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Im guessing it is gjoerluvs hardcore mod that changes the way materia behaves and changes like turning master command to flash and master magic to banish and master summon I think became a stand alone coin command. I was using wallmarket and I changed the materia type accordingly and changed the names and text in the raw data but something must have went wrong because in the game they are the same banish, flash, and coin, materia. all other changes ive made in wallmarket concerning items weapons and accessories are there but the materia does not change. Im sure that im missing something but I cant seem to find a list telling me what the values should be for the materia type modifiers for them to turn out what i want them to be and if im editing the raw data information correctly cus all im doing is changing the wording. thx

on closer inspection, I dont remember cloud's face being as detailed, and during the install I picked Classic Cloud, or is it my imagination. cus i have been hitting the bong. when will that new version come out. Got the classic sword but not the classic dude.

I did an uninstall/reinstall, ran the bootleg, and thankfully found a file somewhere that was "classic" models and had the original cloud + buster sword models in their and used ulgp to extract copy over and encode at the end. problem solved

would you mind sharing it?

This has become very troublesome all do to the fact that the bootleg installation has no option to not make changes to cloud's swords like in other settings you can keep things normal but not this.
I really like Cloud's original buster sword model and thats the only sword I use. please help me out by detailing information on how to revert to the older models and undo certain changes or forego them.

Archive / Re: FF7 Battle charater swapping question
« on: 2008-11-01 02:28:18 »
i dont quite understand everything said here but its similiar to what i want to do so instead of creating a new post Ill ask my question here.
Is there a way to swap sephiroth with vincent during battle, ie: in the field and for story purposes he is vincent so the game wont crash but in battle he is sephiroth like you would have in the Kalm flashback.

Archive / Re: Changing the prices of things in shops
« on: 2008-10-15 18:44:56 »
thanks for replying with the quickness. i found that line and ill try it when i get home, by any chance do you know how many columns the exe is? i think its also called byte size ie: kernel.bin5 is 44 columns, kernel.bin6 is 36 columns etc, so that everything lines up properly.

Archive / Re: Changing the prices of things in shops
« on: 2008-10-15 16:54:25 »
I dont understand everything said here, are you saying that you opened ff7.exe in a hex editor and made changes? This looks promising, I was commenting the other day that I wanted to change the value of items in the shops, especially phoenix downs(because a feather from a magical beast that brings people back to life should cost way more than 300gils more like 5000gils and potions to be 1000gils and hi potions 3000gils) and potions and hi-potions so people cant stock up on like 50 of them and now that the "Wall Market" kernel editor you can change the healing power of potions to make them usable in later stages of the game. Ive never sold materia before so Im not interested in that but escalating item prices would make the game more challenging especially when already using different difficulty mods. A program or patch would be great but if someone figures out how to change the prices of phoenix downs, potions and hi-potions please pm me. I would greatly appreciate it

FF7 Tools / Wall Market, FFVII KERNEL.BIN editor
« on: 2008-10-08 17:13:11 »
ive been using it the last couple of days and i cant put to words how much easier and helpful its been.

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-28 21:23:48 »
usually on the first hit my guy goes down, and it doesnt wear off. you wouldnt by chance have the values for paralyze, or peerless? it would be cheesy to give an armor the peerless benefit but id still like to know.

Some of them work, some of them don't: I managed to get the ignore defence one to work as well, and I'll try a few of the others today.

how did you get it to work because i cant, its (x0400 Piercing (Unblockable)) right? i tried writing it as 00 04 -because thats how i got armor to halve all health (0x0200 i wrote it as 00 02 and hi-potion heals for 250hp) related effects, and 04 00, both dont work, i used a calculator to find the hex value of 400 and its 190 but how do i write that? 19 00 did not work.

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-28 21:01:14 »
Thanks :-)

Unfortunately I don't know anything about the status attack; in attack data there are four bytes for status changes, so this must work differently (and it seems that none of the weapons use it). Maybe you could experiment with it and see what happens. There are 31 statuses in the game, so you could try putting in values from 00 to 1e and seeing what happens: maybe something, maybe nothing.

Yeah, I already tested them and made a quick video based on my discoveries.

status bits in the weapon data :

00: Death
01: Near Death
02: Sleep
03: Poison
04: Sadness
05: Fury
06: Confu
07: Silence
08: Haste
09: Slow
0A: Stop
0B: Frog
0C: Small
0D: Slow Numb
0E: Petrify
0F: Regen
10: Barrier
11: M.Barrier

It looks like the other status effects don't work, though.

Do you know what the values are for the other status effects? Mebbe they dont work on weapons but might work on armor? Im mainly interested in paralyzed since im playing gjoerulv's mod and im at the part with aeris and the barrels and when cloud fights against hedgehog pies their attack seems to inflict poison, silence and what i thought was stop but is probably paralyze since i edited the titan bangle to protect against stop and he still stands there doing nothing while the hedgehogs take their time finishing him off and game over. im just gonna edit in a ribbon to get past this. Off subject: what is the "peerless" effect?

Archive / Re: original kernel2.bin
« on: 2008-09-26 20:48:50 »
now i feel like an ass, im at work and only have the disk1(thankfully i have a job where i can get away with playing games for a few minutes) but when i get home I'll do that.

Archive / original kernel2.bin
« on: 2008-09-26 19:16:34 »
im sure to get flamed over this but desperate times call for desperate measures....
I had installed the new spell patch which changes the spell names to ff8 style ie: fire fira firaga. And i didnt backup my original kernel2.bin( i know thats a dumb move but i thought to myself "why would i want to go back to using fire2?") and now i need it to install gjoerulv's hardcore mod. Is there a kind soul out there that can upload to megaupload or something similiar? come on its barely 15kb big. I took me hours and a few days to get all the mods working together and i dont want to have to reinstall and go through that headache again.

Archive / Re: effects of changing levels in scene.bin
« on: 2008-09-26 19:06:07 »
thanks, those are the kind of responses im looking for.

Archive / effects of changing levels in scene.bin
« on: 2008-09-26 17:03:07 »
I asked a question about 3 years ago that never got answered and rather than reviving a dead thread lemme just ask; when editing enemies in lets say HOJO, when you change a monster's level is the only effect that it changes the effects of level based attacks ie: level 4 death, level 5 death, conformer damage, etc..., or do the stats go up accordingly? was a batch option ever created for any scene.bin editors? I remember someone talking about the options of a possible command like all enemy stats +30% or +50%, cus that would be sweet.

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-26 02:12:42 »
in the kernel.bin wiki it says for the special weapon options A0: "1 + Number of Status Effects Tifa has out of following:Near-death, Poison, Sadness, Silence, Slow, Darkness + 2 * Number of Status Effects Tifa has out of following: Death-sentence, Slow-numb "
Does that mean even if I equip it on a weapon for someone else that it will only activate if Tifa has an ailment?

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-25 20:46:18 »
on a side note, before the status effect list was posted, i used 20 for death instead of 00 because i saw it listed in hojo after death in the elements drop down list. and it worked, some enemies would drop before enough damage was done to kill them. im gonna use the 00 one and see if theres any difference.

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-22 18:08:27 »
i might try that, in the meantime i have a question about the special weapon properties, specifically a7 :10 + ([player's kills/128]) /16, i know thats "death penalty" for vincent but does it calculate the equipped character's kills or just vincent's?

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-22 02:16:38 »
you are off tha chains... im using hex editor neo and i was setting column view settings to 64 but when i set it to 44 after reading your post every row under column 00 was 03 or 23 and under 0e it was 01 down 16 rows and then 02 etc, made everything real easy for me. i dont think ill have any more questions for a while (knock on wood)

edit: scratch that, under  "0x05" - Status Attack (index of status bit) what the hell does that mean? what are the values for poison(i want red xiii to have a poison attack) and death(might give it to cloud, that is a big ass sword)

Archive / Re: help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-22 00:40:02 »
thanks, you've been the most helpful so far, so if im getting this right there are no Xes in the hex editor, but i only see entries with 2 digits, what about when the wiki says something like 0x2000, how do i find that? and am i to beleive that the first row is cloud's buster sword? and is barret's assault rifle start at row labeled 00000589? if not which one?

edit: in kernel.bin5 which supposedly is weapon data there are only 3 rows that have a 02 (barret equipable) under column 0e (equip mask) and the first column "00" (range) the values are neither 03-long range or 23 short range. this is the kind of stuff that throws me off. plus theres 26 bin files and the wiki only goes up to 9? thats what i mean by vague instructions.

Archive / help a noob w/ text editing weapon stats
« on: 2008-09-21 23:47:58 »
ive just learned how to decompress kernel.bin by using ff7gzip, but i cant seem to find faqs or wiki on hex editing the files and what i have found is pretty vague and prolly meant for experienced persons, but i was able to use one member's advice:
"You should be able to find most of the information you'll need for these by searching google and the qhimm forum and wiki for things like kernel.bin, gzip and "hex editor". If, for example, you change kernel.bin5 from 60 to 64 or ff at 0x08 the Buster Sword will have 100 or 255 accuracy.
" -Leighos Kudistos Megistos
and give the buster sword 255 accuracy, but how did he know what "cell" controlled the buster sword's accuracy, the kernel.bin wiki said something completely different, it said weapon data was in kernel.bin6 and that it contained weap accuracy but i couldnt find anything that looked like what was in the wiki, so what i did was open kernel.bin5 and the first row looks like 00000000 and the 9th column down is titled 08 (so i figured that was what was meant by 0x08 since i didnt see any Xes anywhere in the hex editors ive used under different view settings) and by chance it did have a 60 under the 08 column so i changed it to ff and it worked, and the buster sword now has 255 acc. so im guessing the kernel.bin wiki is wrong or i dont know how to read it.
either way what i want to do now is edit the buster sword further so it has the conformer special ability to equal normal damage when using morph; and to make barret's assault rifle power up when near death and have 2 pairs of linked slots for a total of 4 instead of the original 2 and its accuracy from 98 to 100. the reason being that these are the only weapons i use throughout the whole game. i would appreciate either explicit instructions on how to do the above mentioned things in a way that a person with attention deficit disorder will understand (kinda how Leighos Kistos Megistos said)or a link to a faq on hex editing so i could edit gjoerulv's kernel.bin which i havent tried his mod yet but he said it was okay with him to edit his scene.bin and the kernel.bin.

Edit: i was asking how to extract kernel.bin but after 3 hours i found out. hard stuff for someone with ADD, not the actual process which was easier than i thought but finding out how which took me through countless google searches and a bunch of programs, 7zip, powerarchiver,gzip,gnuwin32,wingz, until finally coming across posts and instructions for ff7 gzip. but its very late, 2:10am so ill have to get started later today, thanks for all the help though and the patience.

thanx, i noticed that he modified equipment, any idea how he did that? i wanna make the buster sword have 255 or at least 100 accuracy, i also see many posts about the enemies not being difficult so i might just use the 2x difficulty mod until later on in the game or edit the enemy stats myself, i remember there was a bug with one of the scene programs that made turned all the droppable and stealable items into potions, was this fixed and if not which one is it exactly, also i remember reading that there might be batch options ie: all enemies +30% percent stats (it has been years since i played ff7 or been on qhimm and i dont want to revive dead or old posts) was this ever implemented since i might manually combine different elements of this mod and the  2x or 3x difficulty mod and add the 1% chance of enemy dropping a source item. i know i ask a lot but if i ever find out how to do all the stuff i ask i'll make sure to give back to the community by uploading the modded scene.bin. sorry if it seems like im asking for a lot of stuff.

hey where can i get "gjoerulv's hardcore mod" i found the latest version's link at gamerzplanet and registered but it still wont show me the download link, it sez "only registered users can see links while at the top of the page it sez "welcome, nando420" so thats the business.

im using the original soundtrack downloaded from and the ones from ficedula's mod, and im currently downloaded remixes from ocremix, but the pausing is really bugging me and i might actually go back to midi because of it, I was at the first save point before the scorpion mech and the missing track was "mako reactor" which is now playing but i noticed that during the escape sequence the track "bombing mission" ("ob" from ff7music mod since its usually part of the intro track) sometimes there would be two instances playing. is this normal? and if i have all the mp3 files am i supposed to delete the minipsf files and folder? I saw some posts about improving midi sounds but it looked like too much trouble but now I might do some searching and research on it. as well as download loopde for my midi problems which i found on the posts by accident when searching for "loop" to solve the pausing issue with the mp3s. on an unrelated topic i also have the play as sephiroth patch but before i download i want to know what he cant do, ie: deathblow, mug, etc. since if you cheat him in your team you have no control and even if you change his materia he still uses things like ice3-all to end the battle on the first try from what i remember.

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