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So... What's this about a DoC model ripper?

Audio Modding / Re: [In Development] FF7 Voiceover Project
« on: 2017-09-24 14:04:45 »
For those who are wondering, this is still in progress. We have made some great strides so far.

Maybe finally someone pulls off the ultimate version of FFVI, with the correct translations, uncensored sprites, correct music, the extra content.

And voice acting too. I'd be all over that!

And of course, what a shock, I want to see if there is a chance to make a voice acting mod for FFIX... and FFVI for that matter.

Audio Modding / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-08-14 23:36:14 »
I've wanted to try out for Rufus since I heard about this. Where should I sign up?

We'll show you once we have the thread up.

Audio Modding / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-08-14 11:51:02 »
Thanks Covarr. I guess we'll just have to wait.

But at least the wait will be worth it.

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-08-01 13:59:34 »
Very well then! What's the first task?

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-08-01 09:55:47 »
You can download DLPB's translation now and check it out. It's buried in one of these forums somewhere. I'm going to have to get it as well sometime soon.

I'll find it then. DLPB has been on that for a while so yeah, I'm quite excited to see what it looks like now.

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-08-01 09:54:58 »
As in you've held auditions already, or have people who've played these roles in another project, or simply know who you WOULD cast, given the opportunity? If it's the FF7 fandub I've seen that you were involved in... well, the acting in that is a mixed bag. Some of it is great, some of it is less so.

I do think that ideally it would be best to keep this project completely separate, and with its own auditions. Definitely let the cast of that know about this project and encourage them all to audition, but at the same time, this would give the opportunity to potentially discover someone who may not have been around in 2009 back when that project began. You never know when a  hidden gem could blow your minds.

And yes, my reasons are at least in part selfish; I want to audition for Reno, and win or lose the role based purely on talent and because someone else got it for a totally different project :P Still, I think my points are valid.

edit:There's a five post minimum before PMs are enabled, as a spam combat measure. You should be past that point now.

No, I know the you're on about but that's not the one I mean. I have a cast for a full fandub of pretty much the whole FF7 compilation, starting soon with Before Crisis.

Anyway, That's a fair call and I had a feeling it would come to that anyway. Plus I do need a new Reno so go all out ;)

Also yeah I can PM now. No spamming rule. Makes sense. Also again, according to Kaldarasha, I'm both Sephiroth and Hojo XD Though I know there's a better guy for Hojo out there.

So I take it I'm one of the guys, along with you and Shar, to be heading this then?

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-08-01 05:16:38 »
As well as hear some of the new re-orchestrated music

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-08-01 05:15:34 »
One thing I would be keen to see is the new re-translated script

Audio Modding / Re: [In Development] FF8 Voiceover Project
« on: 2014-08-01 04:53:43 »
As I said in another forum, I'll gladly audition for NORG.... and the Master Fisherman. I don't know how else to be of service besides voice acting but still looks like fun.

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-08-01 04:52:48 »
I think you might need 10 posts before you can PM people.

The FF8 project is just a few threads down. As you can see, the main cast is done.

We can probably do the FF7 project a little differently. I am purposefully avoiding voicing some of FF8's dialogue because the game has a built in limit to how many sound effects it can play, and it's all being done out of the game engine. This won't be the case for FF7 since we're using an external tool. I think we should make periodic sets of dialogue files. One for the main plot, and other packages for miscellaneous lines of dialogue (side quest stuff). People can download whatever optional dialogue sets they want to have.

YOU GOT CHRISTIAN SEKHANAN AS SQUALL!!!!? MATE! Perfect choice! Not saying because he and I are good friends, the guy is one of the two definitive Squalls on YouTube (The other being Rupert Scarr in Shudo Ranmaru's FF8 fandub.) Hell that is a great cast... and I will gladly audition for NORG when the time comes XD.

To business though, yeah. I was wondering it would all work out in terms of the coding. Seems like you have got it down pat. Again I wanna talk in more detail too, so I'll put up a few more posts then.

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-07-31 23:09:28 »
Hey Aussieroth!

I was planning on starting the casting for this project, but the past several weeks have been hectic for my FF8 voice project, so I wasn't able to begin it. Now that the main cast is figured out and settling in, I'll have time to write up the audition threads for this one.

I was going to ask if other directors/VO managers would be willing to help, but since you're already here I guess I'll ask you. I probably won't have the time to do everything required to get the FF7 project finished in a reasonable amount of time, but if I teamed up with someone like you, I think it would go much more smoothly. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we'll talk about it in more detail. Meanwhile, I'll be writing up the audition threads.

I was also going to ask ficedula if he could release whatever script he uses to generate those XML files. I'm going to eventually modify DLPB's translation a little (to standardize how multiple-choice dialogues behave) and we're going to use that for the lines.

Well Shard, I'd be happy to talk with ya. However, I can't send PM's yet because I don't think the admins made me an "official member" yet. But oh yeah am I keen to talk about this one.

Reasonable amount of time indeed, this project is truly ambitious, though it is possible, doable even. It'll a couple of hundred pages though, this script... I suppose that means more fun than anything else ;)

FF8 voices? That one I'm just plain curious about. I love FF8 as well (it was my first FF) so I'd love to know what's happening there too.

I would love to be of service Shard! but the pm's won't be possible until they say "I'm in." Otherwise Skype is a good option.

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-07-31 13:25:26 »
Test recordings... hmm. That's given me an idea. I'll update when it's not midnight where I am and tired as blazes.

Audio Modding / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-07-30 07:10:03 »
You have immediately win the parts for Hojo and Sephiroth. :-D The voice between father and son is most times equal and you can reflect both characters pretty perfect (after I saw Kefka I thought that's Hojo, maybe he's good for Sephiroth as well. And then Bam! I saw (hear) Sephiroth with your voice  :-D. There is no other option it has to be you for them).

Wow... you have just made my day a million times over, thank you :). If this goes ahead I wholeheartedly accept Sephiroth. I also hope to be the voice director too, to lighten the load for you.

As for Hojo... You think I'd be good for Hojo? I know another guy who is amazing as Hojo, and I mean Heath Ledger's Joker incredible: CumQuaT1337. Yeah the guy who created and directed Malevolence: Sword of Ahkranox. In my opinion he makes the perfect Hojo, and once I am able, I will prove it.

Audio Modding / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-07-30 02:55:47 »
Are you Aussieroth7???

That's me :)

FF7Voice / Re: Thoughts about reviving the project
« on: 2014-07-28 11:32:35 »
Hi there.

I have posted in the "F7 Voices - assessing interest" thread but I feel like I should post it here too. I am not only interested in being the voice and casting director if you want to give this game voice acting, but I've already come up with nearly the entire cast, not just the main and supporting cast but even the extra NPC's.

I'm a trained actor, voice actor and director so I will give nothing but top quality. Plus Final Fantasy VII is my all time favourite game (followed closely by the Batman Arkham Games, Final Fantasy VI, VIII & IX, the Wing Commander series and Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3.) Granted it will take quite a bit of time since this is all voluntary work which people will have to find time for and I'm expecting this to be a few hundred page script but I will make sure the acting is top tier!

As for the cast I've assembled over a long period other FFVII related projects of mine, a lot of them sound similar to the professional English cast while a few others have takes similar or completely original but still fitting. Not to mention they are great voice actors themselves, a few even professional voice actors (from"Dust an Elysian Tail" and "Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox") So... yeah I do take it seriously.

I really do hope to be a part of this, FF7 really deserves it. I do hope to get the privilege of heading the voice acting charge, because again, I take Voice Acting seriously and I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII.

Thank you for reading this!

Audio Modding / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-07-27 06:56:55 »
Well. This section has made my day and hopefully I'll make yours.

Hi there, just call me Aussie. I am a voice actor, voice and casting director. I'm a singer too but I doubt that's necessary here :P. I've been training to be an actor ever since I could learn math. I have been voice acting not long after I left highschool and voice directing a bit later than that. I not only can find you a full cast for FF7 but I have already have nearly an entire cast assembled (for another project that is slowly coming together.) All of them passionate at what they do, some of them in the big game (Shudo Ranmaru and Sarifus anyone? ;) ) and a lot of them sounding similar or close to the official actors while making it their own, as well as a few, very good original takes on some characters.

I won't be of any help in terms of coding, I will be honest about that. I also won't say about the time frame due to, well of course this being all volunteer work and people need to make a living and all that jazz but I will say this: I will have the lines done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I would love to be of service to this if it goes ahead, and I promise nothing less that top, professional quality too.

I know this is coming off as a formal pitch but I really do hope to be a part of this if it goes ahead. I love FF7 too much and let's face it: This is the closest we will ever get to a remake and personally: I'm more than happy with that. Especially since dedicated fans are doing it.

see you soon!

Also, I just saw fluffybumthecat's FF7 sound effects test video and it's amazing! PLEASE use him!

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