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Gameplay / Final Fantasy X enemy editor
« on: 2018-01-27 00:58:23 »
Has there been any research done on the ability to modify enemies stats abilities etc? The ability to create a mod similar to punishment for the steam version would be very interesting.

Thanks guys! So I redid the air buster model as I knew I could greatly improve on my previous work. i redid the entire thing from scratch and gave it a lot more polish and attention to detail. Now if only someone could do the battleground textures as now the characters and enemies look too detailed for the backgrounds ???

I've updated pictures on the first post to reflect the updated model. Progress is slow but that was expected with such a big project I'm taking it one model at a time at this stage.

Releases / Re: [WIP] Red XIII werewolf mod
« on: 2014-07-15 19:26:23 »
The exact same thing happened to me I think it's when the part has too many polys/triss because for example when I had a subsurfed model set to 3 the triss count came up at like 17000 so the option was greyed out in Pcreator but when I reduced the subsurf to 2 the triss count came down to around 7000 and that seemed to work. I find the limit being between 7000 and 8000 before it allows me to open the bitmap file. In blender I also used the decimate modifier if the model only needed a small reduction in polygons. There's probably a better explanation but I'm just speaking from my personal experience with he tool.

Releases / Re: [REL] FF7 Re:Sampled v1.1 [Updated + Demo]
« on: 2014-07-15 15:39:12 »
Wow really impressive YarLson!

Was hoping to make some more progress but I admit I've been slacking as I started a new FFVii fully modded (literally using every mod on here) save. This process will obviously be slow but hopefully be continuous.

However, I do have something to show. Just finished this off tonight and was looking some feedback? I redid and recolored a few parts I personally felt needed more to them as the model doesn't have much to it overall. NB: I'll be doing all the monsters in an area and THEN going back and fixing any issues which I potentially get from feedback. I'll be redoing Air buster tomorrow using some modelling techniques and better textures so it should look much better.

For now, 1st Ray!

Back picture included in first post, make sure to click on them to get the full picture!

Yes Kaldarasha that would be a massive help!  :) I think having a simple tutorial on here could also encourage more people to get involved with modding the game's models too as it'd make the process more inviting.

Releases / Re: [REL] FF7 Re:Sampled 1.0
« on: 2014-07-08 18:08:42 »
Could you post some ingame screenshots so I can see how they currently look? (I know pics never do these things justice but still)

Were you able to successfully import this piece into Kimera into the guards model? Could you outline the steps to which I can convert the blend file and the ambient occlusion etc into a file ready to be imported and fitted as I'm not used to doing what you've done to the model so I'm a little confused?

Releases / Re: [REL] FF7 Re:Sampled 1.0
« on: 2014-07-07 20:55:54 »
the exe version has an issue. "not a valid win32 application". I'll try the torrent again I guess. Is the zipped version on google drive too?

~Mediafire has a 200mb limit for free accounts, so just subdivide the zip file.

I have a free mediafire account and my limit is 3gb? I've used 322mb of it  ???

Releases / Re: [REL] FF7 Re:Sampled 1.0
« on: 2014-07-07 20:19:13 »
I hate to be a pain but could you upload this on another site like Mediafire? I only ask because I have pretty bad internet so I normally use a download manager which allows me to resume a download if there's a network problem but google docs doesn't work correctly with download managers so I just know I'll have about 95% downloaded on chrome only to get a network error making me have to restart from scratch :|

I sent a PM but not sure if it actually sent as the inbox isn't showing anything tell me and I'll resend it?

So I was trying that method out when I ran into yet another problem, this time with Kimera. it seems Kimera can't handle subsurfed pieces as when i went to include the body piece into Kimera it simply crashes. I then went back and removed the subsurf modifier and the piece loaded in fine. interestingly it can load smaller subsurfed pieces as it loaded the head piece in but there must be a limit as importing the body piece causes crash without fail everytime. It seems me and FFVII modding tools just don't get along  :cry:

Whenever I go to load the 3ds file in Pcreator to convert the model to a format which Kimera can correctly import and add a texture the model simply refuses to load in Pcreator when subsurf is above 2. 2 and below works find it's annoying but I'm not sure if there's any other solution other than to not raise it above 2  :-\

FF7 Tools / Re: Kimera: FF7 p model simple editor
« on: 2014-07-06 14:08:43 »
So is there a way to give them more than 10 textures in the latest version?

This look very impressive can't wait to try them out!

Thanks!  :)

EDIT: Nevermind problem solved. Turns out you can't have the subsurf modifier number higher than two or it can't handle it

FF7 Tools / Re: Kimera: FF7 p model simple editor
« on: 2014-07-05 19:31:32 »
Hmm? I don't understand I've always used the latest version (0.97)?

FF7 Tools / Re: Kimera: FF7 p model simple editor
« on: 2014-07-05 17:36:12 »
Don't suppose there's any way to get around the limit on ten textures per model as I find a lot of models have more than 10 pieces to them thus most need more than 10 new textures no matter how big or small.

Thanks I think I've finally got it the way I was wanting it to look! I redid some of the texture work I had done and I'm happy with how it came out. I've still got to sort the black parts out and properly shade the orange parts as i basically just splashed them with some darker colors in texture paint but I think now I'm actually going to do some smaller models which you encounter at the start of the game as these big models with so many parts are very time consuming to do it'd be better to start small so when I get round to finishing the big models I'll be more experienced!

Thanks that's that sorted thankfully! The modifier is great and allows me to make models look much nicer but when I went to try it on the face of Aps the teeth get disconnected as they too got smooth. Naturally I want the teeth to look sharp anyways so is there anyway to apply the subsurf modifier to only certain parts of an object? I tried putting the teeth into a vertex group but the modifier still does the whole model anyways...

Releases / Re: [REL] FFVII Battle Scene Enhancements
« on: 2014-07-04 00:41:52 »
Not sure how I didn't come across this before now but it's exactly what I need! The links are dead though could you reupload them please?  :)

Yeah even since posting that first air buster retexture I have learnt a lot more about making the new textures look much tidier and redoing them more efficiently  :) Yet, I am struggling when it comes to making the model itself look better and less sharp edged for example the modifiers I have tried smooths the model but leaves gaps as certain parts of the model have shrank and I don't know how to correct this issue. I have the Aps model completed but I'm redoing his skin and want to make the model parts look smoother as it doesn't look right ingame if someone could help me fix this issue I'd really appreciate it?


Releases / Re: [WIP] Red XIII werewolf mod
« on: 2014-07-03 14:24:23 »
This looks amazing well done! My only question is how do you plan to get it into the game can Kimera be used for this?

I like the idea but when you have the model in Blender you can easily do more:
Use a subsurface modifier and a modifier for sharp edges:

Instead of painting the whole texture by hand you can bake the Material color to a texture. The basic idea is to give several parts the material color you like and then you can bake the whole thing to one or more textures. After this you can do a lot more nice stuff.

Thanks I'll watch and try to learn I only started using blender on Friday so it's quite difficult for me to know how to produce the best quality textures with it I'm using this project as an opportunity to continuously improve my experience with the tools so I appreciate the advice!

Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the project you are more than welcome especially human models like Rufus I wouldn't be able to model them very well but someone with a bit more experience could produce very good models I imagine.

Graphical / [W.I.P] FFVII Enemy battle models retextured!
« on: 2014-06-30 01:13:54 »
Enemy Battle models retextured!

Hello! I'm here with the intention to hopefully offer something worthwhile to the community. My aim is to eventually replace all the enemy battle models of the game starting with boss models.

I was going to release the files in packs of monsters (like 10 at a time or so) but if anyone wishes to use this model immediately ask and I will happily do so!

*Click to enlarge pics when the page and images have fully loaded*

This process will take a long time as re-texturing just one model and fitting it together again is very time consuming but I will do my best to dedicate as my time as I can to this project.

Huge credit to the owners of all tools used including Kimera and Pcreator. Also to various users for helping me out and showing me how to make this possible. If I've forgot to credit someone tell me and I'll add it.

Models completed/first release ready:
Air buster

In Progress:

Models completed by other modders already:
Guard Scorpion

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