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Ahh thank you so much, Just fixed the death animation with this information, help is much appreciated.

Hi, I've been largely absent from the ff7 modding scene for a few years due to work obligations but I recently started working on some old projects again.

I've been editing some animations for one of my projects and have hit a bit of a roadblock, at current moment I'm adding new animations to the SAAA skeleton specifically the ones that are missing and I've had a lot of success, using some resources online specifically the wiki.ffrtt and the work of borde and L Spiro. At current moment I'm working on animation #6 the 'death' animation that the SAAA skeleton is missing. It works in game and functions exactly as I want it to apart from one thing. For some reason the weapon is not where it should be and I cannot open the animation in Kimera, I assume this is because weapon animation data is stored in a separate file or a separate place in the **DA file, i've been looking online but can't find any information on the topic and I thought that maybe somebody more experienced would have an idea of where I should look.

Thanks in advance.

So i've found something strange, editing the value at offset 40(decimal) in the **AA file seems to effect which animations have a weapon in them, for instance in my case I have added animations 6, 10, 16, 17, 18, 22 & 34 to the SADA file. Changing the value to 01 removes the weapon from all but animation 0 and 1, but when I do this I am able to edit these animations in Kimera without causing a runtime error. If however I keep it at the default value these animations are unable to be edited.
Basically I'm just curious if the weapon animation data is inside the **AA file(Though i doubt it due to it's length).

Alright finally got back to this after a few months.
So, if I was a smarter man I would have used scripts to organise all the animations in a database, I could have written a tool to do this of course but that would take weeks or months and this is more of a hobby that I come back to every few months.
So yeah i'm not breaking new ground or anything but i'll keep a link for my current SAAA & SADA files if people want to get further along with it, also i'm not an animator and I don't have animation software so the animations I added are terrible and were only made in Kimera THEY ARE INTENDED TO BE REPLACED IN THE FUTURE.
BTW, everything was done here with a Hex editor and Kimera, so yeah, very crude I know.

Gameplay / Re: Basic player modifier mod
« on: 2013-01-06 06:23:20 »
My Genesis Model is not much at the moment, so far it uses the Sephiroth's field model textured differently and as for the battle one not much has been done at all but I will be changing both models to look better.
Also any help in creating a patch for my mod would speed up the release process.

Gameplay / Basic player modifier mod BETA
« on: 2012-12-24 06:26:02 »
Ok I've got my mod stable enough to release (AS A BETA) to others, I still need to clean up some of the conversation texts and field animations.

In this release
-Sephiroth 100% playable /NOTE Sephiroth replaces Barret in this mod
-Zack 100% Replaces Cloud /NOTE The Zack battle model was only done in Kimera
-Flevel 75% Completed /NOTE some text and models haven't been changed over yet
-Battle 90% Completed /Zack and Sephiroth 100% playable Genesis model not changed over
-Kernal 80% Completed /Sephiroth has full weapon set, new magic and materia
-FF7.EXE 10% Completed /Barret's limits have been changed(NOT THE ANIMATIONS) to fit Sephiroth

What needs to be done
Sephiroth limits need to be renamed and reanimated
As for Genesis063 I will be renaming and reanimating Sephiroths limits to suit, I'll give a list
1- Draw Slash
1.2 - Heavens Light

2.1 - Hells gate or
2.2 - Reaper

3.1 - Godspeed (Hurls beams from sword randomly attacking enemies)
3.2 - Scintilla (Attacks a single foe four times)
3.3 - Octaslash LV1 (Attacks a single enemy for massive damage)

4.1 - Octaslash MX (Attacks all foes once for massive damage)\
This will require a lot of work, But I am persistent any help on the FF7.EXE would be greatly appreciated.

Some things in Flevel still need to be replaced or fixed, please note that in some areas the game will seem to freeze due to animation replacement, give it a few moments and it will recover.

The BETA mod release will be uploaded when I put it into patch format.

Gameplay / Basic player modifier mod
« on: 2012-01-26 10:12:17 »

Well, its been about a year since I last posted on this forum... In fact it has been about a year since I've used my own personal computer... anyway due to Australia being prone to flooding well, i got flooded, as of that I haven't had a computer for a while until now, anyway i wont discuss it to much and its not like any number of people are checking this, I just wanted to say this for the few that do, if i get my modifications and such back together I will continue with the mod once again from a clean slate, any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The mod is intended to be a alternate ending to crisis core, within itself it is a play as Sephiroth mod, but it also changed many aspects of the game, basically i want/ed to make Zack and a few other characters from Crisis core playable, add new magics, animations, items, equipment, break the damage limit, new bosses etc. But for now I decided I needed a limit and strategy so I need to break it into parts. Char, Flevel, battle, kernal you know the lgp's.

Create models for Zack and Genesis. 1.
Create models for updated Soldier models and a couple of Soldier bosses. 2.
Create Sephiroth model with fixed animations. (get hit, use items etc) 3. (I know this will take time)
Create Models for Bosses (extra weapons and more) 4.

Create new field models for extra characters. 1.
Create new parts. 2.

Create new fields. 1
Change text for conversations. 2.
Change story and time fields are accessible 3.
(maybe more as time goes on)

change magics. 1.
add new magics. 2. (if possible)
add new items. 3. (I know its possible, but I need more items)
change limits for characters. 4. (need help on this, tried it before... I think...)
(maybe more later)

What has been done so far.
Sephiroth replaces Barrett 100% in battle and field(note that I changed this in flevel so it is the proper sephiroth skeleton also modyfied Barrett's text to suit sephiroth more)

Zack replaces cloud in field and battle 100%(I made a very rough version of battle zack in kimera it is my first time modeling with any program)

Genesis replaces evil Sephiroth, about 75%(including text change name change, model change, animation changes etc)

Added holy, water, wind, space materia
Dia, Holy - holy materia/sleep
Water, watera, watega, - water materia/slow
Aero, aerora, aeroga, - wind materia
Space, omnispace - space materia/berserk, stop
Darkness, dark depths - darkness materia/darkness, death
M-drain, H-drain, A-drain - Destruct/ destroys barriers and death on last spell
Also modyfied materia and magics furthermore.

Slight rebalance in some enemy strength and AI about 50%

Sephiroth is now more playable, in flevel he replaces cloud as party leader in certain areas, such as the ship when heading to costa de sol, some scenes in Midgard bldg. Sephiroth also replaces CID as party leader when CID is leading, so sephiroth leads in Zacks absence instead of CID leading.

Jenova bosses have been... Turbo charged. A bit of leveling up may be required before fighting them.

Story has been modyfied to fit zack and sephiroth surviving, text relating to zack and sephiroth has also been changed to fit the story.

Some extra characters have been added, just a couple of new shops, and debbuging characters have been added, they will be removed before I release the mod.

Sephiroths battle animations have also been fixed, though I am not aware if I can release it as it is now.

Zack also replaces cloud in all minigames except snow snowboarding one.

Please excuses any spelling errors in this, I'm using a iPad at the moment.

Pictures and links will be put into the thread once I am finished.

Gameplay / Re: [WIP] FFVII Job Class Kernel.bin
« on: 2012-01-17 10:26:31 »
Hey im not very good at editing but aren't there some hidden materia and equipment in the game(Like when I edited final fantasy and a character didn't have any weapon equiped and i went into game, the weapon would be t-vest and im sure there was more) but you proberly know this, but this mod is a really good idea not having jobs in final fantasy VII made me feel like i lost control of how my characters leveled up anyway can't wait to see how it is and good luck.  :)

Sounds like a great mod, I've downloaded tons of these things the closest one i found to be near perfect was Scorpius's one, but the limits were screwed up and It would crash all the time.
I also have a couple of questions(just for a refresher on what you plan to do).

Is the dialogue in the game going to be changed, because some of the stuff Cloud says doesn't fit Sephiroth's character(not that it matters).

Also I've read the other post and your limit's are going to be based around transformation and so on, but is there going to be any normal limit's, like Octoslash or Black Materia etc.

also I can't wait for this mod, I don't really play FF7 any more because it's just gotten to boring, a full Sephiroth mod is a great idea and your way of planning it is also a very different but interesting way to look at it(chasing Cloud around never really worked). anyway good luck.  :)

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