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I suppose that depends on how you determine the strength of a god, I always refer back to Black and white when power scaling gods, as in a gods power is directly related to the number of people that believe in it.

Using that metric gods are easily killable however they are also immensely powerful, godlike beings are typically much harder to kill but not quite as powerful, then you have true gods which have absolute power over their universe and can't be killed without destroying their it's kinda a matter of what kind of God we are talking about to determine how broken lightning gets

As much as I like Zidane he doesn't even have the most potential in his continuity, from memory Vivi does being an artificial life created solely with magic no pesky meat puppet restrictions on his total potential.

Zidane is same tier as Terra, Rydia and Noctis(only op in his continuity)

As much as I dislike Tidus he has the highest potential of all as it potential is only limited by the imagination Vivi being a close second sentient mana kinda is broken.

Even Tella stomps Zidane and the statement damn you spoon bard,  Forbidden magic meteor which in his continuity can destroy planets.

I no nothing about what lightning is capable as her first game was not fun so I didn't finish it

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-09-26 00:29:25 »
It's also not very specific with the elemental damage, like is that a universal damage increase that doubles total on hitting weakness, is it 2-5% magic damage i.e casted magic damage added to every strike cause that could get rather excessive

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-07-07 01:21:57 »
Ones willingness to spend money to find out more information about a chosen topic is generally considered as a good estimation to there interest in a given topic as are willingness to wait in line for hours, take time off work, there is a level of sacrifice taken to do these things, you don't sacrifice things for things you aren't serious about, as is working in the industry, your chosen way of earning money or having a particular job require an elevated level of seriousness in a particular topic ...but I digress.

I still maintain everything I've seen and heard points to the reimagining being entertaining enough to warrant a preorder from this particular FF7 fanboy

Sorry not berserk fury and sadness are in game confirmed, E3 trailer tifa has sadness during Aps fight

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-07-06 07:04:25 »
The numbers are those that played it at E3... Which are were released.

The fact that people paid to go usually means they are more serious about games then Joe average who is ok with just waiting to see how things turn out on release day...

Beserk and sadness are confirmed though

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-07-04 12:40:33 »
So far around 2500 people have played a heavily restricted version of the combat system... That's 2500 people that are serious when it comes to video games, with roughly 100 odd of them being games journalists....

And the overwhelming majority had there mind blown, if there was something game breaking or disagreeable someone would of said something by now, all the 'major' issues people have had are entirely artistic, or NPC/SJW issues, gameplay changes, character development, overall design and new content are all solid from almost all accounts, all from an excessively limited build from current versions available...

I get the feeling the watchmen of fate or whatever they are called are gonna be potentially some form of quest tracker as from what squenix is saying midgar is massive and it seems like a novel way to guide the player in an open world environment, that would make thematic sense in the updated story

There was plenty of rubbish materia, and the system wasn't fully fleshed out I don't really have a problem if they don't have all the materia from the original in game considering most of it didn't become available until after midgar.

Some of it stylistically won't fit with the new combat system, summons are a good example of that, but summons are in midgar this time around, I have a feeling they are gonna take a crisis core feel to the magic, as that's what it looks like so far only more smoothly intergrated

As for sephys sword.... They probably had spares, and one of the reunion did the murdering by taking it from sephys locker, personally I think Cloud did it it would explain why his door was open, and having been shinra he would have had knowledge about shinra tower and the soldier floor which sephy would of kept spare gear.

But yeah most likely the story changed between midgars development and the rest of the story

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-21 06:18:43 »
I'm thinking that the bike is gonna play a big part in how we traverse midgar, assuming it's as big as they are making it sound...only problem with that is why do they leave the truck and bike at the end of midgar seeing as how useful they are in and around midgar.

Kinda hoping they make the avalanche crew temp party members for sections in place of the characters we miss out on due to locking us in midgar that would make platefall far more impactful, even though we are definitely gonna make us know Biggs, Wedge and Jessie far better anyhow

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-19 10:24:38 »
Squares ethics committee is likely from the NA branch

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-14 02:01:18 »
Subsequent viewings of the new content, detailed breakdowns from the lucky few who got to play at E3, have left me quite satisfied with the combat sections of the remake.

All account point to specific actions in combat making a noticeable difference, so tactics become important, ATB charges matter a great deal, without them no magic, no items and no heavy attacks/skills.

It appears status effects are present, tifa having sadness in one of the trailers, which I'm curious as to how that's going to effect combat, is it going to just slow limit build-up or is it going to have a more noticeable effect, are they going to have all status ailments or are they only gonna stick to ones that are easily relevant.

Pacing is a concern I have, 40-60hrs of Midgar is all well and good if the story is stretched correctly, depending on how they fill the story out it could be spectacular or terrible, as a caveat it appears they are adding a good deal to do with avalanche, which it a step in the right direction, they also seem to be increasing the reunion foreshadowing, which dependant on how obvious they make it could lead to some interesting story potential.

I don't think we are going to have a limited level cap, assuming GS is only about an hour in(based on escape time for the reactor)...hp given in trailer 1024 by GS, 1700 by AB 2400 by Aps, following that growth curve for until motorball 5500+hp.... This is assuming that the demo growth curve isn't twisted for testing purposes which is kinda concerning if they want to make it a continuous game rather then totally separate games, I doubt this based on heavy attack damage numbers during Aps fight only being 120-169

Other concerns I have how is materia going to be implemented, as it's clearly in game and appears variable, what about these new skills, how exactly is leveling going to work, personally I feel a sphere grid Style leveling system is most practical for the remake or ff5 role system.

Motorball is either a rubbish last boss, a fun novelty boss or an excellent first boss

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-12 10:23:52 »
I'm actually excited for it the remake, the battle system looks engaging with a great deal of care taken to appease the purists, it seems fairly balanced apart from the mental hp maxes, I hope materia is implemented in a meaningful way where you can sort of customise characters with it.

Art wise I think the characters look closer to the original art then alot of people are giving it credit for, considering the chibi-style characters were only done due to limitations on the original PlayStation, as for stockinggate if that's all people are whining about it's a good day for tifa fan boys.

Overall the game looks beautiful, I have some concerns but they arent major and I have quite a few less after the presser

Strangely, I actually find it quite difficult to get upset over the internet, I write how i talk and that can leave a lot to be desired for the grammar/spelling buffs that seem to permeate through the forum subculture...neither of which are terribly important to me, nor really are the opinions of me, people on the internet. Context if far more important if you ask me. </off topic>

Sure recent entries from SquEnix have been "iffy" and i'm sure there are gonna be a hell of a lot more in the way of gripes, that the internet is gonna point out, but it seem necessary to remind people that both Squaresoft and Enix while separate contributed massive amounts to the JRPG genre:FF6;FF7;Chrono Trigger; Dragon Quest.Both have also been responsible for some of the more amazing ARPGS; Sword of Mana;Secret of Mana;Secret of Evermore;Star Ocean;FF12.

Granted not all of the people involved in the creation of the previous masterpieces will be involved, seeing as some have left SquEnix, but one would assume that the majority of the team involved will be from the parent company, likely having worked on the games mentioned,<opinion>which really can't be a bad thing seeing as one of the reasons they said it would never happen was because they didn't want to 'break' it.</opinion>

From what i've seen of FF15 the combat is alot deeper then is first apparent, still however lacking but plenty of room to grow, until i see or get my hands on a copy i wont know for sure, but hey i am a fan of ARPGs for the same reason i prefer Doom over Halo(stupid rebounding health rewarding poor play) that being good play is rewarded by having some form of advantage later on usually in the way of health.

Gotta Agree with StickySock on the whole Zelda being an amazing game, while lacking a deep combat system(windwaker having the most complex combat in the series), no combo system(scored or otherwise) very limited movelist, sure you have a whole mess of items that shuffle the combat a little, but brass tax is transition is too clunky for it to really shine, Darksiders is an excellent example of a deepish combat system with some RPG elements strapped on, Darksiders 2 the beautiful buggy mess it is takes many steps forward but a small one back in that there is no dedicated way to block. The soul series quite probably one of the deepest/deliberate combat systems floating around in a non fighter, really it only adds a stamina bar and slows down play which in of itself increases immersion. Rogue Galaxy for the PS2, an ARPG much like the twisted love child of ARPG and JRPG, its fairly close to what i feel an ARPG should play like, a little bit on the easy side but difficulty is always hard for the gaming industry to get right.

<opinion>Again i maintain judging something before experiencing it is the epitome of a stupid idea, why would one choose to wallow in ignorance by assuming they know better, it follows a similar train of thought as racism</opinion>

Ultimately though everyone needs to remember that SquEnix is a company, their aim is to make money and they do that well, and how they do it, is make games and now they are giving an old one a make over, which can go either way, it could be the messiah or it could be the devils sweaty ball sack, either way i need more information before i make a choice about canceling my pre-order.

hopefully that is a little more coherent for you hian

whoa gaiz.... clearly i poked a nerve.....seriously peeps not giving things a chance casting judgments before things are even shown,let alone played, thats just silly.(opinion... tiz the interwebz gaiz)

when i said real im going from the ideal point of view as in the peeps that have been praying for something like this for nigh on 18years.... even if it turns out to be a steaming pile one of the industry giants has listened to the masses,remaking a not saying people are not ff7 fans

anywho sudeki active battle type system would be nice too

personally i wouldnt mind if they gave the option for a star ocean style battle system.... or a 3d Secret of mana style battle system...

all this whining saying its gonna be horrible because this guy is involved or this guy isn't...ima wait till it is done and see what its like before judgment... cause we all know any real fan is gonna buy it anyway even if it is a steaming pile... just to rip the models for classic.

Really though the people involved are like many of of us and have a deep attachment or so they have said and now boom they are using the job to remake it really how can that be a bad thing

Q-Gears / Re: Current state.
« on: 2014-09-15 07:28:31 »
Wondering what level of playablity qgears is up to, like are battles playable yet

side note interested in getting involved no prior experience though wondering where would be a good place to start

Gameplay Modding / Re: [WIP] FFVII Job Class Kernel.bin
« on: 2011-11-14 08:23:25 »
Just a fyi, if you really wanted you could make a custom animation using kimera for a jump command. Unfortunately you would then have to tie dragoon to a specific character.

that would be perty sweet and if you were to use AI script it would also be multi character only then you would have to make animations for all characters

i've tryed to do that a couple of times and its always ended bad for me, usually with it working allright on cloud but being very glitchy on everyone else

Gameplay Modding / Re: [WIP] FFVII Job Class Kernel.bin
« on: 2011-11-05 06:24:01 »
if your using wall market could you not use the Ai editor to create a jump skill with a dummy skill to call it, other skills could also be used this way but however they would require fair knowledge of the Ai component of wall Market

just ideaing but you could also probely do some trickey Ai stuff to edit peoples stats in combat based of equiped materia, seeing as both ruby and emerald use equiped materia to edit specific attacks damage value

Gameplay Modding / Re: [WIP] FFVII Job Class Kernel.bin
« on: 2011-11-04 06:25:37 »
this is sounding interesting.

looking forward to the first build just a quick question though will the dragoon have jump and how exactly will you impliment it if he does

I'm pretty sure that those alternate dresses and such are just loaded in the Mansion but the models should be in the field.lpg so it would be possible to switch out the standard cloths for the dresses your after i would recommenced getting ilfana by Ficedula its a model viewer

you could also find the skeleton and replace loaded model with meteor or  Makou Reactor i think Makou has that function only problem with that way is every time you enter those edited areas they would be wearing them unless you did a bit more research

hope i helped

most of that would be meteor and makou reactor but as far as i know we dont have the ability to edit walkmeshes yet so until that happens you might try using existing areas for your side quests

L.spiro wrote a rather concise document on it and qhimm translated it into C i think it was on the wiki is the link to it i know you've probably read it already but if not there it is

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