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Ah yeah, I remember now, wasnt sure if i could remember someone saying that or not, and was too lazy to go looking through every post xD

Well as long as they are listed then :)

Thinking back didnt the person who listed them all give some of the file names?

Hey FeliX, hope the preperation for your exam is going well, just wondering I have been noticing parts of the world map incomplete, i know towns arent done yet but i mean just random parts.

You know about these or need people to help locate them?


I dont think thare is i am afraid.

General discussion / Re: Glitch super armor
« on: 2011-08-18 01:44:57 »
yeah it does, i can equip materia too and its only equipable when i have an empty slot in the armor equip menu, if the screen is full with armor then its unavailable.

FFFFed out?

Also the materia slots are to the right and not to the right like normal.

General discussion / Re: Glitch super armor
« on: 2011-08-18 01:06:19 »
Yeah i wasnt referring to the Gold Armlet, i was referring to the blank space.

I can equip it lol

General discussion / Useful webpage
« on: 2011-08-18 00:54:15 »
Found out my Yuffie model was broken so did a search to find  what her files are and i found this very useful webpage, not sure where to post this so move if needed.


General discussion / Glitch super armor
« on: 2011-08-18 00:28:40 »
Check this out, just wondering if its a random glitch or if everyone has it.

Well in modern systems its very hard to short them out, but yeah fair enough, you could just post a few of the systems your looking at and i can tekk ya which is best or something.

We talking £ or $? lol

Either way for 1500 you can make a pretty top notch system, if you plan on self building. (if you are a UK resident i can recommend a superb site)

I personally hate oem systems like dell and advent etc etc, 99% of the time everything in the bios is locked down so you cant overclock anything.

Once i get my new cooler my processor will be going to 3Ghz-3.2Ghz from the 2.6Ghz it is now (stock is 2.33Ghz lol).

Saving at the moment to upgrade my X1900XT 256Mb to a HD6970 2Gb. (ATI fanboy since my PII 300Mhz @400Mhz w/ ATI RAGE128 32Mb lmao)

As far as specs go you'd definately wanna go the i7-2600k route for your processor, will be top of the range for a while yet.

DDR3 is super cheap at the moment as well.

Well anyway closer to the time I can actually do some pricing for you etc, if you'd like, sorry by the way, building new pc's get me excited!  :P

Edit: Haha just noticed the $$ in your post, well i dont know as many US based websites selling PC's/components, but will look into it closer to the time.

I would think a small hardware upgrade would definately be worth it, unless you are planning to get a new PC in the next 6 months.

You could probably get a reasonable graphics card and some ram for £40~

Especially if you would like to use some of the high res textures around, whenever I start up FF7, FeliX's HD world map takes about 3-4 seconds to load (after initial load its instant) and thats with a 2.6Ghz core2 quad 6Gb of ram and an ATI X1900XT 256Mb.

So yeah my advice would be spend a little money so you can experience all of the great mods this community has to offer :)

Edit: feel free to ask for some suggestions/advice if you do decide to do any upgrading.

hmmm inet? just google searched and it gave me a load of different stuff none of which is related from what i can tell

Cant wait to use these!

Oh FeliX you have a tutorial anywhere outlining what programs and processes etc you use?

I wouldnt mind trying my hand at maybe some of the enemy skills, but wouldnt know where to start.

Whoa man VERY impressive, didnt expect that anything looking that good would be possible.

And so quickly too.

So how long before you have enough retextured spell effects to warrant a release?

Yeah i figured it would be extremely hard if not impossible to do something looking like it, just thought you could take a little inspiration from it  :-P

More great spell effects, you planning on doing them all?

If so cant wait for you to work your magic on the Quake/Demi lines of spells

Edit: For the Demi spells i think it would look awesome if they took some inspiration from the Gravitation skillchain from FFXI.

Just a matter of time until Square Enix contacts FeliX to join the team to make FFXV lol

Most pharmaceutical companies make their money by treating symptoms not the illness itself, no money in healthy people.

Wow even your "low res" looks amazing

Solved Problems / Re: Broken Aeris/Aerith battle model
« on: 2011-08-10 23:30:28 »

Thanks PB and Vgr! also to DarkFang for the tutorial i used to use the command line lgp tools.

Solved Problems / Re: Broken Aeris/Aerith battle model
« on: 2011-08-10 22:46:02 »
Yeah i have been using highwind/ficedula and getting the feeling that they were dropping files or something.

Hate using command line stuff so thats why i was using them

FF7 Other Mod Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-08-10 22:42:18 »
LOL i am a numpty, seriously this all has been a steep learning curve xD

Solved Problems / Re: Broken Aeris/Aerith battle model
« on: 2011-08-10 22:22:16 »
Its Aeris that is missing part of her arm

and i havent used any minigame mods/fixes nor specifically that blooshot bike model

Just thinking there isnt a file missing from that list you gave for fixing aeris is there Pit?

Here is a pc

just need to know what PV__ file relates to the missing part so i can add it from the original battle.lgp

FF7 Other Mod Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-08-10 22:07:20 »
will do, thanks

edit: it will edit  KERNEL.BIN np but crashes when i try to open kernel2 :(

Solved Problems / SOLVED: Broken Aeris/Aerith battle model
« on: 2011-08-10 21:54:17 »
Ok so i installed a fair few models from prp and a cloud and the TA barret model.

Just got to the point where i get Aeris and her battle model was completely screwed, i laughed cos she looked like a bobble stick man with big white balls for eyes.

after some searching i found this in PitBrat's Bootleg thread

Reinstall Aeris Battle Model
NOTE: Replaces damaged RV?? textures with working RV?? textures from the C:\temp\battle_backup\
    Copy and replace the following files from C:\temp\battle_backup\ into C:\temp\battle\

so i pulled those from an original battle.lgp and that almost fixed the issue, the upper part of her right arm is still missing.

anyone know which file is that part of her arm?

Thanks a lot guys

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