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This is amazing! What a great project you've taken on, L. Spiro. The results are fantastic. I wish you all the best with the remaining music, along with any future undertakings.

Fair enough, although this keyboard at least (Logitech G105) is rated to register up to 6 simultaneous inputs. Hopefully others can provide feedback in the future to corroborate what is going on.

In R05c at least it makes no difference whether select is held first or not, but releasing R2 or L2 (mapped to Num 1 and Num 7 in this case) when all others are held usually does the trick, but only if the game is already in fast forward mode. Maybe. I still haven't figured out what exactly causes it to succeed or fail.

For what it's worth, I dug out a Logitech PS2-style controller and so far the reset succeeded every time, exactly as it worked on psx.

On the subject of input, it's great to see soft reset on PC at last, but the implementation of it has me stumped. I've tested it at length (on keyboard), all I can say is that it's not sufficient to simply hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, Select, and Start as in psx. Most of the time it will do nothing, unless I press and release the buttons in a very particular way. If you could explain what is actually going on under the hood, it would be appreciated.

That doesn't surprise me. Sorry you have to deal with such a mess.

Some more reports I couldn't find in the database:

60fps battles (I think; have not yet tested Reunion without it) - help window doesn't fade in correctly at the start of a battle
Model Overhaul - Bugenhagen's positioning needs adjustment during his FMV (boogstar.avi), so that the planet energy flows correctly into his sleeve

The sfx for FMVs in Bugenhagen's laboratory don't play correctly. In boogdemo.avi only a few effects are played and in boogstar.avi they don't play at all. I checked the Database but this seems to have been overlooked. I've found some videos that show the same results as my playtesting.



OK. Regardless, it is altogether great to see so many of the more obvious bugs in vanilla finally squashed in R05c, and your work is much appreciated. I'll report any more issues as I find them.

To be clear, Tifa would only say that line once in the vanilla game, unless the player spoke to her a second time. It's omitted from the post-materia dialogue if the player already heard it.

While it can be seen as a little silly, it's no worse than the player talking to any NPC repeatedly. The alternative (rendering an NPC unresponsive to player input) is worse, and the game makes a point to keep those to a minimum.

Here's a funny one: if you access the menu while you are moving in the buggy, the menu sfx are all higher pitched. It appears the buggy simply has the one engine noise that is pitched up when accelerating, but it affects all sfx across the board.

I did make sure to check the database beforehand, but as you used a different and better solution to the same problem for Wedge in mds7pb_2 (you can still interact with him afterwards, but his dialogue has been slightly rewritten with your response in mind and you are not given another choice), it looked like a possible oversight.

In Tifa's case the change was probably unintentional. No problem with dialogue choices concerning her is listed in the database, and at any rate there was nothing to fix: in vanilla psx and pc, after she reacts to your dialogue choice, she declares "I'm going this time."
This is the only line she repeats if you interact with her again; no further choice is offered. If you avoid talking to her at all and skip straight to Barrett, this line will be added after speaking with Barrett and before she starts talking about the weapon shop. Otherwise, it is omitted.
Presently in R05c Tifa's dialogue ends after she reacts to your choice, and you can no longer interact with her at all. She will declare her intention to go only after you talk to Barrett since she was unable to say it earlier.

That did it. Removing it allowed the installer to detect it properly. Looks like everything's as it should be. Thanks.

Started a new game and enjoying the changes as I go. Mentioning this in case it was unintended:
mds7pb_1: Wedge cannot be interacted with after his dialogue about Tifa's cooking. Tifa cannot be interacted with after answering how well you slept.

Okay. I was hoping to bring my duplicated directory to a clean PC-98 state and so have two concurrent versions to play and compare, but then I ran into the aforementioned problem. I bit the bullet and uninstalled R03b from the original directory. That seemed to do the trick.
Unfortunately, R05c did not install correctly. I've attempted to illustrate the problem via a screenshot.
Even after redirecting it to my PC-98 folder, it appears to be applying a Steam installation.

In the meantime I've reapplied R03b with no issues.

Always do it on a new install.  Pretty sure the readme tells you to as well.
Alright. The readme was not clear on that point. This is what it says:
Spoiler: show
After you run the installer for the first time, the above files will be placed into the back-up folder (BACKUP-Reunion).  You may also create this folder and place the files into it before running the installer. The effect will be the same. The files from the backup folder will always be used in preference to the ones at the default locations.

The best way to install The Reunion (so that you can reinstall time after time) is to install all non-conflicting mods FIRST, starting with clean files. From there, place the correct files (noted above) into a new folder "Backup-Reunion" inside the game root. Each time The Reunion is installed, it will then use those files, saving you the need to mess about each time.

Install: Run the installer.

Reinstall: You can install multiple times without any side effects.
      If you wanted to include something that you missed
      the first time, re-running the installation a second time
      should pose no problems. Running the installer a
      second time will NOT overwrite anything in the backup

Uninstall: Select uninstall option.
               The backup folder requires manual deletion to ensure
               that there are no problems. If you choose to uninstall,
      all other options will be ignored. 

However, I've been unable to successfully uninstall Reunion from my PC-98 build in its entirety during tests. I ran the R03b .exe and selected the uninstall options, which seemingly did remove files (877 files remaining compared to 1,010 before), but opening the game proved that the mod was mostly intact. This installation has only ever been touched by the Game Converter and The Reunion; no other mods have been used. This was tested on a FINAL_FANTASY_VII folder that had been duplicated in full to another drive so that my existing game would be spared (which may be to blame if the game internally is still pointing to the old directory; I don't know how it functions under the hood).

Additionally, though I haven't attempted to install it yet, the option to choose between Steam and PC-98 is greyed out in the R05c installer - even when pointed to directories that have been converted. I assume something has changed between Reunion versions that makes the option redundant.

I've been interested in upgrading to R05c from R03b, but after several years have forgotten some of the process involved. I had converted the game from Steam to the PC-98 version and have a separate directory for each. Is it simply a matter of pointing the R05c installer to the PC-98 directory and it will correctly install over the old? Or is it necessary to uninstall R03b first now that mods like Menu Overhaul have substantially changed?
Furthermore, is it possible to copy the entire PC-98 directory elsewhere and thus have multiple installations to play, like is already possible between my Steam and PC-98 installation?

On mother nomenclature: the game's present usage of "real mother" in both localizations is acceptable and has been used in other popular media without complaint (eg Return of the Jedi's Luke: "Do you remember your mother? Your real mother?"), along with sounding arguably better to the ear. It seems people have become more sensitive to language over time, but in that case even "birth mother" has been regarded as problematic. I'd say leave "real mother" as it is; in any case, the game says more than enough about Aerith's mothers to let the player know she loves them both.

I agree.  It does look a little bloody silly, though. Haha.
Yes - one might well ask why she has a "pickup" animation like that in the first place, while Cloud's is the more sensible kneeling variety. Let's just say that methinks someone at Square had a bit of fun animating Tifa. ;)

As CB mentioned, Tifa also plays that animation when she picks up the Premium Heart (and we can see more clearly that she's almost touching the floor), except that the Mako fountain scene gives her outstretched arm a prolonged twirling motion. In the previous scene she's standing outside the fountain, close to the water's edge, and does not move during the next scene except to turn towards the fountain and bend down. I interpret this scene to be Tifa idly playing with the water at her feet, captivated by the fountain more than the Soldiers' conversation.

"Mother" can be used intimately and still sound natural - an in-media example I can recall off the top of my head is the character of Littlefoot in The Land Before Time - likewise I've witnessed grown women (or even men) call their fathers "papa" or "daddy" without it sounding absurd. Whether it feels right in dialogue could depend on a number of things, but for what it's worth I wasn't bothered by the usage of either terms in the original script.

"We meet again, Mr. President" would probably do the job just as well then, much like how Aeris greets Cloud shortly after. It doesn't convey that it's been a long time like the original, but that's not a big deal.

Does that expression truly depend on being on a first name basis with the other party? If so, then perhaps they should have used a different choice of words - although who knows what the writer truly intended.

On the other hand, I think this exchange had to happen in some form even if Sephiroth was never created. Being Avalanche's first encounter with the President, players would have found it strange that the presence of one of Shinra's former elite troop passed by without comment. The exchange makes clear that yes, the President is aware of the traitor, and no, he doesn't remember or care the slightest bit about Cloud himself. With that out of the way, they don't need to bring it up in subsequent events. The opportunity to hint at Sephiroth again is a happy bonus.

What I mean by the Turks scene his that memory falters for a moment, an inversion of how he falsely remembers meeting the President, only this time his inner Cloud corrects him. And I'm guessing the Japanese version of that expression has a stricter use, but this being English it could be taken to simply mean "we met before". Maybe that's all the change that's needed.

Admittedly I've never had a problem with this exchange in any version. The intent seemed to get through just fine. Going by the dialogue, President Shinra clearly knows nothing of Cloud beyond the news of an ex-SOLDIER joining Avalanche. Likewise, Cloud doesn't necessarily expect Shinra to remember him; the familiar greeting simply makes clear that they've met before (or so he thinks). A similar exchange happens minutes later with Reno in the slum church, except this time Cloud slips up.

Shame to hear about the panning, be nice if there was a surprise solution along the way. I suppose if it came down to it I'd take mono as a dirty fix compared to the alternative, eg. the boss death sfx sounding all quiet and wimpy in just one ear as sometimes happens now. It's just not right. :D

Reminds me to check out Barrett's hideout for some reasons when Barrett is smashing the sack I can barely hear it.

Yeah it's the same on mine. I haven't even played the pc version all the way through but there seem to be loads of 'hiccups' in the game where sounds and music don't play properly, spoiling some scenes. Hopefully they can be fixed bit by bit over time.

I haven't installed R02 yet but will hurry to do so. Tough would be better if we would use ultrasound instead, because it is independent from the flevel (so we would have a fix for all mods) but I haven't look at the current release. It also needs a swap from an exe to a dll.

Can that fix the various panning and volume quirks too? Just curious :)

That's great to hear. Keep at it, you guys are doing an awesome job :D

So happy to hear the fps issue in pc is being addressed. I knew there was something screwy about the slots and various flickering effects (like 'all' selections)! This will be a huge step in fixing one of the biggest drawbacks in pc vs the original psx.

Do you know if anyone has ever tried to fix the sfx inconsistencies between pc and psx too? (eg. the alarm/ambient humming in the first mission cutting off after a random battle until there's a screen transition... it's not just me right?)

Steps like these are going to ensure there's no downside to playing FF7 on the pc one day. :)

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