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Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-09 21:26:35 »
Granted, but they're so profane they get you banned.

I wish there were fairy vending machines.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-06 03:45:14 »
Granted, but you accidentally fuse with Joan Rivers while teleporting one day.

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is what I'd truly like to be.
For if I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner, everyone would be in love with me.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-05 21:22:25 »
Granted. The mod was shabby and done by a total amateur who wouldn't recognize a soldering iron if it burnt him in the face. Also the games are all on DVD+Rs.

I wish I had a cure for my cancer so I could enjoy my Super Vandread.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-04 05:24:15 »
Granted. You are now Micheal Jackson.

I wish I had a Super Vandread.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-04 02:16:57 »
Granted. Everyone who is not dies. Since we're so remote and there probally isn't a female among us, the human race becomes extinct.

I wish for a lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper (the drink).

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-03 23:13:02 »
Granted. The Graphic Card in your laptop explodes.

I wish I owned and could live in The Biltmore Estate.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-03 19:53:42 »
Granted, but you're immediately banned for the post flood.

I wish I hadn't forgotten to make a wish after my last wish-granting.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-03 00:43:34 »
Granted, but it's only through MY Stargate and you're not allowed to go XP

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-04-01 03:16:09 »
Granted, but that doesn't protect you from the 8 wisdom teeth you somehow manage to grow.

I wish I had a Stargate to play around with.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-30 04:03:41 »
Granted, but you're only motivated to provide me with Timmies foodstuffs.

I wish I had a commission-based sales job.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-29 22:17:59 »
Granted, but it's called "The US Government".

I WANT Tim Horton's to be as common in America as it is in Canadia.

Archive / ff7 movie enhancement?
« on: 2006-03-28 18:19:08 »
You can set FFDShow to do the stretching for you, you know.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-28 18:14:25 »
Granted, but they're all FRANCHISE TIE-IN VIDEOGAMES.

I wish my illicit lover was on birth control >_>

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-28 05:24:15 »
I wish for something better.

Completely Unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-27 20:41:21 »
Quote from: steven
I wish I had the car from the back to the future movies.

Granted. But you're in it when the train smacks into it in the third movie.

Archive / FF7 Pixel Separation Problem
« on: 2006-03-27 02:34:12 »
Also on older cards you needed to set the "Texel" or "Texture Alignment"...

Just curious, since it's been a while since my last shortstay here...has anyone looked into N-patching algorithms since I last checked in? I'd like to offer the reminder that ATI already has software implementation of its n-patching code freely available on its website...

Ragnarok13, we were over this over a billion times in the old version of this thread. While I still believe that background filtering can work with a little elbow grease and some free time, the HQ filters ARE CERTAINLY NOT going to look very good on FF7. The HQ filters were meant for SPRITES and very low-colour applications. Go ahead, try applying HQ to a photograph, it's not going to look very pretty. For FF7, other forms of interpolation would be needed - like maybe 2xSaI (which works better for more detailed backgrounds).

Archive / Aerith
« on: 2006-01-23 20:13:51 »
Hmm. Neat!

I don't suppose I could request a Turks mod, could I?

Archive / FF7 mods
« on: 2006-01-23 07:09:45 »
Wouldn't look good, unless truform was finally applied...:\

Archive / FF7 - Music Reloaded Project
« on: 2005-07-26 20:48:30 »
oC ReMix is about arrangements, though. This is about improving the basic, original files. The first one I posted is just a redo with the original MIDI Data, the second one is closer to a ReMix, but I abandoned it.

Archive / FF7 - Music Reloaded Project
« on: 2005-07-26 01:37:05 »
Two files I did a WHILE ago. Meant to be the bones of an oC ReMix.

If anyone remembers (Goku), I had a bunch of stuff I was looking at on how to improve the music...these are just redone files with the MIDI note data, though.


Newer Version (Doesn't sound so good in PLII music surround. Sounds better in movie mode. Sounds best in Stereo, which most of you are probally using):'s%20Themenewer.mp3

More AA :p

Archive / FF7 - Hardcore Mode Project
« on: 2005-07-25 01:27:32 »
Let's see here
FF7's really easy to keep your chars going? Know why?

Bolt Armlet with Elemental + any Thunder element materia.

Voila. Just attack yourself. Instant heal. It keeps going and going and going...

Oh yeah, and the Reflect Ring. Really beats up on bosses, too. Then there's the any summon 8 times trick...

Really the Materia System is EXTREMELY versatile and uber twinktastic. That's why they dealt away with it, even though it was so much damn fun...

Archive / FF7 - Music Reloaded Project
« on: 2005-07-22 01:25:12 »
Seriously guys. About that hosting. I went and had FL Studio take forever to render a file that I haven't paid any attention to in a while....

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