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Would like to mention (or remind) that lightning returns and final fantasy X|X-2 both have ultimate collectors edition at the *bargain* price of 80-90$ plus shipping....

These are just some well known FFVII music looped

Also I'm taking request to loop songs as well =D
Granted you can tell me what music is it being used for and you have a HIGH QUALITY copy of the file. Also I need to like the song too or it will be a pain for me to listen to it over and over again trying to find a looping track  :|

Here's my custom track so far

FF Re means FinalFanTim's Re mastered Album
VotLS means Voice of the Life Stream
Anything that's ***.ogg means its using a default or FinalFanTim's music
   aseri - VotLS: Adrenalyne Kyck
   aseri2 - VotLS: Omnislash(Hurry Up!)
   Ayasi - FF Re: Lurking in The Darkness
   Bat - VotLS: Full Frontal Assault
   bee - FF Re: Honeybee Manor
   boo - FF Re: The Flow Of Life / Lifestream
   bokujo - VotLS: Golden Field (Farm Boy)
   canyon - OcRemix: Ascension to the Cosmo Canyon
   cannon - FF Re: The Makou Cannon Is Fired
   cephiros - FF AC: Divinity I
   chu - FF AC: Those Who Fight Further
   chu2 - FF AC: J-E-N-O-V-A
   chase - FF AC: The Chase of Highway
   cinco - FF Re: Cinco De Chocobo
   cintro - FF Re: Those Chosen By The Planet
   condor - BitSymphony: Fortress Of The Condor
   costa - SongeLeReveur: Coast of the Sun (Quartet)
   comical - FF Re:Comical
   corel- VotLS: Midnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)
   corneo - FF Re: Don of the Slums
   crwin - FF Re: A Great Success
   crlost - FF Re: Tango of Tears
   date - OcRemix: Acoustic FireWorks
   dokubo - VotLS:Materia Junkie
   dun2 - FF Re: Chasing the Black Caped Man
   earislo - FF Crisis Core: A Flower Blooming in the Slums3
   earis - Reunion Track: Aerith's Theme Orchestrated
   elec - VotLS: Kweh!
   fanfare - BitSymphony: Fanfare - Remake
   fan2 - FF Re: Fanfare
Unorganized listing beyond here... Deal with later

   gun=FFVII - Shinra Wages a Full Scale Attack - Remake.mp3
   hen=03 Sign - ACC Long Version.mp3
   hiku=FFVII - Highwind Takes to the Skies - BitSymphony.mp3
   horror=2-10 Tweek - Sephiroth's Wake (Trail of Blood).mp3
   isek i- VotLS:Fading Entity (didn't like it) May use either SongeLeReveur You Can Hear the Cry of the Lifestream (Quintet Version or DinosaurDevice You Can Hear the Cry of the Lifestream
   jukai=FFVII - Forested Temple - BitSymphony.mp3
   kita=FFVII AC - Kita no Daikudo.mp3
   kurai=205 A Closed Off Village (from FFVII ''Anxious Heart'').mp3
   lb1=FFVII - Birth Of a God - Remake.mp3
   lb2=04 Advent - One-Winged Angel - ACC Long Version.mp3
   ld=FFVII - Judgement Day - BitSymphony.mp3
   makoro=Artificial Fear - FF- Metal - 02 Mako Reactor.mp3
   mekyu=FFVII AC - For the Reunion.mp3
   mura1=FFVII - Parochial Town - Remake.mp3
   oa=224 to be continued (from FFVII ''Opening ~ Bombing Mission'').mp3
   odds=3-05 Another Soundscape - Golden Feathers (Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets!).mp3
   rhythm=118 The Clandestine Dark Suits (from FFVII ''Turk's Theme'').mp3
   sadbar=2-12 Hy Bound - Mark of the Beatsmith (Mark of a Traitor).mp3
   seto=3-02 Shnabubula - Stone Eyes (The Great Warrior).mp3
   sea=FFVII - A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea - Remake.mp3
   sinraslo=Crisis Core: The Mako-Controlling Organization (from FFVII ''Shinra Company'') not sneaky enough Chaffxgrenade: Infiltrating Shinra Tower (Arranged Ver.)
   sinra=1-10 Xaleph - Son of Chaos (Shinra Company).mp3
   snow=3-11 Tweek - Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow).mp3
   tender=FFVII - Holding My Thoughts In My Heart - Remake.mp3
   tm=2-06 Sixto Sounds, Suzumebachi, zircon - Scenes from a Memory (On That Day, Five Years Ago...).mp3
   weapon=FFVII - Weapon Raid - BitSymphony.mp3
   lb2_awe=04 Advent - One-Winged Angel - ACC Long Version.mp3

Some looped file... unfortunately in ogg not logg

Hey, something has just been sitting with me that I haven't bother saying.
You said a while back... quite a while there's no Gilgamesh model.
Well I've been thinking maybe there is a recolour.. ish.
Godo fighting form is actually pretty close to it.
Well in truth it closer to Asura but let's not pick on that as Gilgamesh appearance slightly change in every incarnation... (or whatever you call him when his appearance change when he exits the riff)
Bottom line, Gilgamesh does have a possible model  ;D

So I was able to get rid of the blackbar from the video itself... but this does not get rid of it when it is being played on the actual game.
Reason being simple. The video is a wide screen format and the game runs at a 4:3 format.
As of now there are 3 options.
Skew (squeeze) the video into a 4:3 format (will be slightly distorted)
Crop out the wide screen part (cuts out some graphics)
and the hardest Crop out the wide screen but use a pan effect that shifts left and right depending on the movie.

Or... wait till I have (or someone else) has an ingenious solution.

On another note, I've found a way to compress the death video better. Will be up on the front soon.

I've compressed it better and shot up the resolution ;D. I don't notice any drop in quality but..
Someone want to test it before I go will nilly with the larger file?

technical issues again... brb


Okay iI think iI can fiddle with that around.
I'll re upload another one soon.

By "black bars" I meant the Letterbox top and bottom black bars, not a graphics problem.
oh sorry.
In that case I'm not too sure.  It's probably because of the resolution of the video...
iI have a wide screen monitors so iI haven't notice the issue.
Do you have any other custom videos that show the letterbox border?

Awesome would go perfect with the current models im playing with now ^^ good job dude! but er 83mb for just that one video is freakin huge lol, i guess maybe you can lower it without sacrificing quality and sound by maybe converting it with handbrake orr...dunno really :o tried virtualdub compression for fraps videos that works but not sure if it will work for this...maybe check out this video
Apart from that well done! :D

I'm aware with the size issue.
iI currently just pop this out as the best 720p can show.  I'm finding a breaking point in compression between quality and size at the moment.  I'll see if iI can lower it to just shy of 50
ps handbrake won't work due to ff7 being unable to read mkv compression.

Amazing! The intro finally as a mod, wonderful. Is there a way to remove the black bars?

sorry can't help you there....  This usually indicates a hardware issue,  meaning your graphic card is either dated or incompatible.
I'm going to create a lower rez version with lower bit stream this weekend.
tell me if that works (note quality will go down a bit)

If you don't know here something I've been working on.

The problem is that the sound is jumpy and out of sync. I suspect a wrong compression with the sound file.
In which case I must ask for your wisdom... WHAT COMPRESSION SOUND FORMAT FILE AM I SUPPOSE TO USE TT^TT
and if that is not the case... WHAT IS IT ;>X<;

Found out the problem... I was encoding above 15 frame/sec

Graphical / Re: New Aeris/Aerith Death scene (video)
« on: 2012-11-30 05:12:58 »
The new game screen looks great. I think that it cannot be made unless you replace "new game" and "continue" with empty strings as place-holders for the images.

Great work anyway, maybe for the death video you could use the models made by the community.

Oh no, no matter what I do, there's no way to make the game screen unless I rebuild the whole game. The game engine is only designed to run a static image at the front... The most I can do.. is put a static image up that somewhat resembles that....
I'm only doing the opening video =D

I do like the new Death scene my only strife with it is the fact that Sephiroth's sword looks round rather than a blade with a sharp edge.

I also like the idea of the new opening but it looks more like a trailer for a movie rather than a game intro (just my opinion)

Trailer for a movie.... Nah just game intro of 2012 =m=

Progress, having some slight audio sync issues =,= Will be done by before December 17 (latest due date)

Update Death Video is done being uploaded as I type

Graphical / Re: New Aeris/Aerith Death scene (video)
« on: 2012-11-23 04:31:55 »
Because of procrastination... I decided I might as well add another video to be inserted to apologies for the delay.
This is going to be a replacement for the intro credits or one of the intro vids.

Is there plans to be adding anymore new bosses?
REcently dusting off some Final Fantasy games I saw Gilgamesh with the fake buster sword and I was like.
OMG Cloud should totally battle Gilgamesh.
So yeah... Any Gilgamesh side story plans to be inserted?

Graphical / Re: Handicapable Cloud
« on: 2012-11-10 00:51:57 »
I was basing cloud in the little mini based off obstinate melon's Cloud
and in case anyone didn't see his webcomic, here it is.

You just keep bringing out the awesome...
Well I know what my weekend is going to be invested in...

Graphical / Re: Handicapable Cloud
« on: 2012-11-09 21:03:50 »
Cloud: NOOOOOOOOOO!! Stairs! my eternal enemy!

Barret: I ain't carryin' your spiky ass up those 60 flights of stairs!

Tifa: You can always... drag your chair up, or kinda... hop...

Cloud: ...How in the hell am I going to hop up around 6000 stairs!?

also, I rewrote othe bits of the game, such as when Tifa is ahnging onto cloud's arm after th air buster fight, speaking of which, Cloud's wheelchair would weigh 42 pounds. :P

This mod opens a whole new "level" of pain =D

Though I think Cloud is more of the serious sarcastic (... yes conflicting indeed) type then the screaming complainer.

Graphical / Re: Handicapable Cloud
« on: 2012-11-08 22:12:35 »
Is it wrong that this reminds me of Joe from Family Guy?

Graphical / Re: New Aeris/Aerith Death scene (video)
« on: 2012-11-01 03:25:24 »
This is correct. Bragging about ripped models is generally discouraged, but as long as you don't distribute the models themselves you're not breaking site rules.

Thanks look forward to yet another Death Scene, once my exams are done and done.

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-01 03:22:20 »
LOL will people stop calling it a Cigar box, Cigars are nowhere near the same as a Cigarette and since it's a Cig in his mouth safe to say it's a Cigarette Box  :-P

My bad, I just thought cigar box sounded more classy =D while cigarette box was to long to type and cig box sounded strange in my head.
In a word moot.
LoL, it's out of my scope.. Head model is done by omega, he said he'll make adjustments regarding that cigarette box when he can lets just wait for it.

Release might be delayed though.. I still need to test cid model in game to make sure it's playable before going for a beta release, but due to circumstances I won't be able to to do the testing for a while so release will also have to wait ;D

I understand that. I wanted to be doing some video revision (again[well not "remastering" this time at least]) but tied up with exams...
good luck with your stuff though.

Graphical / Re: New Aeris/Aerith Death scene (video)
« on: 2012-11-01 02:44:31 »
Well the author gave me the a okay, so I'll be doing a bit of amateurish editing and maybe syncing.
Someone continue to check on the legality of releasing this svp?

Graphical / [Release] New Aeris/Aerith Death scene (video)
« on: 2012-10-30 02:17:48 »
Update comes in a much more compact size =D

Don't forget to drop a thanks and comment on YouTube if you thought the videos were amazing.

Here it is
Death Scene:

Intro (not opening):

I've been told about the annoying black bars and as far as getting rid of the one in the original video, I can't do anything about it showing up during actual gameplay. Reason is the game is designed to run 4:3 while this video is running at 16:9 widescreen glory.
There are some solutions I listed out on page 2... but they're not very good solutions.
So yeah until I figure something out.. just deal with the black bar Dx

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-10-30 02:16:39 »
ehem  ;D
don't forget it.

First did you backup everything?
Probably not...
Look for someone who's willing to share the backup or! reinstall FFvii in a new directory.

Second Get out ulgp and dump the battle.lgp

Third Go here and find which appropriate files you need to grab

Fourth ???

Fifth Profit. :evil:

General Discussion / Re: Is it? Movie texture illegal?
« on: 2012-10-21 04:32:49 »
Okay, if that's the case this might give a bit a freedom to modify some of Shinra's Black Ops =D.

... But it looks like I might have to create a model from ground up...
Question anything better (actually simpler) than blender for creating ffvii models? Cause if not it looks like before I can do anything... I'm gonna have to learn quite a bit.

Belay that... after serious consideration I find that I'm unable to commit to dressing up the turks...There's too many things that I need to do... and too little time that I actually have...  :oops:

I guess the point of the texture was to make the ruby weapon a "RUBY" Weapon
But I would love to see a bit more emphasis on the "weapon" as well =D

Regardless amazing job! This weapon is... shinning like a jewel.

General Discussion / Is it? Movie texture illegal?
« on: 2012-10-20 05:45:07 »
Just a question about model texturing... If you use texture compose of the ffVii ACC screenshot, does this make it an illegal texture?

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