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Completely unrelated / Covid virus invasion Mods / GTA 5 Mods
« on: Yesterday at 13:45:21 »

The ultimate FFVII-R PS4 console unboxing (giveaway included)

I know... quite disturbing and weird to watch... It's what cyber ethics have been dealing with through sci-fi movies and games for years. There's also a project about "consciousness" transfer in digital form called Avatar with a completion goal to year 2045  (source:
I'm not sure how this video popped up in my suggestions tab on YT, probably due to the algorithm reading my history about VR.


This particular project is mainly Patreon based. Also just as a head notice, discussion about piracy is strictly prohibited in these forums. As far as I know since I've searched about any free links for myself, there are not yet any online. If someone knows better feel free to post.

As long as we have Squall's beloved hair back or at least a proper fmv mod I'm up for any release :D

Oh so you are! That would look very good if there are no restrictions like that tile effect you just described... And if you are sick enough to take thinks even further  :P  :P then consider wearing Tifa's glove on that hand pointer (hint:

That looks good but what I had in mind when you first announced the line release, was actually the exact same architecture that you are using around your avatar. That would be pretty dope and quite original to watch in a FFVII UI overhaul ;)

General discussion / Re: Before Crisis game
« on: 2020-05-19 02:50:20 »
That's so cuuuute! About the voice over, I think it would really help with covering up for the low graphic levels and there could be parts of individual character graphics popping up everytime  there's a dialogue or at least in the important parts of the story so as users will be able to watch the characters in a more clear perspective. Like it happens in the visual novels.

General discussion / Re: New FF8 Fandub
« on: 2020-05-19 00:41:44 »
Those were some great episodes! I hope there will be a nice mod in the future that will support many placeholders to have all unseen dialogue during battles as well!

This is some really exciting news! Haha! I'm sticking to the old release then! I'm joking obviously, but honestly wondering if it will be possible to replace the old models with the ones in the remastered version, or if there will be any old release support for any progress made for the remastered version so far after this upgrade...

Audio Modding / Re: [In Development] FF8 Voiceover Project
« on: 2020-05-16 14:20:07 »
Yeah... Christian is still pretty active though (hint: but I wouldn't prefer him for Squall's voice. Dylan and the rest of the cast were pretty good and with much confidence with what they were dealing, but his accent reminded me more of a redneck, well not bad but comparing to RupertScarr's I prefer the last one which most resembles to my personal preference. A calm, deep neutral tone , a little apathetic with potential of progressively evolving to more mature.

Anyways, this is all just in theory with a long way ahead until becoming a full completed project.

Audio Modding / Re: [In Development] FF8 Voiceover Project
« on: 2020-05-16 00:18:10 »
If someone is willing to get in touch with RupertScarr (best Squall voice over so far). I just asked him and he's interested in returning to the  scene some day. Hint:

I would love to watch the final result of this project with the character's fixed though since they will resemble the original models... :)

Pretty dope! Looking forward to downloading the rest of 'em! Keep it up!

Just revising the thread to point out how much those models refer to the original style of the game, except for Squall's hair of course. But SE should have picked this type of model design for a proper remaster for those 2 characters!
Rinoa Hikashi Custom and Squall Devina fmv v2... my favourites!

I see this as the first step, maybe the final goal could look like this (got it from steam forums):

This is not a mod folks, just a photoshop reference of how SE should have made Squall's hairstyle. Not sure what is needed to edit the model's hair textures but obviously that's not yet possible ;).

Can't you just backup your saves folder? I'm not sure if a save folder exists in the steam version but mine is in the game's folder.

Thanks for explaining in detail! It's highly appreciated! The whole process seems quite amazing. Is this ESRGAN tool a neural network based AI upscaling engine? I apologise for my post being shown a little shallow for such a complicated and hard process, hehe... Your persistence in such detail is what's gonna bring perfection to the final result of course!

What I actually meant by posting is that until the process is finally completed just keep a link with the brighter textures as well that don't lose too much of a detail as an option if possible ;). I'm personally one of the users that could do without refined rough edges if the whole process is so demanding but of course the final result is going to be devine!

Good luck with the rest of the work needed! Looking forward for the completed project!

Some models look darker. Are those the modified ones with the refined rough edges? If yes, I prefer the brighter ones. ;)

Mine was Link's Awakening. I remember playing that on a game boy original in the age of 11 yo, one year after the original EU release. I used to pretend I was studying but secretly playing under my desk instead while hiding it in my secret spot below every time my mom was checking on me if I'm doing my homework or not... ahhh... such nostalgic memories!

After 11 hours straight and 430 more lines I managed to finish the first file.
Progress update 7H DEV v2.0.3.433:
100% for
0% for 7H_GameDriver_UI.xml.
Sending for review to my friend.
Already pmed the file on Discord. Crashes when selecting the   Game Driver Options. Some minor character space issue in one tab. I'm quite positive for the next release! Cheers!

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