. Lots of work to do. I think as I get a little farther along I'll make a new thread for the Bootleg Catalog Subscription and quit spamming your thread with my project.

I was thinking you might jazz up the top post a little, but it isn't necessary. Maybe just steal screenshots from the rest of the thread?

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