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Solved Problems / Re: laptop keypad patch
« on: 2014-02-14 04:29:09 »
EQ2, Thank you so much. You just saved me weeks of searching. :  )

Solved Problems / laptop keypad patch
« on: 2014-02-14 03:50:49 »
Hello everyone. This is my first post here so before anybody jumps on me, I tried a Google search and found mostly links to answers on forums. that's how I found this one. But when I would click on a link to the solution it was broken or could not be found.

I joined this forum and tried a site search and got the following message:

Due to high stress on the server, the search function has been automatically and temporarily disabled. Please try again in a short while.

well after following this advice I waited and tried several times to get an answer but received the same message. So I finally decided to take a chance and ask for the patch here. The game loads and I reach the "new game" screen and can not proceed from this point. Yes, I've read all the work around and tips to get around it but nothing works. I really need the keypad patch. Thanks for understanding.

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