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Thanks, didn't see it. I'm still concerned since it seems the maker says they put it on hold, and Fated hasn't commented in that topic yet.

Hey Fated (and everyone else), have you heard of this new upscaling algorithm?

Here's an example of what it can do:

And here's some FF8 ones:

FF8 would look incredible with it. Someone's already released a beta patch for FF9.

I spent a lot of time making this character textures, all was done hand painted, so please Devina if you dont like my textures its ok, but you always write bad comments about my textures

Sorry, didn't mean to offend you! Your work is beautiful, the eyes are the major issue for me, that's all.

2.0.1. is still glitchy and crashes with the Steam overlay. Works fine without it.

The Steam Overlay is kind of important to me since I need it in order to broadcast the game.

FatedCourage, when you're ready, feel free to post your next update pack, containing all the textures.

I'd like to re-do the eyes and possibly other features:

I'm not a fan of the weird, fish-like, doll-like eyes they have...
I'd prefer something more realistic, or Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts.

Disabling the Steam Overlay seems to have fixed the crash.

So it seems Tonberry 2.0 is much less compatible with it... shucks.

With Tonberry 2.0, I keep getting "An unknown exception has occured" error messages. :(

Can't get past the title screen.

For version 1.1, what if you just removed all the files for the glitchy backgrounds (until they can be fixed or something)?
I really want this but I really don't want glitchy textures too.

What kind of work is needed?

Making the textures look as best as possible, and as close to a perfect FF8 remaster.

Fixing graphical glitches and seam correction.

Basically, anyone with texture expertise and knows a lot about the visual design of FF8.

For example, look at Selphie's necklace and how her neck texture is cutting it off.

Wait a little longer.

Is there anyone willing to work helping remastering the textures, or is it just me?
If so, I can give you my Squall textures so far. I'd love a go at those Selphie textures.

You can actually edit them in realtime in-game, by the way. Just open the menu and exit and the textures refresh.

Loads fine for me, did you update the hash files Shunsq posted on Sunday

This worked, thanks!

I guess we still need the hash files for Squall's torso and face during battles.

magechoco already made squall textures for the field version in his texture thread, I fixed the hair and really like the result, apparently he did the field textures for sephie and quistis as well but I can't find them.

I know, I mean go into Balamb and enter the first house on the right and you'll see that the textures don't load.

Looking forward to it.

Btw, I think there may be more models to deal with. I entered a house in Balamb and the textures don't work.
Battle models would look great too.

Small Squall update (ignore the one in the middle, the one on the right is the most recent)

And here is Magochocobo's for comparison:

Upon comparison, you can see how my style deviates. :P

your versions neck looks like 1 giant pixel though lol

I can fix that. :P

I prefer the filtering on because it hides the pixelated look.

The thing is, I want accurate textures faithful to the original artist's intentions, like the Resident Evil 4 project.
When HD texture developers begin doing things that begin changing the original look too much, it turns me off.

Squall's neck in the original is also very one pixelly. But Magochocobo's neck looks WAY too tense and muscular. It looks too flexed and unrealistic.

Here's my current progress. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Now just imagine this, but for all characters, world map and battle scenes. It'd look amazing.

I really dislike some aspects of the texture that I feel are unfaithful to the original, so I changed a few things.

- Made the necklace higher so it doesn't have that black pixel near the bottom
- Desaturated the jacket from brown to black
- Made the jacket and pants darker. This fixes the weird line on the thigh.
- Made the hair darker

Left = original
middle = original HD
right = my version

If you can retexture all the other models, I'd be happy to collaborate on an HD texture project.

Also, any idea about retexturing the world map and battle backgrounds? The grass and stuff looks bad.
It would be great to put in HD grass and clouds.

Hey Omzy, if you can provide me with some of the raw images (HUDs), I can remaster them in HD in Photoshop.  :P

Stuff like this:

and also the Balamb Garden Network on the computer in the beginning of the game.

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