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The problem is that he can find them in the game but not in the game files.

Then I have to ask Dan if he has updated the model in these scenes to use the other skeleton or else reunion user will now see that bug. I have updated the mod by the way with a fix for Reno.

BTW. Do you guys play with or without R05c?

I guess I know what's happening. Reno has a few different models one of those has an extra bone for his ponytail and I probably have replaced all models with the extra bone. That should be easy to fix.

I have reorganized Reno.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2019-02-04 05:21:23 »
@EQ2Alyza can you please add the new version of 7H to the download?

It has a few fixes and it did solve a problem someone reported on discord.

The game tool forum is for releases only. But excuse me for being short not related to the topic.

The game can be made portable on an usb stick, some one had made a tool for it. But since it needs the CD check removed from the exe, it was removed from Quinn (at last the bundle with the hacked exe).

Graphical Modding / Re: Question about AI
« on: 2019-02-02 19:53:29 »
Maybe we could try to contact them:

It's possible that there are a few people who have interest into this. Since it would be a good commercial for them, while the topic is hot in the media.

Graphical Modding / Question about AI
« on: 2019-02-02 09:40:12 »
It seems that AI is now a big thing for upscaling, but I'm curious how it works. From my understanding AI learns by trial and error, so my question is how do you train an AI for FF games exactly, and if AI learns by doing, doesn't make it sense to train one AI for all PSX games? To train it I would probably use some user made renders of environments and official artwork downscale them and save them with a lower colour palette. This way I hope to get good training material. In theory this should also work with movies. Having a good source and degrading it to be like the FMVs and the train the AI with it. But I suppose that this needs a very long time and a lot of hardware power for training the AI to get good results. I also wonder, if it is possible to train an AI by telling it which parts are well done and which are worse.

Anyway, it's pretty interesting to see that computers start to guess information where no real info is given.

If you use the menu overhaul in 7th Heaven you  can't use the Reunion. MO needs an older version of the reunion mod which use a smaller font and has therefore also smaller windows. Maybe you have also the steam version on your PC than you can copy window.bin and replace with it the models window.bin of your moded game.

I'll update ChaOS within the next days. There is a good bunch of changes, updates and fixes.

Nah, you can install 7th Heaven over the reunion. Just makee a backup of ff7.exe, if you install 7th Heaven with the gamesconverter and replace the the ff7.exe with the bacjul one. In ff7opengl.cfg you must change modpath = Reunion to modpath = textures and moving the content from the Reunion folder to the textures folder.

7thHeaven / Re: PS4 Controller now working.
« on: 2019-01-25 13:06:58 »
You can add the game to Steam and use it's powerful key mapper. Before I used this, I have used xinput plus, which emulates xinput output for directinput based games. The good thing is that it is an injector, which means you don't have to run any extra software. Only problem is the slightly tricky way to set it up for the game but it's something you should try.

Oh, R05 has hotkeys to control the speed.


I hadn't seen that. That's awesome! Being featured like that really helps push me past the finish line.

And it is also a thing on Steam now.

Downgraded steam version or the 98 release with Aali's driver.

Have you checked the wiki if there is any information about that?

BTW. it seems you have experience in coding. There is a guy, quantumpencil, who creating an interesting tool to mod the game. I guess he is writing it in C++ maybe you are interested in it, even though it isn't for the PSX version.

Can't you use the current remade high Res art from team avalanche jusete and jmp to train the tool? Btw the PSX has a different colour output. As far as I know the colour variation is higher in the middle while it's lower in the black and white colour space. We have a post shader (ported by sunwalker) which does correct this and the colours do blend much better together.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 fullscreen incomplete display
« on: 2019-01-08 19:55:58 »
Looks like you have a higher DPI setting than usual. You could disable DPI in the property settings under compatibility. Just right click on the exe and select properties to get there.

Completely unrelated / Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019
« on: 2018-12-31 23:35:13 »
I hope we get a very productive FF moding year.

Yeah, FFIX has a 16bit colour palette and FF7 has only 8bit. They probably have added a colour shader to the BGs for FFlX before they converted the image for the game.

Can I make a suggestion? Couldn't you guys make two batches? One with full noise reduction and another batch with no noise reduction. What I have in mind is a manual merge of the two batches by the community. The merge wouldn't need any special skills only an eye for rough and smooth surfaces and a bit time. And if many do a bit of the work it would be done without to much stress and in a relative short time. I would like to do some images from time to time.

The **ba file is the second info file of a model. I accidentally had overwritten the Scorpion model with the one of Tifa. Was funny to fight against her.
The **ba file has probably the info about the id for the animations in the da file.

Well, Hojo is already finished. I currently go through all ShinRa-HQ-NPC. Though I don't update the Turks and Rufus yet, because they are in an acceptable state. But I review them in the next year. The male models in the HQ are done the next are two female models, this however has brought me back to Tifa because I needed her face for a model. But her face of her battle model is a bit too lowpoly that's why I improved it in Blender. Anyway we are on a good way. And once I'm done with the two female models I make a few extra models to increase a bit more immersion by diversity.


I have reworked the ShinRa manager. My plan is to release an update on 24.12.2018. Though, if the Reunion would be released before that than I guess you can use them before this date.

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