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Hi again myst6re,

Is it possible to import scripts and texts independently?
I mean one option which imports only texts and windows positions, and another independent option to import engine scripts.
Right now those options are merged into one.

Would be nice to have this feature.


Excellent, keep improving Makou Reactor myst6re, you are now on a winning streak.

Edit first post as well.

Title says most of it. I want to play using CRT-royale on Retroarch because this is my favorite visual style, but difficulty side the game is still too easy. Hoping for a few recommendations

I understand this post has not been maintained in some time, but does anyone have a working download link or mirror for WhiteChoko?  Thanks!


I noticed something when you get "Key Items".

Sometimes you put a space before the word "Obtained", sometimes you don't.
Sometimes you put some spaces before the item itself, sometimes you don't. When you put them, it seems a bit random, 4, 5, 6 spaces depending on the file.

Is all this on purpose? I think the formatting on these messages should be consistent.


Hi NonagonGoron,

The texts you are looking for are very easy to change, but Cebix tools are not easy to use as they work on command line only. First you need to install Python on your PC (I guess you have done that already).

Then download this pack:

It has everything you need except the ISO files. I recommend you to use the correct ISO files which are:

Disc 1 (SCUS-94163): 747.435.024 bytes
CRC-32: 1459cbef

Disc 2 (SCUS-94164): 732.657.408 bytes
CRC-32: a997a8cc

Disc 3 (SCUS-94165): 659.561.952 bytes
CRC-32: 1c27b277

That way everyone will be using the original game data to apply your patch. Once you have these ISO files, put them in the "iso" folder and rename the files to match this format (CUE files are mandatory):

Code: [Select]

After that, double-click the file "0-psxrip.bat". This will extract the contents of the ISO files.

Next step: double-click the file "1-un-trans.bat". This will extract all the texts into the "txt" folder.

Then open the "txt" folder and modify whatever you want. The texts you are looking for are located in the "battle" subfolder.

When you are done, double-click the file "2-trans.bat". This will insert the txt files into the ISO files.

Finally double-click the file "3-psxbuild+fixup.bat" to create the new ISO files.

I think that's all.

Hi myst6re, I hope all is well with you.

When version 2.0?
It's been a long time, almost 3 years since 1.7.2.


Ok. In the Spanish translation we tried to use literal and easy-grasp sentences given that the game is aimed for teenagers.


See mds5_m, text 2:

Code: [Select]
“You could live forever in a place
  like this and you still wouldn’t
  make enough money.”
“Well,how about buyin’ some
“I’m gonna make me some dough,
  then get the hell out of this hole.”

The first sentence doesn't make much sense I think. The character is complaining about his miserable life in the suburbs and his lack of money, so the proper sentence should be:

Code: [Select]
No matter how much money you have,
this is a horrible place to live in.

We are getting there.  I'm putting in a lot of effort now to getting a crimbo release. Ideally, I'd like to have Charlie Beer's proof check finished and all updates to text made, but at this point, R06 needs to come out and the finalization of Beacause and a few other things can be part of R07 next year.

Excellent, I am eager to port the new translation to the PSX.

Are you still using this document?

I see a lot of blank pages.

In the script itself. Usually you call a window and then the text it should display.

Now I see it, thanks!

Are we able to get resize all text option?  Really painful to do scene by scene.

Hi genesis063 et al. Can anyone tell me where is the option to resize windows? I cannot find it.


Hi DLPB, long time no see.

Maybe this is being fixed already, but let me point it out:

Blue materias found message should have the {CYAN} code instead of the {BLUE} code, as the materia model itself is more cyan than blue. Don't you think?


Troubleshooting / Re: psximager doesn't work. :(
« on: 2017-05-14 09:39:12 »
I cannot help you with that, I'm not a romhacker really.
Try to ask some of these people:


Troubleshooting / Re: psximager doesn't work. :(
« on: 2017-05-13 09:14:45 »
Ugh. So I've been told that FF7 stores LBA values into various modules. Is this true?

IIRC from reading the psximager documentation, that means the game code needs to be rewritten to accommodate for new LBNs.


That's true, FF7 is a pain in the ass because there are various cross-reference values that need to be modified.
There is a file called "yamada.bin" inside the "INIT" folder, the structure is the following:

Probably you will need to change "Size of window.bin".

After that do this:

Try using ECCRegen in  mode 2.  Scan and repair the sectors. Fixes Makou Reactor's mistake too.  Green_Goblin told me about it.


I recommend you to insert the modified files using CD-Mage.
It will give you the option to "zero-padd" the free space in case the files you modified are smaller than the original files.
Use the "zero-padding" and the image should work fine.

Search in Google Images "cloud final fantasy", some of them have mouth and some don't.

I also use manual sort. When you need to feed a Chocobo you need the greens to be at the top, if you don't feed them quickly they simply scape.

Yo don't get the Huge Materia if you fail the button combination in the Rocket (disc 2), so I agree with DLPB.

From another forum:

Sorry if this was already reported (VERY minor spoilers below):

In Wutai sidequest:

"I know. I know that as well anyone..."

I think it was supposed to be:

"I know. I know that as well as anyone...",19709.msg310726.html#msg310726

Great job!

It looks like the original translation was a total disaster in all the European languages (French, German and Spanish).
Fortunately we have a re-translation of these 3 languages.

Making stupid movements increase the TV rating, maybe that's why you get the best score that way.

I just uploaded the new PSX patch, in case any of you are interested:

Now the PSX game is synchronyzed with the PC version.


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