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Bootleg Questions / Re: Strange bug
« on: 2014-10-21 23:42:45 »
This fixed the elevator problem and the FMV problem.  Thanks a bunch for your help Vgr!  :D

Bootleg Questions / Re: Strange bug
« on: 2014-10-21 19:11:10 »
I'm glad you noted that a FMV is supposed to play.  I think that may be related.  I did a pretty feature-light mod setup specifically because I thought it would minimize the chance of something like this happening, and I chose 'no change' for the FMV sequences.   On my playthrough the FMVs haven't been playing at all.  I've just been watching them on youtube.  Other stuff I used includes all the PRP classic avatars, bootlegged models, team avalanche textures, PNG battles, and Scene Redux - better steal.  (I have no idea what this really does, but stealing has annoyed me enough in past ff games that I decided I'd take a boost.)

I'm guessing the next step here is going to be reinstalling with a different FMV option but I'll wait for the 2nd opinion.

Bootleg Questions / Strange bug
« on: 2014-10-21 03:35:52 »
I set up ff7 using the old windows cds and and tifa's bootlegger, and everything was dandy until I got to Junon.  I got to the area right after you use the dolphin to climb the tower and arrive next to the airship.  Now I've looked this up in half a dozen FAQs and I know I'm supposed to use the yellow box to the south to lower an elevator and continue.  However when I click on the box the screen moves down slightly, flashes black for a fraction of a second, then nothing else happens.  Has anyone seen or heard of a bug like this before?  My googling turned up nothing.  Any ideas on how to fix it, or even bypass the elevator? 

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