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Like to all, thanks, I promise epic battle  :)

In this .ab file can change the animations for attack in battle? Rufus not have magic effect, dont see anything animation :/

Hi guys, I continue the job!

If finally the work 100% ofcourse want english version, thanks for your help Grimmy :)

And thanks the proposition Sega Chief, in this moment have some problem with battle, maybe you can help me :p


Troubleshooting / Battle model not dissapear later death
« on: 2016-09-11 01:55:49 »
Hello guys !!

I have a very advanced battle with one serious problem, fighting has 3 different enemies, everything seems to work fine, but Rufus model does not disappear when he dies. (not possible site for helicopter)

If he dies (Rufus) maintained normal animation, not disappear with "red" effect, or other, this be a serious problem, looking all own animations, and magic animations, but none do this !!

Also try OPCODES enemies like Rufus case (Sample H0512...), but these seem to have a condition itself to disappear :(

Somebody know solution?

In any case if someone can give me information to find solution I will be very grateful.

Thanks in advanced

Honestly say, in script field huge number of events, probably any event other mod could confict with my game.

In battle only where more work is needed, and I see Sega Chief mod, is a brilliant job, maybe if he wants to help in some specific combat would be really good.

Thanks sega chief, I try :p

Existenze what? Not understand you :O

He boys!

FF7 OVA Remake back!!!

I want try finish the project :)

This adress change distance between cursor column 1 with 2

Code: [Select]
ff7.exe + 2CF7B7 - 83 E0 10 - and eax 10
ff7.exe + 2CF7BA - 8D 4C 01 DC - lea ecx, [eax + ECX-24]

(It seems second line support this condition also)

I try a lot time search adress associated with this, search codes with the same condition but without good result, the distance between column 3 and 4 continue failed ... maybe not exist?

In the first line to distance between control byte is "10", then a search also to this (all cursors same distance value, think that same value in all) to change, for miracle, but this value unchanged cursor around and away ... finally try looking same conditions as code, operation and (eax) and read (ecx + eax-XX), many cases, but not cursor associated with columns :(

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Thanks for help DLPB  :)

I Investigate this exactly, most problems solved!

But one thing ... I can not find solution, the problem is not easy to explain:

Cursor 1 Distance between X-Axis (refer to command in battle main box)
006CF7B7 - E0 83 1f - and eax, 1f

Yes, in this case you can increase distance, but this distance affects only column 1 cursor with column 2, column 3 and 4 of cursor do not apply away, the overhaul information is incomplete?

I see all overhaul documentation but did not find information on how to separate column cursor in others , I have the same problem on the regular menu, there you can also see main battle box (materia section), but not find anything, try searching via hex changing some parameters suspects, but bad result.

Also cannot find information about resizing of "change / defend" box.

I hope you understand the issue! Sorry for bad english  :-[

Hi to all  ;)

Go back with question, I want to change size of main window battle and position of cursor, to small expand, same case in window size of change or defend, anyone can help to find what file contain this information? Its for US version!

Thanks in advanced  :lol:

I want to move only the walkmesh coordinates (X,Y,Z) area on map below (move from cosmo canyon toward Gongaga for example), do just that may be possible.

You believe to be useful to capture (with hacking tool) the numeric coordinate value buggy (when broken in cosmo canyon) to find the value (location) in memory? Maybe value can be valid... The problem also is not knowing exactly what kind of value need to find (long / unsigned long / short?...), later I will try to  try clarify something, but be really hard work ...

Thank you very much for answers!

Edit :I see and...the leader coordinates its same of buggy, long type values...coordinates locations in worldmap can be equal?

I think I can "catch" this value with program, the problem is not knowing if the value of type coordinate can be negative ... (?) ... or positive (?)

You know that number can be the maximum value?
It is comparable to coordenate player?

Pd: Ochu can display coordinates buggy? Maybe in that case start comparing value in start position of "event" with your own position...can help you find finally...


Forgive me, do not ask properly, decide to create topic and I think now better, you can answer here, thank you friend :)

Hello people!  ;D

I ask about two locations, these active event "Cosmo canyon" (buggy break) and "Zolom death" (active jump map),  not confusing please, do not want to edit tex or window boxes, I want to move the "line location", just need to know where is values for edit ​​(in hexadecimal I guess), think these values ​​are 32 bits (?) and will be difficult to assign.

Anyone know where can find these coordinates?

Thanks in advance!

Hello  ;)

DLPB your utility is fantastic, I apreciate  coordenate player in all moment and finally expand many options, better work friend!

Are you thinking about add the location info of the coordinates to the world map?

I have small question, you know many memory coordinates to create this utility..know where I can find location "Cosmo canyon" and "Zolom death" scene? I need move this locations, want move these coordinates via "hex", possible?

Thanks in advanced!


It's a bit old, because I haven't done much on it. I mainly interested for small improvements of the fields. If people say 'Hmm... something is different, but I can't tell what exactly.' then it's perfect.
Other things could be new side quests or events. We could make it very dynamical with 7th Heaven.

If you want to test it you will need 7th Heaven, the mod is here:

This great work, congrats...I will see coming soon to, also want alternative "bso" with 7th finally aleatory music can be incredible....

Your Unshaded models be fantastic, I want use in my mod  :D

Go back to initial problem in topic, I upgrade to 0.8.1b with FF7 Music configured with Resuming ->always and emulate ramps + delay tops or obey stop, the result is "better", the song can be save in 30% or 40% chance( before 10% xD), but really continue the problem.

You can do it 100%?

Oh man, a fellow FF7Music user! We're probably a rare breed these days. There should be an option under the Playback Options tab called 'Resuming'. You want the 'Always' button selected for that. If that doesn't work, then you could try switching some of the other options like 'Obey Stop' or turn on Emulate Ramps + Delay Stops; there was definitely a way to do it though.

I try this before but not work :|

When a music is muted only the load of another song can reset it. So will simply play song A direct before song B which was muted by the script. See the community flevel project on my side.
I miss understood you... ;D  You have wrong settings in FF7 Music...

BUT if you would simply update your driver then you won't have this problem anymore.
You will also need the latest version of Anixios Heart.

Please link to topic flevel profect?  :-D

Because the REAL problem is version ff7_opengl-0.7.10b?

In this case I try upload the drivers...before of topic I try a lop with mention type, Obey Stop and Emulate Ramps + Delay Stops, but bad result.

Thanks for answer :)

Hello, first want congrats specially "Ficedula", "Covarr" and "DLPB" for big contribution to play in this game with external and HQ music :)

I read a lot pages of FF7 Music Patch and try change configuration of FF7 Music but not solution...for this reason decide comment in here, also topic FF7Music Installer is closed, the problem:

Example, I playing in makou reactor and listen music, finally go on to battle...go back to makou music and this is "reset", restart to 0, not continue in before moment of song...I think this cause FF7MUSIC and be impossible continue with previous state of music, but can see some people can play without this problem, for you understand better can see the video.

I in same case not continue the music, try a lot battles but finally always return restart to 0, in video this person play all bomb mission without problems, and I have this problem in others scenes, in rare chance save moment of song to later continue.

What is possible solution? I try change configuration of FF7Music but never good result...I try in ogg but same case in psf...

Tested in Windows XP 32 Bits with ff7_opengl-0.7.10b, and use FF7Music 1.51.13

Sorry for molesties and thanks in advance :)

FF7 Tools / Re: [1.6] Makou Reactor - a FF7 field editor
« on: 2013-08-01 11:34:05 »
Can you be more specific? How I can reproduce these bugs?

You can check fails moving code between "groups" without being specific, I happen to anywhere, just do that, but if you remove all code for "main" normally can fail, erasing lines one to one also very easy to fail, if you insist you can check all these errors, I assure you that in all these cases eventually fails, doing this in 1.5.1 makou never fail, great code to move, copy, or delete code by lines or masse without any type of problem, if I find more specific information back here to comment.

onna_1 is already referenced by the "maplist" file. The only thing you need to do is add a field file called "onna_1" in the lgp archive (use the new archive manager: file -> Archive Manager...).

Edit: I have not yet written the code to update maplist quickly, but this is planned.

I try to put new ID there but not updated, now understand, everything then I expected :)

Yes I have thinking of many things, like play background animations :).

Excellent  ::)

Edit: My question by arrows refer to add extra "arrow" in the fields, it works fine now?

Thanks for answer :)

FF7 Tools / Re: [1.6] Makou Reactor - a FF7 field editor
« on: 2013-07-30 02:37:29 »
Congratulations myst6re, I am currently testing your upgrade, first problems:

Some problems to delete all contents of a dlc (also deleting a line if you continue erasing eventually crash)
Some problems also copying content dlc to another (main or any script)
Some problems copying groups (minor)
Problems managing animations that version 1.5.1

In many of these cases makou crash, otherwise it's a great job, very useful to see models and locations in walkmesh, icons to define and differentiate by color groups "label" and "go to label" is really comfortable to use.

Moment of questions haha!

Last espio show onna_1 importing of "psx jap" but it has to be original ID "215", the ideal would be to add the original ID without replacing any file of the game, I could only replace the file.

Unable to import could be added to the original ID?

Imagine that you still have something to work for correct import of layers, think end all ready in next version?

Continuing without knowing what variable explanation why [7] and [15] to be same?

Actually possible can add new arrows in any field correctly?

To end tell one thing, you have created a universal editor fields in this great game, option to import PSX fields be completed I seriously think build a statue haha, ever thinking about adding some function for background animations?

I think if you definitely add option to add new field "ID", is to have everything tools already, except one thing, the only tool that would be something to add new "background animations", knowing that all fields have a lot slots free, could be great!

Thanks newly, nice work myst6re!



You think create system to add new ID "manually" or think use this to reemplace original field ID?

This is an incredible surprise!

So better to wait for your application to possible port layers / background / animations for pc, right?, you are my God  :-D

So should I expect?

I hope they offer soon, you really will finally end makou reactor as best hacking program in FF7, I want your improvements soon please, haha​​!

Some good questions .. ask at this time:

1. Assignment of ID, do you think that could be assigned in the original ID? For example this case "onna_1" uses the ID  215.

2.You are planning to enable same with the other cases? Example other unused fields, onna_3, onna_6, etc ... this could be incredible!

3.Then you are thinking application to import directly the necessary parameters of unused ID from makou reactor? Please do not take, I hope you soon to release date, I'm hopeful :)

In my current mod not planned remake honney bee inn, be reason to hope that one day could import the unused scenes to make the "real" honney bee in, many thanks in advance sir myst6re, is fabulous.

I want try porting unused scene of FF7j to FF7 pc, special case "onna_1".

Its the current possibilities of project:

Original field code -> OK (porting)
Fields DLC-> OK
Walkmesh -> OK (also camera range/doors/arrows/gateways/camera range/miscellaneous)
Music ->  OK (original or external load)
Background -> OK (original or external load)
Field ID -> OK (using new ID, unused or reused debug rom)

Actual problems:

Layers -> Assign layers of original "TileMap", specially for hide models
Background animations -> Porting of this animations to PC field, or creating this exactly sprites in and assing in Field ID

The issues

Most necessary modifications can be made successfully, but main question is to know how the parameters of the layer port to FF7 PC, same case about adding background animations in their proper place.

I was looking where be the code that handles the parameters and assigning the layers for example, contain this in .MIM of FF7jap, and you can read information in wiki:

The big question is...really possible port layers/background animations PSX to PC ?

Not really knowing where to start being compressed file. LZS ... maybe be impossible to decompress.

Its possible load layers/animations externally?
Any suggestions?

Thanks for read!

General discussion / Re: Unused jump map
« on: 2013-05-10 19:00:57 »
I'm curious. Are you using a 'jump to map' or have set a new gateway?

Its original jump to map ;D

General discussion / Unused jump map
« on: 2013-05-10 12:37:04 »
Demostration of unused jump map in Final Fantasy VII:


General discussion / Sage chocobo glitch
« on: 2013-04-18 19:32:35 »
I recently discovered this glitch and want to share with everyone, made the video of the exploit in both languages​​, I hope you like it!  ::)

English ->

Spanish ->

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