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Could you correct the background mds5_5, in the label of the door says 7 and should be 5 because the developers made a mistake, and besides is the Sector 5, not 7.
On the other hand, my work mate could fix it but he would need the file decompressed


We've found the code on PSX version, but we don't know how to fix

In PC version is:
mov     [ebp+var_20], 0
mov     [ebp+var_24], 0
mov     [ebp+var_28], 4

And the equivalent on PSX is:
addu r2,r0,r0
addu r5,r0,r0
addu r4,r0,r0
ori r3,r0,0x0004

This you can find on file battle.x descompressed: 0x9330

What should we make a fix on PSX version?


Myst6re, I have a question.
I repaired the field "lastmap" background PC version, why doesn't hide the state? It does have something special that map or special functions in PC?

In 98 PC version crashes when the first white light apears, only I repaired the background.

That method is a mess in my point of view because you need more scripts to come back and come back again in the same place.

Hi, I have a problem... I don't get how to solve on psx version in the field junbin4.
I removed Barret from party while is hadcuffied and Cait Sith fights alone. After battle, I added again Barret but it doesn't display his model. I tried to display his model in the script but I don't get it.

This fix I did if it works proplery in PC version. Does have a problem in psx version about the command remove and add party members?

If you use option "Repair", dissapear "red rocks" and it's like psx version and you won't have the Z's issue.
But to hide... red blocks... I don't get... it's like if aren't compatible in pc version the options of background,
or that field is special.

You can use this option in a PC version clean, not edited with psx port.

This option is in the background, here:

But I don't get how to hide red rocks...

It doesn't work the changes I make...

Troubleshooting / Re: the widths of the narrow font
« on: 2015-03-31 23:57:17 »
Thanks again, DLPB.

It is solvented.

Troubleshooting / Re: the widths of the narrow font
« on: 2015-03-28 16:10:10 »
Thanks, DLPB

We did it. ;) I have other doubt but is not concerd about the font.
Where is located values of alphabetical order items?


Troubleshooting / Re: the widths of the narrow font
« on: 2015-03-26 23:34:26 »

Thanks for your answer again. I made the changes but you said the changes make menu font 2x thicker,
but really I want the changes making menu font more thin.

Other question, what do you mean with "401400 hex to get to the exe address"?

Troubleshooting / Re: the widths of the narrow font
« on: 2015-03-26 22:14:51 »

Thanks for your answer. Could you say me the value that makes which removes the font thinner or it is documented in the Hex documentation in Reunion?

This direction: 007B7CF8 = 00 00 00 40

is from english steam version?

Troubleshooting / the widths of the narrow font
« on: 2015-03-26 16:25:44 »

I don't find where exactly stored the widths of the narrow font on Final Fantasy VII PC Steam.

I know one are stored in window.bin and the other ff7.exe, but I don't know where are exactly on the exe.
Besides, I was looking documents of Reunion mod.


I have a question.
It is possible to autosize all text windows?
It's some tedious to size each one.

Troubleshooting / Editing Opening credits in PC
« on: 2014-12-14 15:23:57 »
Hi, guys.

We have some problems when we are trying to edit the graphics of prelude.

Here an image:

The graphics are cut across the width, but no high in each block.

We don't know how to move  the pointer where the graphics stand to refocus those appearing on the right side.


FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2014-12-09 12:09:53 »
Hi, we are trying to use this tool with a spanish exe original updated 1.02 but it appears the next error, we have tried many ways to dump the files.

This is the error:

I looked the flag, and is activated read-only.

Ok, I was able to dump the files, but I cannot to dump the exe.
It was dumped but the content is white. (0 bytes the txt.)

I cannot draw the flevel either.

Have you guys tried just to use aaaa field and rename all those into siaa ? that's what I did..

And where did you edit that? What file? Is a field?

I've tested to replace Hirescloud for cloud.lzs.
It works, but the name's cloud doesn't appear :(

So the file hirescould.lzs isn't it. It must be in scene.bin or name.mnu or kernel.bin because I don't know where I could find it...

Inside the dat las4_0 we can see in the new party, {CLOUD}, {NONE}, {NONE}.

Well I was very surprised the ISOs ended up larger than before without actually using files that were too big to be inserted into the ISO by cdprog normally. First of all this makes creating patches harder when modding as you have to extend your image with zeroes or something first and the patch will more and more cover full sectors of your file.

Secondly I was having some trouble when testing on real PSX when using the ISO save function and I was sure it is due to the new filesize. I must admit that this was guessing and it may be me making a mistake or an interference with the mods I made that play around with LBAs.

Anyway I was having perfect results with Hack7 editing the field files first, then recompress them with fice's tools(hack7 leaves the files bigger than necessary) and insert them with cdprog. This always left me with an ISO that works everywhere and can easily be used to make a patch file.

Have you tried his program Mass Field Update?

You can find it in his website and I tested and the fields works in psx real.


Troubleshooting / Re: Texts in the Submarine game PSX
« on: 2014-10-21 23:37:27 »
Thanks for your answer and help.  :)

We got it!

Troubleshooting / Re: Texts in the Submarine game PSX
« on: 2014-10-20 21:36:33 »
Thanks for your answer.

We are trying to find out the texts but I haven't got yet. :/

We even have looked the pc version.

Troubleshooting / Texts in the Submarine game PSX
« on: 2014-10-20 13:51:37 »

I would like to ask about the texts of submarine game.
I would like to edit but I don't find them.

I know the name of file submar.bin which is a gzip file.
But I don't find the text for example: Limit Time or Target. (In Spanish: Límit de tiempo and objetivo)


The ID of hi-res Cloud model where can obtain?
It loads througth kernel.bin or scene.bin?

I have been searching in all .mnu and are corrected.

It is strange because the name doesn't appear originally
For example, PC version:

Japanese version:

But in this video appears the name:

I don't understand, it will there be some kind of variant which does to appear the name?


Yes, that's right.
But is correctly written
¡{CHAR} supera el Límite!

If you fight in other battle if appears the name's character, but in this battle not.

Pretty sure that's in the exe.

This is the PSX version. I haven't seen nothing in SCES.

Thanks for your answer and tips.
Here an image:

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