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I'm just popping in to ask about the hotfixes for the standalone installer. I'm not seeing a download link. Am I just an idiot? Are they no longer necessary? Disclaimer: I read a few pages of the thread looking for info on them, but I didn't go through all 300. It seems unreasonable to expect me to.

Hotfixes are only available when the main installer files have issues that I want to sort out quickly to save people from fully downloading the mod again. At the moment, the main installer files are the most recent files; there are a few things that need to be sorted out, but I'm waiting until I've got FF8 NT together first.

I've finished my playthrough on arranged and I found some more minor issues.
  • The 'Wizard Staff' descriptions says it restores hp but it's actually mp.
  • For some strange reason, the 'E. Skill' option won't appear in the 'Magic' section of the menu. Thus, the only way to check the skills you have is either in battle or in the 'Materia' section. I'm not entirely sure, but I think this doesn't happen in the normal NT playthrough.
  • Also, 'Renew's' reviving effect won't work if used in the menu, only in battle.
  • And finally, it seemed as if the strength of my characters decreased during a battle in certain occasions. Specifically in the battle arena. For example, I was fighting the 8th round just attacking because I had no materia and Cloud started dealing less damage as the battle progressed. So, maybe I was attacking 'Aps' for 120 damage and a couple of rounds later it was 85-80. I don't know whether that is always the case because I didn't delve too much into it, but it also happened in a couple of random battles this time. Not much of a problem, but I thought it was a bit rare.

Oh, and I would like to ask a question. Is the .txt file with the characters stats up to date? Are those really the stats they should start with (and if so, with or without their initial equipment)? Or have these been modified? The reason I'm asking is because I noticed that Cait Sith's stats were lower than in the file (some of them reduced by 10 or more). But I'm not sure about the rest because I forgot to check them and I haven't kept a record of their rank choices.

Wizard Staff will be corrected in the next update, but that won't be for a little while due to FF8 NT; but I might cobble together a quick patch just to iron out quick issues like these sometime in the week.

I actually encountered that enemy skill thing myself recently, but it was while playing Gjoerulv's Monomod (where enemy skill is made available early on). I'm not sure why, but it seemed to correct itself after a few screens.

I'll need to track down the spells in the .exe that are used in menus and adjust their effects; it slipped my mind.

For the Aps battle, I think one of his Tsunami variants inflicts Sadness status on both the party and himself. That'd account for the 30% deduction in damage; I think that innate stat gains are also reset between rounds, but not sure.


Thank you so much for this mod. I play ff7 once a year and this mod breathed life into my fav game of all time.

Unfortunately I think I ran into my first bug (somewhat minor since I barely use him). But when I went to do Vincents sidequest, I got the cutscene from the original game showing Vincents past. It makes me leave lucrecias cave like in the original and when I go back in she is gone and nothing happens. I saw videos on youtube where it doesnt even show that cutscene, a boss battle occurs right when you talk to lucrecia.

Was I supposed to do something on disc 2?

Oh and this has been bothering me but who is the last playable character? Im guessing its sephy since an ultimate weapon is listed as masamune. How do I recruit him? Do I just need to fight him at the n. cave? Wont that just end the game after I beat him?


It's not a bug, those scenes and their triggers weren't changed from the original game. After triggering the first scene, the second will trigger after a certain number of battles have been fought (I think it's 10 battles). To be safe, win those battles rather than running from them.

Unfortunately, the last entry on the SP check is a placeholder, not another character. The Masamune weapon is equip-able by all characters as an alternate 'ultimate weapon'.

There are a lot of recolored enemies from "Hardcore" and "New Threat" mods that would like to import to my own mod. Is that possible? It should be possible. Some mods actually do change enemy encounters on the world map, and someone was almost going to add a forest near Kalm to find Yuffie, but decided no to for some reason. If somebody managed to add a forest on the world map and change enemy encounters such as around "Fort Condor", shouldn't that mean there is a program out there that can edit the world map?

Also, how do i change attack names? Mods do it all the time .......

Did you register the four files via the command line (CMD)? Putting them in the folder on its own isn't enough, they need to be registered manually.

Like Uprisen said, if you're making a mod with other people's assets that you intend to distribute then I'd get permission from the mod authors. You can use models from my NT mod, but if you're planning to take stuff from the Hardcore mod then ask Gjoerulv first.

The sysWOW64 folder is a windows folder; it's located in:

If you don't have a 64-bit operating system then this folder likely won't exist. If it's a 32-bit operating system you have, then refer to that in the guide I linked. You can check what kind of OS you have by going to the control panel, going to System & Security, and then System to get an overview.


The minigames are their own separate modules, and chocobo models aren't coloured until they're loaded into the game (at which point, the grey chocobo model is given a hue). It'll likely require some kind of .exe modification and I haven't looked into that minigame.

The item list should be populated with the game's kernel; if you open the tool and click Settings (at the top) then Configuration, you should be see some addresses which point the tool toward the game's files; it can then use these files to show things like field models, item names, etc.

Omnislash is item ID 87.


Kimera: 3D Model Editor/Viewer
There is a tool to view/edit 3D Models but there's some steps involved and it's trickier to get running than the Wall Market tool. I'm a little hazy on the steps, but it'll involve installing some dependencies using the command line (administrator version).

First, the tool thread:

Next, download and install Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0 if you don't already have it; this can help with getting old visual basic tools to run, like Wall Market.

For Kimera, you'll need to register some dependency files to get it working, specifically: MSCOMCT2.OCX, MSSTDFMT.DLL, msvbvm60.dll, and COMDLG32.OCX. If these aren't in the Kimera download, then I can get them to you instead; some sites provide old files like these but exercise caution about downloading such files from unknown sources.

I've only installed these via Windows 7, but a guide going through different OS can be found here:

Once you've got the files, drop a copy of each into the Kimera tool folder. Next, go into the folder called Windows on your C drive and go to sysWOW64 folder. We're going to drop another copy of the four files into here, registering them via CMD one at a time. So drop those four files into this sysWOW64 folder.

Click Start and in the search bar type cmd; you'll see cmd appear above in search results; right-click this and select 'run as administrator'. On the command line, type:

and then press Enter. This gets us to the directory address where we're going to register our four files to the system.

Next, type:
and press enter.

A success message of some sort should appear. Do this for each of the four files listed above. What this does is, it takes 32bit dependencies and gets them registered with the PC so that the tool can make use of them when running. These files used to be part of the system, but changes to the .NET Framework meant that old files got ditched which leaves older tools high and dry.


ULGP: .lgp Archive Manager
While that should get Kimera working, you'll need to take some steps to actually view models as FF7 has the 3D models tied up in archives with a .lgp format. We use a tool like Luksy's ULGP tool to decompile these archives into their individual files:

When an archive has been decompiled, you can then open the models inside using their 'master' file (.hrc extension for field models from char.lgp, or files ending in 'AA' for battle models from battle.lgp; note that battle model files have no visible file extension). You can also open individual model parts too.

When edits have been made, we recompile the archive using ULGP again and it (should) be ready to go.

Yeah, I stumbled on the list you made shortly after; it'll be really useful especially with the other modules in there; cheers for putting it together.

Hi all,

I'm planning to implement some scripts and while the Deling tool does highlight which variable addresses are in use and which aren't, I suspect it doesn't covers vars that might be used outside of the field module (similar to the makou reactor tool).

I want to avoid using vars that are then used elsewhere; does anyone know of any vars (or a list of them) that are confirmed as unused?

Is there any other way to acquire it? Because I always get different items then the ones I'm supposed to looking at the walkthrough videos of the mod. Maybe a drop from some mob?

As of the latest version, Multi-Cut should be in the treasure box at the very end of the forest (note that the cave screen is no longer used with ancient forest). Should be to the right of this location at end:

Hello everyone. Newbie on here.

I've recently played this mod and I've got to say I enjoyed it from beginning to end, so congrats for your work Sega Chief. I am a seasoned player of FF7 myself and there were a couple of times when I died because I didn't set up properly. I'd like to share some of my views on the mod if you don't mind.
  • Somehow, this new rebalance of materia increasing/reducing stats felt a bit odd, especially during the first half of the game. I was not interested in equipping various materias just because they would reduce a character's stat to 0. It wasn't much of a problem later on, though, since you had more options to compensate.
  • I love the idea of not having to grind in game, but I was leveling up too fast for my liking. I was receiving a bunch of exp from bosses already so I ran from most encounters unless I wanted to morph a certain solo enemy, but these awarded a ton of exp as well. This led me to end up with lvl 1 limits for most characters on disc 3 (which I'm not too worried about) even though I tried switching them from time to time. I'm aware that you reduced the requirements to get new ones but since exp plus is obtained rather early, it could be a good idea to reduce exp gained in battles a little.
  • Also, I know it has to be difficult to make the game more balanced and I understand why you modified certain wepon/armor/accessories to try to make the game challenging. But just like with materia, after trying some I felt reluctant to use certain ones. For instance, ribbons are almost useless now (imo) because you would want to be able to cast barrier/mbarrier/shield in those few fights that truly require overall stat protection and you'd be better off using added effects and other accessories. Plus, it seems that some enemies override their effect (and the same goes for resist), though not sure that is intentional (which would make them pointless) or if it's some kind of bug. Or sprint shoes, which won't grant you haste anymore after a character is reanimated.
  • Finally, there could be a blatant message to emphasise the importance of destruct materia. Just a suggestion, as I've seen some people do not realise that dispel is your best friend here and they start cursing the mod and criticising it.

As a side note, I noticed that Cait Sith triple weapon is actually wrongly adjusted. The slot type is fine, but the growth says 'nothing' (and I checked you don't gain AP). Also, is vincent's triple weapon missing? Or am I just to blind that I cannot find it in the Genilka?

Anyway, I'm thinking about starting another playthrough when I have time, but on Arranged mode this time. Is there much of a difference apart from changes in enemies AI? And will the spreadsheets still be useful or have items changed completely? There isn't much info about it on the documents. Sorry for the lengthy post, and congrats again for this great mod!

The materia bonus/penalties were altered recently to have more of an impact, but there's likely fine-tuning needed to be made.

EXP was an issue in the original builds of the game, so I built in some 'soft-caps' to every 10 levels (11, 21, 31, 41, etc.) to try and help with that, increasing the EXP given by enemies in later areas at an exponential rate to boost players through the caps; it sort of works, but not for everyone. A potential alternate solution is maybe setting it so that enemies give reduced EXP once the player party is higher level than them.

As for Destruct, I think it starts equipped on Red XIII. If Sample HO512 made use of some grand ability that gives statuses like Peerless or Shield, then some text claiming Destruct/Debarrier will work against it, then that might keep it in player's minds as something that can turn a fight around for the future. I've seen a lot of runs where Destruct is usually shelved and forgotten about.

Alright thanks. I just got to the sunken gelnika and I found the triple materia growth weapons for several characters, except red XIII, cait sith, and vincent. Am i missing them, are they in a different place, or do they not have one?

Edit: Forgot about the Seraph Comb for Red, but cait sith and vincent still appear to not have one.

Oh, if you're on Disc 2/3 then you can pick up a precious watch from floor 63 while revisiting Shinra HQ. I thought you were betting on chocobo races cause you didn't have a racing one yet.

Awesome, thanks a bunch for the help.

Edit: Is that for sure where the watch is? I have bet on over 50 S rank races now and I have yet to even see the watch as a prize. Also the demons gate (Devil's gate rather as it refers to in where is the thing) says it has a morph to get the amulet. Is that true on arrange as well, and if so, is it obtainable elsewhere?

The prizes weren't changed, but I think S-Rank can have anything from the previous race tiers as a prize so your odds aren't great for getting one. In Arrange mode, there's a different version of Gate who has the weapon drop, I don't think that enemy is listed in the spreadsheet.

So the NPC has many spawns, and when he spawns at one, he spawns at ALL of them? I have misunderstood if that's the case, I was under the impression he spawned in the one point where you were at the time. I also believe I've misunderstood the FC battles for many years, I thought there was much less time in between when one becomes available and when it skips one. Thanks for the info. Anything about barrets innate? Always wondered about the numbers there. Also I haven't seen the Precious Watch from the chocobo square yet, i seem to recall betting on races to get them in a previous playthrough, have they moved? Or maybe can't get them on disc 1? Is the powersoul in arrange yet?

Barret's innate, it's something like +5 per stack to the corresponding stat (strength if front row, vit/spr if back row). Precious watch is S-Rank only, I think in NT you can bet on any rank of race regardless of whether you've raced or not. Powersoul is now dropped in arrange by the demons gate boss.

Hey Sega, starting a playthrough again after a few months, and I don't know if it was changed and I didn't see it in the notes, but the fort condor teleport NPC isn't showing up hardly at all. I just did the 5th FC battle and he only showed up for 2 and 3 in Junon, then I backtracked for the 5th and found the NPC still in Junon. For the 6th he was not in Cosmo Canyon, or Junon so I had to fully backtrack. Also, I don't think I ever got the answer, but how much stat points do Barrets innate stacks give per stack?

Edit: *Sigh* Ok well I completely forgot about the NPC popping out of the sealed door, too bad it was after I already backtracked hehe. Remembering when battles become available in vanilla is causing me grief it seems, however the issue with the 4th battle NPC being in junon when the team is near gold saucer still stands.

I think the NPC spawn times are:

1: No spawn (first physical visit to FC)

2 & 3: Junon, before and after getting into the water

4: After getting buggy, no spawn as players usually backtrack to Junon continent with buggy for sleeping man access + enemy skills, but I think he spawns in Gongaga on one of the paths outside the town just in case (and for later after Temple of the Ancients when party relocates to Gongaga)

5: Cosmo Canyon after selecting Cave of the Gi party, NPC appears when door opens

6: After completing Cave of the Gi, player can reuse the NPC in Cosmo Canyon

7: Rocket Town, NPC is in Cid's house sitting in the green car

8, 9, 10, 11: The Bronco is available at this point, making it easier to access either NPC spawn locations or Fort Condor itself so no new spawn locations were made

12 & 13: Forgotten City, spawns inside shell hut to make this fight accessible; can be used again after boss fight to save a return trip

14-18: These are problematic because the game 'skips' over them during the Junon Raid scenes. I decided to leave these inaccessible and started Fort Condor off with enough funds to cover these battles.

19: Highwind now available

20: Inaccessible, happens during Mideel collapse (placing a teleport here would have been funny, but maybe a bit inappropriate for a story-critical scene)

And that's all of them. The 4th spawns in Gongaga and can be used if players don't want to go back to the Junon continent with the buggy. It can also be used for quick access after Temple of the Ancients is finished (and before sleeping forest is woken up).

Thanks for the speedy reply. I usually avoid save editors because if I open one, I'll be tempted to just give my team OP stats and items instead of just playing the game and working hard for it, which is the fun part for me. However, I will make an exception for this one.

Another question this time regarding the NT Technician on the Highwind, when resetting rank ups to 1/8, does all the accumulated stats reset back to base value or does it just retain your stats and let you continue off it? I'm asking because I'd like to "respec" some characters.

Also I don't know if this is a bug or not, but equipping 4/5 summons with +25 str (Bahamut, Kjata, etc) turns my MP into 30000 and consequently, equipping 4/5 summons with +25 mag turns my HP into the same amount. I'm quite sure this isn't intended. In 7H, I don't think I've installed incompatible mods to NT but I did check "Break 9999 Limit" in the The Reunion Beacause and Menu Overhaul mod (I didn't activate Beacause, only the Menu Overhaul). Does that trigger it?

It only resets ranks, not the stats. There will be a respec feature in the future (and sources themselves will no longer be used) but that debug script was to fix an issue when changing the way ranks are counted.

There's no materia that gives +25 strength or magic in NT, closest to it is HP-MP Swap that gives +50. The mod also wasn't designed for, or tested with, the break damage/HP limit mod so oddities will probably occur.

Ok I feel so stupid. I am now in disc 3 but I only just noticed that sources only give me +1 stat! No wonder enemies keep one-shotting me and I deal pitiful damage (I thought that was just the difficulty being unfair). I've read the other replies to this post about the "bug" and I read something about using a certain .exe. I am using 7H btw. Where do you find this .exe and how do you apply it? Also, will the fix be retroactive and apply my stat gains or do I have to farm sp all over again?

7H doesn't apply .exe changes on its own, so I had to package the exe files separately (7H does something similar, it installs a lot of .exes to cover current mods). The fix won't retroactively fix your characters I'm afraid, so your best bet would be to open your save file using black chocobo tool (make a backup first) and then multiplying the value in each character's Sources stat by 5.

Here's an example:

The highlighted area is the addition being made to the stat by sources. If you multiply that value by 5, then it'll match what you should have had stat-wise with the .exe patched.

I think given the trouble that an unpatched .exe can cause, I'm going to add some kind of check to the game itself that can figure out if the .exe isn't patched or not. Then it'll be able to either warn the player, or adjust its behaviour.

General discussion / Re: List of FF7 Challenges.
« on: 2018-09-04 23:59:15 »
There's a new one Gjoerulv made recently called Monomod, where:

-) All character stats are fixed to 1 and cannot be increased using levels or sources; HP/MP can only reach around 270/90 base respectively (can go higher with materia).

-) Player starts with one copy of each unique piece of armour & accessory

-) Player also starts with 1 copy of each materia, excluding summons. Enemy Skill starts mastered, and Plus materia gives +50% at 1 star.

So if I enter/beat the Curator between its stated hours, there will be something in the chest?

No, no; I was just joking with you. It's an optional fight purely for the challenge of it.

Sega - got a question for you on end game as I'm wondering if my mod is working correctly.

Spoiler: show
Final fights against jenova / sephiroth just seem way too easy. Is there supposed to be a jenova alongside Sephiroth at the very end 1:1? I'm only seeing Sephiroth.

Maybe a balancing thing, people have said in the past that the Safer fight wasn't as hard as it could be. As for the final fight, the trigger for that was changed to check if
Spoiler: show
Aeris is still around or not
. If not, then it should be the standard scripted 1v1. If yes, then the other one is used. I'm still not 100% settled on how to handle the ending.

Another question:

I just killed the Curator on my return to Midgar. The chest behind it contained "Nothing!"

Did I do something wrong? Or is that normal?

Other than entering the diorama room outside of the stated normal visiting hours, you didn't do anything wrong.

Heyo, I noticed I was using an outdated version of this mod from 2017 so I got the 2018 version. For some reason the installer isn't changing the files.

It's giving me the "The destination directory doesn't contain any files to update." I've moved the data file to the desktop, or installing the previous version, but I'm not sure what will let it update any of the files unless there's a step I'm missing.

The installation target was changed for the new version so it could patch the game's executable. Instead of the data folder, aim it at the FF7 folder itself above it.

Hello - any timing on potential adjustments to weapon damage formulas? I'm finding the Conformer is just so OP right now and then a lot of other ultimate weapons are junk. Also, I noticed that attack damage seems to drop quite a bit in ultimates such as Omnislash. Cloud at lvl 99 normally hits around 2 - 5K and then his omnislash hits are 1k.

Thanks to karifean, I have notes on where those formulas are in the exe so an adjustment will likely be made to them in the future.

Hey, I'm playing through the mod again, and I just got the Mega-All materia, and fought the Kaktuar (I think that's what it's called, the silver Cactuar with the retro 3D glasses).

I'm just wondering, the various key items you get for doing side quests and such - the 7777 Needles, the Pulse Ammo, the Dark Matter, the X-ATM Core, the Oversoul Shards, and so on - do they actually do anything Or do they just sit in your inventory to look pretty?

You use them to get ultimate weapons, usually it'll be 2 of the character's end-game weapons + one of those new items (so for Cloud it'd be 1x Ragnarok, 1x Heaven's Cloud, and 1x Zenogias Feather). Check in with the dude in the blue house on the world map near Gongaga, where you'd ordinarily trade in Mythril.

Ok, after a million years there is finally an update. Unless there are serious bugs this will most likely be the final update. (kernel2.bin contains more text but got noticeably smaller for some reason; kinda worried. :P )

A new mod is in this time. Nothing much really. It's called the FF7 MonoMod. Yes I know, name sucks but who cares.
Party starts at level 1. Base stats never exceeds 1. HP and MP starts very low (10 :O) and maxes out at level 30 (or was it 31). Max HP base is 270, max MP is 90.
The game starts you off with most accessories, materias and armors too.

Again, nothing much, and it's not intended to be a hard mod. So if you have nothing better to do, what are you waiting for?
Keep in mind that you should patch on original files. If my patch application was used to make backups it should be enough to restore all oldest backups before patching.

Given the monomod a whirl and through the first reactor; having 1 in every stat makes the fights a lot different, and even having the maxed equipment isn't a guarantee of success. Had a few close shaves here and there; Guard Scorpion was still managing to deal damage through a Ziedrich, Protect Ring, and Defend command to a front row Cloud.

Doing a screenshot LP of it on the NGPlus form, if interested in keeping tabs on it:

One thing as well, I don't know if it was because I was juggling files between data folders but the kernel wasn't synched with a default scene. If your installer patches the scene.bin though, then it means I must have messed up when moving files over.

For the, I think these are stored within the field file itself. The contents of a field file's .fs can't be accessed directly via the field.fs, I think it needs to be extracted first and then opened with deling to get at the files inside. I extracted some a while back and here's the steps:

1) Open the field.fs with Deling.

2) Go to the import/export tab at far-right.

3) Double-click the folders down to eng/field/

4) Extract the MapData folder (contains folders of fields listed alphabetically: bc, bd, etc.)

5) Close Deling, then have it open the extracted MapData folder. Go into the folder that has the desired name (so if wanting to open bcgate_1 field, go into folder bc and should be able to find it in there). Open the .fs file for the field.

6) You should get a listing of the file's contents:
The is at the bottom and should be extractable.

Now, beyond that I'm not 100% sure what to do in order to add a new model. I tried hex-comparing different fields with similar model listings to try and get an idea of what a complete model + animations looked like so I could port one over manually to a different field, but didn't have much success. Values in the header likely need to be adjusted as well so it knows there's an extra model.

This is an archive from the dead wiki about the structure:

So guys, I was looking around the Cactilio v0.2 and had to ask this.
A friend gave me the idea to add more monsters, just by copying the same ones but painting their texture to another color and making another AI.
I didnt tried it yet, don't know if the game will bug hard or anything, just wanted to know before trying this.

A) Is it possible to add more encounters?
B) Making a copy of a monster, painting with another color and putting into a new Monster Group would bug the game?

The monster won't show up on Cactilio v0.2 monster list =/

I tried this, and when I encountered the cactilo problem I opened the scene.out in a hex editor and manually changed the monster ID to the new one. However, booting the game with it still causes a crash. I was told that it might be due to the constant array of files embedded into the .exe:

So modifying that to take account of the new monster entry would be another step, but I wasn't able to really figure out what was going on in there.

Using makou reactor tool, open the game's flevel in the data/field folder (or the disc image if it's a PSX ISO).

Go to field ID 500 (coloin1).

[To swap Omnislash with Final Attack]
Click Script Group 18 (lent1), then click on S1 - OK in the column next to the group listing. Then click expand tree to show entire script. Go to line 707.

Right click line 707 and select edit text, change it from Omnislash to Final Attack. Double click line 706 and adjust the size of the text box using automatic sizing.

Line 708, double click and change the 'add item' drop down to add materia instead and select final attack from the Materia argument (ID: 32, but it lists the materia names when clicking it).

Go up to line 276, right-click and edit text. Change omnislash to final attack. Then double-click line 275 to adjust text box.

[To swap Final Attack with Omnislash]
In group #0, dic: go to S0 - Main script and click expand tree to show the whole script.
Line 24, change this to add item and select Omnislash.

Right-click line 27 and select edit text, change it from final attack to omnislash
Delete Line 25 (this is an 'if check' for free space when adding materia, no longer needed here).

It was on Death Dealer as a manipulate command which he's immune to. I'll sort something out soon as a hotfix patch.

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