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FF8 Tools / Re: [1.7] Hyne - My ff8 save file editor
« on: 2013-12-11 20:37:00 »
Next version soon...
Can Hyne 1.8 (next version) edit save file of FF8 new version (FF8 - 2013 Steam Version). Hope that can do it. Thank you ^_^

Hello sithlord48. I edit value "Run Speed Max" in "Chocobo" tab and when I save, it reset to original value. Does it bug or not?

Before edit
Run Speed: 2600/3200
Sprint Speed: 2800/3500

After edit value to 6000 and save
Run Speed: 6000/3200
Sprint Speed: 6000/6000

And if you have time, please add option to move chocobo between stable or remove it from stable (when uncheck stable, chocobo not rearrange position). Thank you.

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