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Try this:
60 20
61 0349

I have the same problem spy_dragon, i solved this when the battle ends jump to other map and then jump to the first map, the field models appears.

Do you think Sephiroth has cold?? :P great job dude

General discussion / Re: Kingdom Hearts 1 vs KH2
« on: 2014-12-11 22:43:28 »
For me, KH1 has a better history than KH2, but KH2 has a better battle system than KH1.

Wow amazing work and its is functionally at phisical PSX, great! Congrats Meesbaker

Yes the 8 and 16-bit its for field map, but you must pay attetion what you change to not create conflicts in code

one bytes and two bytes is 8 bytes and 16 bytes. This use for the size of the code, for example if you write If Var[3][133] bitON 6 (else go to label 1) in 8-bit
and you write a lot of code before the label, Makou says a error like this (Label 1 is unreacheable), if you change to 16-bit you can go to label 1.
If you want a free var to use, you can use 14-22, 14-23, 14-24, 14-25 with bit on to 8 ( bit on 0, bit on 1....)
I hope i´ve been hepful, sorry for my horrible english.

If you set to bit 4 In var 3- 189 and bit on 6 in var 3- 207 you close Yuffie side quest so Wutai works normally.
Bit on 16 in var 3- 189 close the tower event.

Snow don´t use the physical animation because all of her attacks are magic

The original Snow model had the physical attack animation or you modded her?

Wow, really amazing, congrats Jeet

Congrats Jeet ;)

I write a example but if you want, could you says what do you want to achieve?
LocalVar0060 (Active mask EnemyID=478)
LocalVar0080(Active mask EnemyID=480)
12 0060
02 2050
02 4120
60 01DE
12 0080
02 2050
02 4120
60 01E0

Yes, 307 and 308 are the id of hojo´s arms so you need the id of Death gigas an chaos, in SCENE they have these id (i think its the same for kernel)
Death Gigas= 01DE
Chaos= 01E0

For linked diferents enemies, the main part save the id of other parts in a variable, with this method is easy control the other parts. In case of Hellectic Hojo he only use the arms for change his stantard and damage animation because the body model contains all animations.
How hellectic link the arms?
In pre-battle:
0x01ELocalVar:0060 <-  (LocalVar:0040.EnemyID == 307)
0x02DLocalVar:0080 <-  (LocalVar:0040.EnemyID == 308)
12 0060
02 0040
02 4120 ----------------------- opcode for "EnemyID==" 
60 0133
12 0080
02 0040
02 4120
60 0134
You dont need save the enemy id in two variables, but he uses this form.

What you want modify, enemy or character AI?

They are link with the AI, a main part controls the other parts.

I found this file in my pc, i think is Arm´s damage break patch, test it.!TE4V3BSK!gmCp8jU2kxLa-pelOTr-ZQgpOXOFkgXVi5KCLWrVDuQ

Gameplay Modding / Re: Sephiroth perfect Omnislash PSX
« on: 2014-08-24 16:11:12 »
You use ff7vme? I want to change Proud Clod color but when i try open the original model the program reports  “Object Offset error“

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: [REL] Red Werewolf
« on: 2014-08-20 22:50:37 »
Galian beast not have green aura for magic? i think yes he has, because i replaced a enemy with his battle model i set the correct animation and when he cast magic the green aura appears.

General discussion / Re: PS1 FF7 questions
« on: 2014-07-15 21:05:09 »
Hex editor: i use HXD
ASM :To see the code LemAsm and to change code use Armips
Damage cap: its necesary modify Battle.X file and Batini.X (modify batini if you want the healing magic and item cause more than 9999)
HP,MP and materia bonus: in the elf file of the iso, i removed HP, MP cap and change the materia bonus but i do this in the spanish version of the game.
Sorry for my bad english

Graphical Modding / Re: PSX/PSP Sephiroth and Shinra MOD
« on: 2014-05-01 10:18:38 »
Great job meesbaker, Sephirot short hair is cool, i have a question, is possible added new model with the size is larger than te original file?
Thanks, if you need help let me know.

FF7 Tools / Re: [REL 1.5.0/FINAL] Proud Clod
« on: 2014-01-30 20:28:53 »
You need write in the scene formation demons gate ID

Graphical Modding / New model in PSX
« on: 2014-01-30 14:43:32 »
Hi all , i work with the models to create a new enemies combining parts. I show a video with my first creation, although his bones aren´t well placed but is very difficult work with PSX model. I want to encourage all PSX´s modders for create new models in PSX version.
If anyone have a question ask me.

Thanks to wiki information and sorry for my bad english

Edit FF7. exe

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