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Multi-Cut + 2 Enemies or more + Barret's Enemy launcher freezes him  :cry:

great mod btw, please buff fury ring to 50 STR/DEX  ;D (no limits + no blue/purple materia interactions whatsoever).

That's worrying; when used normally, does enemy launcher only hit all enemies or does it hit all enemies + all allies? I remember changing it from the global targeting because it broke with certain command materia but if it's still breaking with multi-cut then I'll need to either change the targeting parameter on multi-cut (assuming that works) or ditch multi-targeting on weapons (unless setting toggle flag allows it to work properly). Will do some tests.

Could buff fury ring but the status itself gives 1.5x extra damage on its own if I remember right. I'll raise it and see how it goes; I've some other things to fix up too.

Thanks, i got to disc 3 and toggle aerith as Alive... Now I can see her on the PHS but i can't move her into the party. An error sounds pops whenever i try to choose her. Do I have to do something else?

Thank you!

The required script lines seem to be there. Try toggling her off then on again in case there's been some interference from something. Also, is this the latest 1.5 build IRO from this thread or was it from a catalog?

Hi... First of all, thanks for the hard work doing this mod. I'm enjoying it a lot.

I think I made a mistake and want to know if i can find a solution. I'm halfway disc 2 and finished the north continent part. I just read that in order to keep Aerith alive i had to choose an option i haven't pick. I choosed the first option just because i was spamming X and i want to know if there's another way to ressurrect her. I don't have another save point before that choice and can't start all over again.


An option was added to the Highwind for it. Outside the Operation Room/Chocobo Pen on the Highwind, there's an engineer NPC moving around near the black-caped merchant. Talk to him and he'll have some debug options you can toggle, one being to toggle Aeris.

One of Hojo's traits is that he isn't a very good scientist; toward the end of the game in the vanilla script he says something like 'It pains me I had so little scientific sense' and I think Sephiroth derides him about that during the flashback as well. And I think Hojo believed that experiment would work because he says he's lending a helping hand to two species on the brink of extinction when you confront him on floor 68.

At the end of the day, it's not that important. The only reason I did a sweep of the dialogue originally was because people playing the mod a few years ago said they struggled a bit with the vanilla script and were asking if it could be made compatible with the Beacause translation. That retranslation mod wasn't finished at the time and was in an earlier state than it is now, so instead I went over the dialogue myself and while it's not perfect (got too wordy/expository in some places) it seems to generally go over well on the whole.

Playing this for the first time after a little digging for mechanic-affecting mods for FF7.
I'm currently fleeing Midgar, but I just noticed the entire "Hojo was trying to crossbreed Aeris with Red XIII" thing was just changed for "fighting" which both makes less logical sense for what Hojo was trying to achieve and dulls down the adult themes of the game for some sort of 13 yo interpretation of the scene. It made me seriously reconsider just how much past this point is going to be affected theme-wise by the mod creator, be it for getting rid of certain "unnecesary" adult themes in their eyes or any other bias I might not know of, thus affecting my experience through the game. Do you have any comments on that? Am I over-exaggerating? I read the notes, how the story was affected "minorly" and I was very okay with that. But if this is minor I might want to reconsider.

It wasn't a censorship thing. For me, the problem with that scene was President Shinra's reaction to Hojo's proposal. He's told that it'll take 120 years to get a result and rather than coming up with a way of shortening the time needed, Hojo just intends to make a specimen that can 'withstand the research for a long time'. I think in the original dialogue, the president's reaction is he asks Hojo 'won't that hinder our plans' which should go without saying in the first place. It's fine for Hojo to come up with a lunatic plan because that's his character, but the president should be pushing for something more immediate so he can get his new Midgar built within his own lifetime.

So originally what I was going to do was alter the scene so that the president would react a bit more strongly and push Hojo to come up with a way of producing a more immediate result, and then Hojo revising his plan on the fly to the fighting one. But instead of adding event script to handle that, I decided to just condense it down to having Hojo propose the fighting plan in the first place. Reason being, the cross-breeding thing wasn't really a plot point in that it doesn't factor into anything else in the story afterwards (Hojo's main motivation in the game is more to do with the Reunion and the Sephiroth clones) so I didn't really see an issue at the time with changing it like that.

But a lot of people have been noticing the change and pointing it out, which is a problem because the goal with the dialogue part of the mod was just to do a tidy up of how the lines had been laid out and help stitch together some of the vaguer plot points a bit more; if it's bothering people and taking them out of their experience of the game then it'll need to be changed back. What I could do is have it so he says that breeding a 'hybrid' would make the research go faster; that would probably cover it.

Thanks a lot to Quid and Sega Chief for your answers and your advice.

I think I will start by writting the dialogues in a word doc before try any editting, to make sure they are good enough, unfortunately my day job does not leave much time for hobbies, but I will make a new post if I make any progress.

Thanks again and keep up with the good work.

Try to break dialogue down to 3 lines or less,
to about this length per line and to be wary
of {Name} as these can vary in length.

Hello Sega Chief and friends of the forum.

As you may have notice, I joined this forum only recently, so I begin this post by admitting that I´m a total noob when it comes to videogame modding.

With that said, I came to think that I would like to try my hand at adding some little changes to Final Fantasy 7 for my own personal enjoyment, I have already described some of the changes I would like to see in previous posts, but I´m especially interested in changing the story a little from the temple of ancients onwards, so I have a couple of questions that I hope you could answer.

As of now my objectives are:

1.   To change some lines of dialog in existing scenes.
2.   To add some extra newdialogue to existing scenes.
3.   To add some new scenes with new dialogs. (with “scene” I refer to the moments in the game where the characters enter into a place, walk around, their models do some animations, talk to each other, all without input from the player except for pressing the “confirm” button to make the dialog advance, for example the “date” scene in the gold saucer).

My questions would be:

1.   ¿How difficult would be to do those changes?
2.   ¿Is there any program / tool that would allow someone to do those changes without prior programing knowledge?
3.   ¿Could I apply those changes on top of the “Vanilla Combat” version of N.T.?
I should clarify that I intend to create this mod only for personal use, and in no way I mean to disrespect the authors of N.T. I ask this because I wish to use Aerith in the story changes I want to implement, and N.T. already has her modded back into the game, also because the translation of the scrip is a lot better in N.T. version that it is in the base game.

Well, that is it, many thanks in advance, and I hope to read your answer soon. :)

Makou Reactor tool handles this. It represents the field/event script in lines with the opcodes and their arguments interpreted into more readable english. Scripts are read in line-by-line like a procedural language and uses logic gates to control the script flow. A field will start by reading the 'init' part of every group, then the Mains will be read repeatedly (will loop if they have script), talk/contact are when talking or bumping into the group, and Script 3-31 are manually called and usually store event-specific actions.

Changing dialogue is 'easy' but you need to manually resize the text box window in which it is set to appear, which can involve tracking it down within the field. The tool has search functions that can help with this, you can search the script for certain text and it will locate where it is used in the field script.

Creating a new scene is a bit more involved depending on the complexity of the scene and any pre-existing scenes that are in the field. Start by studying a scene you are familiar with in-game and see how it is achieved; the opcodes that are called to make it happen. Things like split/join party field are used to have party members dynamically appear from Cloud's current position, animations can be played on a loop, partially, to hold the script until it finishes, etc.

If this is for vanilla NT then use that file as your base. There's no clean way to patch a field script into a different flevel outside of copy-paste so better to just work with that flevel directly.

I have pretty much come up with the perfect mod order in 7th Heaven for FFVII to play with pretty much perfect HD graphics and gameplay, and was thinking of sharing it on these forums to help newbies at modding get a good up-to-date install guide for the latest mods available. The only problem is the gameplay mod I want to recommend in my install guide is New Threat, but I cannot recommend it at all because it has those two bugs in the basement of Shinra Mansion and the Temple of Ancients where the dialog breaks when used with Menu Overhaul.  There is no good way to mod FFVII using Tifa's 7H unless you use Menu Overhaul, it's basically pointless.  So because your mod doesn't work along with Menu Overhaul without breaking those scenes, it's basically still not fully compatible with 7H.  I could never recommend anyone mod FFVII unless they use 7H with MO, so therefore I can't recommend your mod to anyone unless those buggy scenes are removed from your mod.

Could you please correct your 7H IRO version by removing those edits you made to those scenes so I can recommend it to people who use 7H and Menu Overhaul (which is the best way to mod the game if you know what additional IRO mods to get as well as what options and load order to choose.)

I would say that's a bug with MO rather than with NT. If you feel that you can't recommend FF7 or NT at all without MO then that's a shame but having thought about it I'm not really willing to start stripping out field screens to work around a bug in a different mod. But maybe that new MO in catalog 3.0 Alyza mentioned will solve the issue.

Edit: That being said, it is likely to just be dialogue in those two fields although I'll need to check. Tonight I'll check them through and if there's no script handling in there then probably won't be any harm in swapping in vanilla fields.

FF7 Gameplay Releases / Re: [FF7PC] The Barret Mod
« on: 2019-10-28 11:11:25 »
SegaChief for doing 80% of the work

So long as I don't take 80% of the blame as well.

hey guys loving the mod, been playing on arrange and was just wondering if im experiencing bugs in my new threat mod or if the game is working is as intended.

Once again i'm playing on arrange mode and my party level is 24 to be clear

1) Sometimes I would only need like 4000 exp to level but around level 20 or 21, I needed something like 14,000 exp to level my character, is this intended?

2) Getting wonky damage with limit break (no barriers on enemy), sometime my limit break would hit for over 2300 (at level 20) or sometimes like 400, is there a crit system for limit breaks in the mod?

3) The water boss (forgot the name) that attracts Priscilla is glitchy as heck, not just in animation but in attacks, not sure if its a new status effect but sometimes the boss would hit me and would continuously tick my HP down, like im poisoned. However my party members are clearly not poisoned or trapped in the bubble at all, is this a glitch?


There are like these bumps in required EXP that happen every 11 levels to help soak up accidental overleveling when doing optional stuff. Each successive area's enemies and bosses give increasing EXP that pushes past these soft caps.

Limits can hit criticals; what might be happening is that some enemies have higher defence than others.

The animations are just how that guy looks. The dual though is because I've put it on Venomstrike which is probably not a good idea considering that this status is used in a unique way for the bubbles. If you have that status, then antidotes should get rid of it along with the poison.

You need to approach the field from a certain place. Go to the top of the mountain and look at the paths up there. There's one going NE, and two going NW. You want the upper NW path. This'll set you on a series of screens angled like this: \

A screen or two in, you'll find the Deathblow materia. Be careful not to go too far or you'll end up at the Hot Springs and will have to go back to the top of the mountain to get the right path again. I should probably just move the Materia to the hot springs instead.

Hey Chief,

I've really been enjoying the mod, but I've run into an issue that I hope you can help with?

I'm getting soft locked when trying to enter the Dark Cave.  I follow the prompts, hit "Let's Go" , and Cloud steps into the cave.  The screen goes black and Cloud and Barrett wake up in Midgar.  There's a quick dialogue with Barrett saying something to the effect of "The others aren't here either." and that's it.  The game just sits there.  I can't move, open a menu, or anything else.  Barrett just stands there blinking his big dumb eyes for all of eternity.

I did a search, the only thing I found was the above mentioned PHS glitch that someone else had an issue with.

Things I've tried: 

I had Barrett in the party initially, I removed him and got the same result.
I completely remade the party.
I made Cid and Tifa the heads of the party.
Tried with Cid & Aerith both flagged for dead and alive.
I tried equiping and un-equiping various items/weapons/materia.
I went and did other events, which all triggered properly, then went back and got the same result.

I'm running version 1.5: released 8/31/2019.

This is the first issue I've had with the mod and not sure what else to try.

(Please don't say I have to start over  8-))

Edit:  Oh yeah, I'm playing on arrange mode and I've done obvious things like rebooting/reinstalling and such.

That typically happens when there's an animation mod on or something. I think the key offender was the 'animated idles' mod or similar. Best approach is to only have NT running until you reach the first save point, and then turn on your other mods again. If no other mods are on, then make sure that you don't have any leftovers lying around like 60fps for instance as some seem to persist even after uninstalling.

Swinging back by to say that I'm preeeetty confident you can't get a max ray from the armored golem dude. I've fought about a dozen and a half and all have been pile steals, with no drops.

If you successfully steal from an enemy, that enemy's drop becomes unavailable for that battle.

Hello everyone, I wish to present an idea for consideration of the forum, an Alternative Materia System, the rules of such system will be as follows:
1.   Materia don’t gain AP, grow or reproduce in any way.

2.   Multiple copies of the same Materia equipped in the same Weapon or Armor stack up creating greater effects.

3.   For Magic Materia equipping more copies of the same Materia allows the character to cast more spells, i.e. equipping one Fire Materia allows your character to cast “Fire 1” equipping two Fire Materias allows your character to cast both “Fire 1” and “Fire 2”.

4.   For Independent Materia equipping more copies of the same Materia increases the potency of the effect, i.e. equipping one “HP Plus” Materia gives your character 20% more HP, equipping two “HP Plus” Materia gives your character 40% more HP.

5.   For Command Materia, equipping more copies improves the effect of the command. i.e. equipping one Steal Materia gives you the command “Steal”, equipping two Steal Materias gives you the command “Mug”.

6.   Summon Materias are unique, but they gain more power the more of them you equip together, i.e. equipping Shiva Materia alone allows your character to summon Shiva at standard 100% power, equipping Shiva and Infrit Materias together allows your character to summon any of the two of them at 110% power, equipping Shiva, Infrit and Ramuh Materias together allows your character to summon any of the three of them at 120% power and so on, also each eidolon could be Summoned only one time per battle, but each consecutive summon receives and additional power boost of 10%, so for example if your character as a weapon with three slots and equips Shiva, Infrit and Ramuh Materias, and summons the three of them in three consecutive turns, the results will be: 1st turn: Shiva at  120% power, 2nd turn: Infrit at 130% power, 3rd Turn: Ramuh at 140% power. The “consecutive” power boost is lost if the character uses a command different to “Summon” or is knocked out (K.O. status).

7.   Support Materia is a little tricky since its effects are more varied than the other types, but it follows two principles, 1° It will no longer be paired with a specific Materia, the effect applies to either all Materias equipped in the same garment (For Elemental & Status Attack / Defenses), or to a random one each time the effect activates (For Magic or Command Counters). 2° The effect becomes more potent with each copy of the same Support Materia equipped in the same garment. For example, in an Armor with three slots, if you equip one Elemental Materia (Support), One Fire Materia (Magic) and one Ice Materia (Magic), your character acquires a 50% resistance to both Fire and Ice attacks, and can cast “Fire 1” and “Ice 1” but if in the same Armor you instead equip two Elemental Materias (Support) and one Fire Materia (Magic), your character acquires a 100% resistance to Fire, what is to say immunity to Fire, and can cast only “Fire 1”.

¿What would be the use of this Alternative Materia System? Well I think it could make the game more fun if applied correctly, the current Materia system is too easy to abuse, with some light grinding all the characters could be “masters” of everything at the same time, (Hit hard, resist heavy punishment and cast a big variety both offensive and defensive spells) making them easily interchangeable between them (You could literally just switch all the equipped Materia from one character to another and barely note the difference in battle), also there is no much incentive to have more than one copy of each Materia since every new Materia starts at the minimum level; with this new system you will be force to make hard choices, because you will need more Materia to access the stronger spells and skills, so with limited slots you may have to choose between Cure 3 or Fire 3, but at the same time the game becomes more versatile, as you no longer need to grind AP to learn Fire 3, you just buy three Fire Materias and equip them together and you have an attack mage ready for action, that way there is more reason to “tailor” each character for a specific battle role and try different party combinations.

Of course to make the best use of this system, Materia should become much more plentiful, sold cheaper at the stores and in more variety, and “Rare” Materias that are usually only available near the end of the game should be obtainable from treasure chests, or from stealing, morphing and killing enemies, (Steal, Morph and Item drop should have higher success rates to incentivize the use of these abilities).

Well that is all, sorry for the extra-long post, and hope you have liked some of the ideas posted here.   

There is a way to stop growth/division, the first .EXE hack someone taught me was related to that and materia stats.

A stacking effect would be really cool; a buff to base spell power if multiple Fire equipped, or a better status chance if multiple Seal equipped. I don't think unlocking spells through that would be a good idea though, there's a fairly hefty jump between Fire and Fire3 but having the spells themselves deal a little more damage than normal if multiple Fire are equipped would be a good expansion to the system.

As for Plus Materia, that is currently how it works. They stack up to a max of something like 100% I think. Cover does the same but without an upper limit (meaning it can overflow if you multiple mastered Cover on).

Stacking different summons could be a good idea too. It'd make a dedicated Summoner build worthwhile. Perhaps in addition to power, you get extra uses for each summon the more of them there are.

Well, Magnade is more like ifrit xD, at least I saw that you could use the summons to create other enemies, and thats better O_o. The same thing happened to me on my first attempt, I tried to put bahamut in red dragon, but didn't work -_-
Just coincidence ....really! O_O

Zuu/Tonadu might work for Bahamut, but it's usually difficult to tell if it'll work out until you're midway through and a few hours in :c

Hey SegaChief,

Big thanks to all the work with New Threat - it's a great mod, I've enjoyed watching people play it on Twitch and wanted to take it for a spin myself.

Have just installed New Threat and noticed the Chocobo fight in the winding tunnels on the way to the Sector 5 reactor isn't taking place.

I'm wondering if this is linked to RNG or if the battle's been removed? Everything has been working as expected up until this point.

I think it doesn't happen on Arrange mode, that or there was something to do with the RNG being a bit wonky. It's a pretty dodgy script to begin with and I didn't do a clean job inserting the new part.

If it doesn't happen after the first battle, then select run and then come back and trigger it again.

have you given any thought as to how this is even done?, I've wanted this for ages but have no clue, i figure its in the main kernel somewhere. 

There's a variable you can toggle I think. Couple problems: 1) SeeD uniforms have no equivalent battle models. 2) The SeeD and cadet uniforms on field screens are limited to where they're used in default game and it's currently difficult to add new field groups to a screen.

A hard-patch way of doing it would be to replace the regular battle character entries with the cadet ones. As for fields, I think each field has its own set of models (and animation set) rather than pulling them from an archive like FF7 PC does so swapping those out would take a lot more time.

Whoever did the "arrange" mod is a lazy ass......  i have to fight 2 ferning blast by president shinra who have 3600 hp and  i have 0 ferning MP!!!!!!!
I TRIED GRINDING MONSTERS they drop 0 "tent" or "ether" so how in the ferning c ocksucking dicks am i gonna get mp to move forward? should i farm mobs with normal attacks til i go 100 lv to proceed or ferning what dude? get a ferning grip.  Yall make so many ferning mods its been what 25 ferning years since this game been out? "This supposed to be a good mod?"   How about u fix the overcomplicated stats oh no nono non instead u made it more complicated with retarded stats like what the fern dude. 

Assuming you're save-locked in the Reactor, best bet would be to try and get some potions/phoenix downs together from the Blood Tastes, and some Shrapnels from the Type-5 Sweepers.

Otherwise, if you have a save from before starting the Reactor 5 mission then Ethers and Tents can be farmed from the Train Graveyard from Drive and Sweeper respectively as drops.

I know the documentation is not up-to-date, but can anyone confirm that Max Ray is still stealable from the Armour Golem? They keep stealing / morphing/ dropping Pile Bunkers.... I have 9 now. I haven't found any way to get the Max Ray off them.

Max Ray should be a drop; bear in mind that if a Steal or Morph is made then the drop becomes unavailable.

A gift. In case one day it can be useful xD

Looks good. I tried to rig Titan's parts onto a Magnade for 1.4 or early 1.5 but it didn't quite work out. Same thing with Phoenix back when summon fights were planned but it was awkward getting all the parts to sit so I dropped it in the end.

running my 2nd playthrough of the mod, found a small softlock issue during the Dark Cave sidequest. if you use one of the save points and select PHS while it's still only Cloud and Barret it won't let you exit the menu or do anything else due to not having a party of 3, making progression impossible. probably a game limitation, though.

PHS shouldn't be available in the reactor, so that's my bad.


1. I wouldn't really want to tamper with that scene to such an extent.

2. I guess I don't mind it being said from the outset that the Rocket Plan will fail; the original reason was fairly weak. I got the feeling that whole section was padding, although it was interesting to run about as Cid for a while.

Thanks for the reply. I did do the game converter as said in the instructions. The thing is that all other mods work when downloaded from the catalog. I imported the NT iro file, which doesn’t work. But when I downloaded the remako mod and use only that, it works just fine. I might do a complete reformat and go that route.

I'll check the IRO then, just in case it's been sitting there with vanilla files or something.

Hello together,

could it be that 1.5 version massively differs from 1.4 Version?

I finished the 1.4 version a couple of months ago and now installed 1.5, however it seems like literally every stat on the materia system was changed and seems pretty unbalanced. Take Haste for example, it gives Vitality +3, intellect +3 and HP +3%? There is literally no downside in equipping it, even for a brawler its a must-equip.
Honestly I was so surprised by that drastic change that I thought it was because I applied too many mods.
The buffs and malus were fine in the 1.4 imo. So I'm still not sure if it just me or if these changes really have been made? The changelog mentions a few things, however not that deepgoing

Nonetheless, thanks for this great mod Chief!

I wanted people to make use of status magic so I avoided putting penalties on its Materia in case it put people off it.

Hi Sega Chief and people of the forum. I Just wanted to share an idea I had while playing Final Fantasy 7 (original version without mods).

¿How about a "classic job" mod? I noticed that the characters are too similar when it comes to battle roles, so I think it will be interesting if they had a fixed "job" and only some characters could learn certain spells / skills, like the way it works in Final Fantasy 4 or Final Fantasy 9, that will make you consider your strategy a little more when forming your party, and give you a reason to "train" all your characters (just to see what skills they learn and also to have them ready in case you need their specific role in a specific battle) I guess the most obvious way to do it would be to make the character weapons  come with "fixed" unremovable specific materias, and remove the materia slots from armors, in my opinion the jobs suggested by the canon characterisaction would be: Cloud: Warrior / Knight, Barret: Gunner, Tifa: Monk, Aerith: White Mage / Summoner, Red XIII: Blue Mage, Yuffie: Thief / Ninja, Vincent: Black Mage, Cait Sith: Gambler, Cid: Dragoon.

Also a little request, please keep working in the "vanilla combat" mode, I know it is not as popular as the main project, but I really like it, and it still needs a little more polishing, speacially regarding the changes that were unintentionaly left over from the main mod.

As always thanks for your great work, and hope to read you soon.

Sister Ray might make that possible but unsure. Something could be set up in FF7 as it is now, but it would likely be really hacky and not a proper job-based system. Would have to get inventive with some of the spells by turning some of them into 'abilities, shuffle Limits around, maybe change the Defend command into a character-specific command, stuff like that. Materia can be locked onto a character by placing Materia into a non-slot but can be circumvented with Remove All.

Could you release a Reunion R03 compatible version of this mod that removes all dialogue changes during the flashback scene when cloud finds Sephiroth in the basement?  There is a script conflict with Menu Overhaul in Reunion R03 that causes the dialogue to not work.

I don't know if the problem still exists with Reunion R05, as there is no 7th Heaven version and every time I try to install R05 using the .exe installer it breaks my game completely.

I know I can just turn off your mod for that scene, but it would be nice to have a version that is compatible with R03 so I could just play through without issues, and it seems like just removing any changes to that scene would do the trick if possible.


It's not just there, it's in Temple of the Ancients as well during the Mural scene where Tseng gets attacked. I could try porting in a vanilla field file for those screens as I think they're isolated from any custom NT variables, etc.

Thank you again for the swift responses, I'm well on my way for weapon farming!

I did run into another issue, though. In the readme, it states that part of Clouds final weapon is from the Iron Man mob, which according to the Wiki is located past the point of no return. Has he been moved?

EDIT: Also, I can't seem to steal a Max Ray from the Armored Golem, it only gives me a pile banger.

EDIT2: Where the heck is Ruby?

Iron Man can now be found on the left-down path, the last screen of it (the screen where that floating purple materia on the platforms you have to hop over to grab it, where Mega-All originally sat in default game). If Armored Golem's steal is pile banger, then his drop is very likely to be Max Ray; must be the wrong way round in the documentation.

Ruby Weapon pops up after Ultimate Weapon is killed, but the game uses a 'time progression' thing to trigger certain events like that (2nd part of Vincent's cave, chocobo breeding cooldown, etc.) It's advanced by fighting random battles + visiting then leaving a town.

Howdy! Long time lurker, and enjoying NT in all it's glory!

Having a bit of an issue when loading it with 7th Heaven. I've done the uninstall/install thing over on the steam version. Imported the IRO file into 7th Heaven, attempt to launch a new game, but NT won't load.

Checking the profile only with NT running, I get a version number, but not a (gameplay = 1) like some of the other profiles on this page which makes me believe NT isn't being activated. Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for all you do!

Did you follow the 7h tutorial with the game converter?

A new install needs to be made (preferably outside of Program Folders as these are protected against the kind of inject/alterations that 7h does at runtime) and this new install has to be the target for 7h (it has to have its exe specified in settings; it'll be ff7.exe, and not ff7_en.exe as that is the Steam version).

Hello just checking in and seeing if a version for Playstation has been thought of anymore. I’d really like to play it on my Raspberrypi

I know a bit more about the playstation version now. A lot would need to be cut out, or altered to get around some of the limitations. Time is just too cramped at the moment though; in addition to FF8 NT, I've got a project in the works for a new tool for FF7 which is fairly far along.

I've been trying for about an hour now to steal an item from the crater dragon(s) for the ultimate weapons. With steal and mug, and added steal, and four encounters now, I've not been able to swipe the item I need. I seem to have this problem on the iron golem as well. Am I bugged, or is the steal rate just absurdly low? If it's the latter, assuming I'm 99, is there anything I can do to up the rate?

There was an oversight with how level is handled in NT which makes it impossible to steal from Crater enemies normally. You'll need a Sneak Glove from Wall Market to get their steals (the guy who sells Batteries on Disc 1 has it).

I think by that point it would be best to stick with the version you're on. If it's 1.4, then there's not a drastic amount you're missing out on; some of the sidequests are different and the enemy balancing is tougher.

"Where could she have gone?"

Holy crap dude, that took me a few seconds to figure out and I got a MIGHTY case of the shivers. Well done, this part of NT is exceptional.

While I appreciate the added humour to the game I wish all the loyalty mission type stuff could be this in-depth. Like Cid and Aeris' for example seemed a little throw-away... but this really took me off guard. Great writing job.

I had to do a flevel search to find out who you meant  ;D ; if I committed to the whole thing then maybe it could have worked but I lost faith in it halfway through.

Hello everyone, so during the day I keep thinking about the idea of giving Aerith more participation after saving her from her fate, and I came up with a little scene between her and Tifa:
This scene takes place in the Icicle Inn town, after watching the tapes of Aerith´s parents, she asks the party to stay in the town for the night so she could process what she just learned, during the night Tifa visits Aerith in her room, and the following conversation occurs:
Tifa: Aerith, forgive for being blunt, but I just need to know, ¿why did you left us behind? ¿why did you decided to go to the City of the Ancients all by yourself? that was incredibly dangerous! I mean damn, you almost got yourself murdered by Sephiroth.
Aerith: You don´t understand, I didn´t left because I wanted to, I did it because I had to, because only a Cetra could unlock Holy, and I am the last Cetra… my mother is dead, all my people are dead… I am all alone.
Tifa: Aerith, you are a Cetra, that much is true, but you are also a human, your dad was a human, the woman that raised you was a human, Cloud, Barret, and me, we are all humans, and we are all your friends, we all care for you, you are not alone! You never were.
Aerith: I… I am sorry… (Aerith begins to cry a little, Tifa hugs her in comfort)
Tifa: It´s ok, it´s ok, just remember we are all here for you, you don’t have to save the world by yourself.
Aerith: …You are right…. Because we are going to save this world together!

…Well, so what do you guys think? too cheesy? Sorry, the scene just keeps playing in my head and I needed to share it. ;D

Dialogue needs to match the character, and it needs to match the way the rest of the dialog sounds. Tifa wouldn't say 'I mean damn,' for instance. You can also do a lot more with a lot less (some of the dialogue I added originally to the exposition scenes like Ghost Hotel, the Hatchery, and the Highwind operation room got far too verbose for their own good and it ruins it a bit) and it's also always important to try and leave as small a footprint as possible when altering a pre-existing piece of work. If I go too far then it'll feel like I'm interfering with the player's experience too much.

Thank you very much for the response!

When the final/next version comes out, will I be able to carry my save over for NG+?

If I set up something that fully resets the game state, then could do that yeah.

Very accurate (I actually got my gold chocobo on a previous NT version--that didn't have the trade active--the hard way right after getting Cloud back)--I guess I personally think it's worth making players work for, especially since the materia bosses are a bit easier with the rebalancing.

Maybe a good trade-off would be to place the guide book with a different enemy at a later point? Maybe even an early enemy in the Northern Crater? Like the gargoyles? Or morphing one of those nightmare monsters on the Gelnika (which are much more deadly than the Ghost Ship)?

That way players can still eventually skip the chocobo breeding/racing if they want but they can't get the extra special materia until endgame or after a particularly difficult fight. BUT if they want to put in the work they can still access the materia caves the normal way after they get Cloud back.

The thing with moving it is that people then don't know where to find it, but I'll think about it. If Ghost Ship appeared in the Crater then that could be an option.

Hello Sega Chief, Thanks for your answer.

I too would like to see more of Aerith as I,m a fan of hers, I think that the way she is incorporated in the story is already pretty clever, (she thinks that the Holy invocation failed, so we still have a reason to do the quest with Bugenhagen (Red's granpa) in the city of ancients to understand what really happened) so maybe one way to inolve her more would be to have her become a little depressed after the Sephyroth "incident", because she thinks she failed to summon Holy and in doing so failed her duty / destiny has a Cetra, and them have her recover her confidence when Bugenhagen shows her that her prayers were indeed answered, also maybe give her some more interactions with the other members of the party, especially Cloud and Tifa

Also she should have some reaction to watching the videos of her parents in the Icicle town as they would be very personal to her, and finally give her some more weapons after the princess guard (in the original game the princess guard is found in the temple of the ancients and is literally the last weapon of the staff category) so she has more or less the same amount as the other characters, her ultimate weapon could be change to something like "Queen's guard" or "Empress guard" or "Sorceress guard" (ffviii reference  8))

I suppose that would make sense. I haven't really thought about it yet; my main concern is making it gel. In my mind, story-wise, she shouldn't be there at all so it'll be a tough one.

Weapons are tough, as they occupy a very tight struct in the kernel. Items by comparison have a lot of free spaces but Weapons, Armour, and Accessories are 'fully booked' in a sense. What I could try doing is siphoning off a weapon from Cid or someone that has more than the usual amount. I think characters do have a model slot for weapons of higher IDs, but they just have a default weapon model so if I change that and the weapon swap is of the correct ID then it should work.

Hello Sega Chief and people of the forum.

I just wanted to note a couple of minor errors I found while playiing Vanilla Mode:

In Wutai inside the Da Chao mountain, whe youn collect the "Steal as well" materia using Leviatan,s Scales to extinguish the fires, a Yuffie models sudenly appears out of nowhere in the field and says some lines to some "ghost girl", then a battle occurs, (a common crustacean monster with a beach background) and after you win, you receibe  the "Steal as well" materia and Yuffie s 4th Level Limit, I guess this is a leftover from the complete mod, where this is the normal way to adquiere that Limit, but in the Vanilla mode the event is gliched, Yuffie appers out of tin air and remains in the field event after the battle, both the monster and the background of the battle are wrong, and it actually gives you a second copy of that Limit, since you obtain it normally by winning the fight again Yuffie´s dad. My point is that to make the Vanilla version a little cleaner, it would be advisable to remove the added events and battles that give you rewards that could be obtained using the "normal" method of the original game.

Also in the Sunken Gelnia Plane there is one single treasure box that could not be opened or interacted with.

That is all for now, as always thanks for the mod and for this active forum.

Will exorcise ghost.

Hi Sega Chief--I finished my NT playthrough this weekend and wanted to note a few thoughts about the latest version. NT was the only mod I used, and I played on the regular rather than arranged mode.

I still think the new 1.5 is the most pleasantly balanced version of the game I've played (I could become really powerful if I wanted, but some encounters would still wreck me if I wasn't paying attention), but some general things came up that I thought could be better balanced:

--It felt like you reintroduced late-level scaling to damage formulas, which was super welcome, but also made it super easy to max my damage output when combined with the really high experience curve mid- to late-game. I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but I think slowing down the experience curve is the best solution here so folks don't get that sweet lvl 80+ damage scaling so early in disc 2. Or maybe increase the experience needed for a level up by a factor of 5 from lvl 72 on? Not sure what the exact formula is, but I think it would make it more rewarding to hit those plateaus later than I did.

--I definitely get the reason for the Gold Chocobo-for-Guide Book trade, but with your new combat balance, I think it probably breaks mid-game. I wasn't able to beat the KotR boss immediately (although I might have if I had tried a bit harder early on--I won once I came back with final weapons and lvl4 limits), but the other materia cave bosses went down REALLY easy. I had all the special materia available via chocobo outside KotR literally right after I got the sub. Maybe give us a different color chocobo for the guide book? Like blue or green?

--I love most final weapons (especially Missing Score + 4 Osmose materia), but I have to echo some folks' complaints about Vincent's and Cid's. With your new combat balance they do respectable damage, but will almost always be outdamaged by the big hitters (Cloud, Tifa, Barret) when holding strength constant between them all. This is especially problematic for Cid--his weapon doesn't ignore defense, and its special skill is effectively useless by the time you get it (draining HP is really only useful for longer fights, of which there aren't many left after the Dark Cave). Since Cid was one of my rotating main physical damage dealers, that's a problem IMO!

--On the subject of final weapons, please make Aeris' final weapon default target the party and not the enemy! In some fights where I needed to move quick there were some...embarrassing mess ups. And in pincer attacks (such as the KotR battle) it's surprisingly difficult to move the cursor to your party from the enemy!

--Is Cosmo Memory supposed to fill everyone's limit gauge? I used it in one of the final battles expecting only a single big hit, but then cloud and barret got their limits immediately after use. Maybe I'm wrong, but that seems super OP (although maybe it's not in arrange mode?), especially with how good Catastrophe is.

--The final boss of the dark cave has an attack that still ignores status immunity. I lost my first try against her (because of status effects), equipped ribbons on everyone the 2nd time, but Cloud still got confused, and even after I healed him stayed confused (the other status effects were dispelled though). It's literally the only time that happened my entire playthrough.

--Finally, about the stat system. I know you plan on changing it to a story-progress-centered system with some stat increases by level, but I do have a critique that applies to both the current and planned system. I personally love it it in theory, but one thing it does is lock the player choices very early possibly without an understanding of effective endgame builds/damage formulas, which currently could lead to a lot of regret. For example, if you don't realize that strength values do, in fact, play a big role in all final weapon damage formulas, you may be sorely surprised to find your 100 str Cloud with 9999 HP or a Barret with 4 Osmose Missing Score but 125 str (because you loaded up on defense min/maxing for Missing Score) doing subpar damage. Obviously this dynamic is sort of addressed with the recent rebalancing, but maybe a limited respec option during endgame might help (a 1-time-only, and only your first 3-4 rank ups?). I definitely think a unlimited/full respec would be too much though.

--Oh, and I forget what line, but I believe there's a single textbox in the cloud/tifa lifestream sequence that has "migh" instead of "might." Literally the only other unintentional typo my copyeditor eye caught!

Just my 2 pennies on what could be improved on what is already an amazing as hell mod! Take/ignore what you like of course!

EDIT: And just to be clear, I don't think any of the bosses--mandatory or optional--need rebalancing. I sadly didn't get to play against your Emerald Weapon variant (thanks to the sub glitch--I'd rather not muck around in the code to fix it just so I don't mess something else up), but every boss fight felt fair. I never once felt I got beat unfairly (except the Dark Cave final boss because of the above mentioned issue)--really well done building those encounters!

The levels, damage formulas, and exp is being redone for the final build. I think it got a bit too gung-ho by the end in trying to rush the player up to max level.

Chocobo Breeding becomes available once Cloud is back, so you can get up to Black fairly quickly for the 3 land-based caves. So even if the guidebook thing is removed or downgraded, those caves still become accessible at that point of the game (assuming player puts the time in).

Cid's weapon was often reported as the strongest one due to the drain effect making him very difficult to kill. But I agree that all the ultimate weapons should have a unique formula of some sort that can deal comparable bonus modifier damage to each other, and that there's not enough to go around currently for them all to be unique.

Cosmo Memory was adjusted into a party support ability where it refills the party's Limit gauges in addition to its effect. I think Yuffie's All Creation revives all KO'd party members like Phoenix. Those two limits are problematic because they're single-shot, rather than multi-hit like the others.

Those attacks were all supposed to be removed as per the last patch, so I must have missed one.

The last build of the mod is going to be migrating onto new modding frameworks when they release which will allow full control over the savemap, this will make a respec function possible and make the whole Sources thing moot as it will be automated with field script.

Hi Sega Chief -- Just finished my second playthrought of the Vanilla Mode, i'm  happy to report that all the game breaking bugs a have been eliminated, I was able to play from start to finish without having to resort to save editing, I have a few suggestions/wishes in case you decide to keep working in the Vanilla Mode:

1. Return the materia to their original locations and return its original stat values: I notice some materia have been move to later in the game, and some have their stat boost / penalties severely increased, I guess this was done for balance reasons in the NT version, but it is not really necesary in the Vanilla Mode, since that one is the easy one anyway, also it will keep the Vanila Mode a little closer to the original.

2. Change the line that Cloud says when he revives Aerith to something a little more serious, my suggestion will be someting like, "I can´t belive... she still breathing! quick give me a phonenix down!" has the previous scene shows that Cloud was certain that Aerith have been killed, and is very distraught over the fact, so the casual line used in the current version "We dont have revive  level 4 but this does the trick too" sound out of place in what is otherwise a dramactic and serious scene.

3. If possible, remove the "Fainting" mecanic from the great glacier map, (Cloud faints after a set number of steps and wakes up in the mountain climber's cottagge) since it does not really contribute much to the gameplay and it is rather annoying when you are triying to explore the whole glacier and found all the treasures.

That is all, off course I'm very gratefull with what you have already done, as the Vanilla Mode is already functional and very well done, but please consider these friendly suggestions, Thanks again, and read you later. 

It was a fairly fast job so there's definitely some stuff that's went wandering to places they aren't ordinarily located. I didn't know the stat adjustments were still in there though, that'll be coming from the .exes.

I was talking to someone on twitter recently about that scene. Some people want Aeris to be more involved with the story post-Disc 1 (where currently she's kind of kept to the side as an optional auxiliary character like Yuffie or Vincent). I'm going to add some more toggles and the like so people can tailor the mod a bit to turn off/alter stuff.

Yeah can definitely remove the fainting at Glacier.

The expected enemy animation index is slightly different to the player character animation index, so when taking a hit without adjustments an invalid animation gets played and it hangs. To get around this problem you can manually adjust the Damage Taken animation to a different ID. Add this to the enemy's pre-battle AI:

12   2060
11   4088
60   08

That translates to:
Self.DamageAnimID <- 8

This sets the damage taken animation to the Dodge animation. You could try replacing the 08 with one of the actual damage taken animations instead, I think I used 08 because Sephiroth doesn't have a damage-taken animation and I ended up using Dodge for all of the enemies using player-character models as a base. But if the damage-taken animations don't work then at least Dodge is proven to work in its place.

Looking at your notes, it seems there might be some differences between characters but they roughly have the same structure.

-) 0: Idle (No need to change)
-) 1: Near Death (only use as alt idle, trigger is status ailment or when near death).
-) 2: Victory Animation
-) 3: Change Row Forward
-) 4: Change Row Backward
-) 5: Stand/Evade
-) 6: Dead
-) 7: Running
-) 8: Cover
-) 9: Use Item
-) 0A: Throw Item
-) 0B: Can't be read by Kimera/Missing?
-) 0C: Use Magic
-) 0D: Hit
-) 0E: Stun Hit - Two sets
-) 0F: Hit Knocked Down
-) 10: E.Skill Twirl
-) 11: Sense
-) 12: Manipulate
-) 13: Steal
-) 14: Deathblow
-) 15: Change Lane (unused in base game)
-) 16: Change Lane (unused in base game)

-) 0D:
-) 0E: Runs, ends up close
-) 0F: Turns invisible, works...?
-) 10: Row Change
-) 11: Magic again
-) 12: Damage Taken - FF03 (ejected)
-) 13: Damage Taken - FF01 (stunned)
-) 14: Fully working standard attack
-) 15: Slash-All/Long Range
-) 16: 2x-Cut A
-) 17: 2x Cut B (stays in place)
-) 18: 4x-Cut A
-) 19: 4x Cut B
-) 1A: 4x-Cut C
-) 1B: 4x-Cut D
-) 1C: Flash
-) 1D: Spell
-) 1E: E.Skill Use
-) 1F: Summon

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