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Completely unrelated / Re: Wow, is this place still here!
« on: 2018-02-23 21:58:12 »
WoW :P Yep still here! Keep spreading the word mate! :)

General discussion / Re: Who's excited to mod FFXV?
« on: 2018-02-23 21:51:07 »
Do you believe that a 1080Ti is a bad option too Knife? And who can even afford a Titan... pfff

Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2018-02-23 21:45:36 »
Nice take on a Resident Evil Final Fantasy map! (jk)

I love your scenes mate!

Nice! Thanks for the heads up mate!

Keep drinking!!! :P

Team Avalanche / Re: Remaking MD0 - Shinra Tower
« on: 2018-02-10 16:53:27 »
Nice post cmh175! Thanks for getting me out of the inconvenient position to mention any corrections concerning the detail...

Hahaha! This hacking image is gonna stay in history!

That feels more exciting than playing the actual game! :D

I would love to watch you modding out those weird interaction lines :P

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2018-02-05 07:58:59 »
Ahhhh! What a wake up post! Maki I love you brother! Nice progress and good luck!

Completely unrelated / Re: DRM pisses me off!
« on: 2018-02-05 07:56:37 »
It still pisses me off since I was trying to play non mp maps...agh!

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.39)
« on: 2018-02-05 07:53:30 »
That is really impressive! I'm quite positive you will end up with a convenient solution. Why don't you come over the Discord qhimm servers and discuss this in real time! Thank you guys for trying to achieve the impossible until this moment. I'm excited!

Completely unrelated / DRM pisses me off!
« on: 2018-02-04 14:43:56 »

DRM is the "new black" for the new age!
Oh gosh.. I miss the old days!

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.39)
« on: 2018-02-04 14:37:08 »
I'm so glad you have progressed so much with this! It's really hopeful that there is a way to import new models and animations now! I'm looking forward to any mod work on this!

I'd love to play FFIX in such quality!

It's off-topic but I wish we could use the Octane as a rendering method in FFVII... that way we might be able to use photorealistic high quality images and models. I have the feeling I'm saying something wrong here so please correct me. ;)

It all looks like waterpaint... Both interesting and weird at the same time.

I'm not meant to be rude but this question made me recall the "every time you ask... it will be delayed 6 months" quote. Please post the correct response since I'm missing the exact phrase :P

7thHeaven / Re: Can we backup Mod with DVD-R?
« on: 2018-01-28 08:16:03 »
Do not forget to back up the "save" folder!

Watch and support. I've also created a poll.

I get it Alyza. We can just deactivate the mod anyway instead of uninstalling it and that's the comfort 7th Heaven provides us. I was just curious about the function of an update in 7th heaven. Thanks to both!

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2018-01-09 06:31:20 »
Maybe include my intro video edits for the movies mod too :)... If you feel that they fit there of course.


There were also some new intros using the latest videos from the "remake".

edit: If someone can locate omega res novae for this it would be really nice

Hey Alyza! Happy new year to you too!

By my experience with 7th heaven a (resume/pause download) feature is definitely needed for me ( I had to re-download the biggest files like 10 times due to my current low bandwidth connection). Also an option on which path do we want the 7th heaven to read first in order (direct, textures, movies, music) before reading the iros, so as we are able to use any mods downloaded before the 7th heaven mod manager release. If this is even plausible.

A guide on how to make an iro (mostly the xml file and folders structure) would be welcomed too. I will browse through the threads and see if there is something similar though.

I also experienced some conflict between the textures folder and the battle scenes textures loaded from an iro. After moving my old field and magic backed up files into the textures folder without de-activating the iro mod first. It messed up my battle textures, appeared them very blurry like the upscaled ones in the field. Well I fixed the issue by de-activating the iro mods and reactivating them after a 7thheaven restart but in the process of doing that I deleted the cache files in the appdata folder. After that I can't see the preview images in the mod manager list. I restored my deleted xml inside the "cache" folder (though I believe this has nothing to do with it) but nothing changed. I also used to experience frequent iro list updates some days ago (not sure if there were any actual updates or if it was just a bug of v1.55) but it kept downloading the preview images each time it was asking me to update. Now it has stopped doing that.

If there is a way to get my preview files back please let me know. Thanks!

edit: About the preview images today I experienced the weirdest thing ever!

Code: [Select]
I started 7th heaven and it started sending updates.
I thought that it was a normal thing or someone read my post
and sent the preview images as an update. When the images
finished downloading the whole system froze!!! I needed to
reboot manually and when I logged in again my whole desktop
was vanished, there only were the chrome and recycle bin shortcut
icons and all my images, desktop folders, video, music files were moved
inside the users/username/ folder. My wallpaper was replaced
by a new blue themed with a mouse artwork one. I tried to look for
the 7thheaven folder and looked at my recently installed window updates.
An update notification was popping up on the far bottom right end of the screen
and it was by Logitech. I found the folder and I tried to launch 7th Heaven
where everything was like it was totally reset. I decided to close the program
and was staring at the screen until I realised what the heck was going on.
The screen resolution settings and everything were completely reset.
While in the process of accepting the whole situation I tried to re-configure
the screen settings like dpi resolution, clear text and everything. So I had
to log out and in for the settings to re-load. When I logged back in, everything
where in the right place like nothing happened. The logitech update notification
kept popping up so I exit the process and the 7th heaven loaded fine
and updated the preview images.

This was the weirdest experience I ever had with windows
but 7th heaven works like it is meant to...
One word... strawberries windows!

Tools / Re: [FF7] Scene files Editor - Bahamut (v1.0)
« on: 2018-01-08 19:50:10 »

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